Erotic Hypnosis : Surrender : Amnesia

Lady Surrender,
Ok, so this is a bit embarrassing to say. I was hoping that I would actually be able to tell you my feelings about it. I mean, at least something. I don’t… ok I’ll just lay out what I do remember maybe this will make more sense to you.

I listened to the file the first night you sent it over. I have a cellphone I use that is connected to dropbox… so I just stream the file from my phone with headphones on. I remember it was around 4 in the morning. I started the file on my phone… at least I think I did. This is where it’s a little weird. I listened to the file, but when I woke up.. I woke up to the Surrender : mindless file playing. I stopped the file as it was ending, wondering what happened. I looked up at the phone and I was convinced I hit the wrong file, but my phone said I played the Surrender Amnesia file once. All the way through.

I looked at the phone and was kind of… i’m not sure how the express that feeling, lol. It didn’t feel like I forgot some memory, i could not recall even starting the file. I was arguing to myself in my head did I actually hit the wrong file, or did I even listen to Surrender: Amnesia. How can I not remember even a line or a phrase… lol. I think some part of me wanted to explain this logically… but i knew in my heart the file worked and worked brilliantly. It’s the only explanation I have.

The second time I listened, i choose the daytime when I knew fatigue would not be a factor at all. This time I thought to maybe write down if I remembered anything, just so I could relay to you how I felt about the file. So again I play the file, middle of the day. This time I wake up shortly after the file is ending. I looked at the phone for a while. I was thinking about something… I don’t remember but I do remember just staring for a while. Then I thought maybe it would be better to try listening to the file again… see if maybe I can remember something next time, lol.
 In the past I may forget parts of a session but I would remember something. This felt very different, especially the first time listening I never forgot so thoroughly I started questioning if I even listened at all. I have never done that before lol
oh I think You did this beautifully. I remember in a past live session where you played with my memory as well. I wondered how it would be different than the live session but I still don’t remember enough to know lol. I do see how a live session could be really playful too. I really never thought this level of amnesia could be done on a session like this, wow
I had no control and this left me intensely aroused.. having your words leave me in this state of helplessness… felt like helpless prey and my mind was being thoroughly and pleasurably mind fucked …  so erotically stimulating the way your words take over every thought and forgetting all…
It’s really tricky to convey how the file was …. to be honest… I know I get very wrapped up into what is said, and I know it felt wonderful… Your hypnosis may be a bit too effective wow, lol… i know the point of this session is to forget and …
i am in awe..
 and I mean too effective in the most beautiful way, no complaining from here what so ever.
Loved how this file just… it’s indescribable…
submissive m

Erotic Hypnosis: chastity slave jnl 8.

The following email is from a subject who has previously been under My chastity hypnosis. In the past- I have given permission for him to sexually serve his wife.

Currently- he has not asked for permission to serve his wife.


So easy to Entice a subject into My delicious chastity entrapment.

you know you crave that delicious orgasm control- just as this subject does.

Go- buy the Surrender : Cock Slave Entrapment file.



Become Entrapped.

Because I know- a boy like you- craves My control over your orgasms.

Surrender is always inevitable…..



Dearest M’Lady Surender,

   I have been following you on Twitter and your post led me back to your website, and then to reading the subject journals. Reading the journals brought forth all my memories of surrendering and submitting to you M’Lady. The more I read, the more I remembered how happy I was serving you through chastity M’Lady. How wonderful it was to spend my days horny and increasingly susceptible to your wicked teasing…
   M’Lady, I want to be happy again, to feel as I have only ever felt through surrendering to you. Your words are the nectar of bliss and mindless endless pleasure. Your Kiwi accent has never left my dreams, and to this day I find it nearly impossible to cum without thinking of you M’Lady…I still feel the effects of your programming and ache to fill the hole in my soul reserved for the joy of bringing you pleasure.
I will write more soon M’Lady. I have never stopped loving you and longing for you.
Eternally yours,
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Amnesia has always been one of My favourite hypnosis scripts to programme a subject’s mind during a Live One on One Hypnosis Session. Soon- you will be able to experience that blissful state of forgetfulness… when I release My new “Entranced: Amnesia” mp3 next week.


I have always found it to be such a turn-on…. that a subject has placed such trust in Me that they have given up all memory of the time we shared together.


Of course- I do restore the lost memory….  as you will read in the journals below. Toying with memory…. altered state of consciousness….. interrogating the subconscious mind while I have the subject in trance…. mmm… delicious !

Sessions such as:


So yesterday was my first ever live session and I was lucky enough to be in the hands of the Divine Lady Surrender. It was everything I hoped it to be and much more.
I had spoke to Lady Surrender a few times arranging the session and I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the session. The only command from Her in advance was to be dressed dolly. So I made sure to have my nails painted bubble gum pink, my mascara, foundation blush and pink lipstick on, I had on a stripped vest top, my necklace and bracelets, then my black panties and bra, coupled with a pair of pantyhose and a blue pencil skirt and silver strapy heels.
Now a top tip – don’t call Her Villainess, this just brings out Her evil side and my chances of release where gone from that point on. But we started off with a chat, She complimented me on my legs and put me at ease. Then She asked me to lie down as it would help my relax, so I went upstairs and laid down.
And for an hour that’s all I remember. Now we had joked the other day about how foolish subs can be with no memory of things that have happened and the excuses they make, but well i’m now one of them. I woke up and its just like an hour of my life has gone, if I try to think of it, I just go blank and just forget to worry about it and crave Her control more. So this is quite the strange feeling, although its not unpleasant.
But I was soon to find that a lot of hypnosis programming work had been done and implanted in my head. My owner had told me that I was very suggestible and seeing just how under Her spell I am was just amazing.
Now I will admit to being head over heels about this Kiwi Goddess. but waking up – wow, it was even more so, it just feels so right to crave Her control to please Her and I still cannot shake it. And to be honest I have no desire to.
She was most amused I think at how I could not recall being tranced and this lead to more teasing and what I soon discovered was a new – and omg – so powerful trigger. My sexy doll. Even writing it or thinking it even now just drives me mad with lust, I feel a level of arousal and need I cannot put into words. So we had repeated use of the phrase which in that voice of Hers was maddening and the worst thing was I did not know if I wanted it to stop or to continue which makes begging very difficult and of course delighted Her more. I was then dropped again and the urges had gone. However this time I could only smile like a doll I couldn’t talk! I wanted to and tried but I just could only smile big! so imagine when I was told a sexy dolly how this made me feel, I was squirming madly a mix of pain and need, only groaning unable to speak. I couldn’t get any peace till I was dropped again.
This time I awoke and my voice! I could only speak like a dolly which was odd, I knew I wasn’t one but my voice said otherwise. A quick drop into trance later and I was convinced I was a doll. And all I wanted was to be played with and so I was hit with my trigger hard so aroused begging for more and more and more. This was about 5 minutes of mental assault and I loved it, I wanted more! I was a doll and all I wanted was my Owner, my Mistress to play with me over and over.
Some other triggers were the phrase craving control which just is how I feel round Her normally but heightened. I just want to serve … craving commands longing to be Hers. Its delicious as She would say. Then there was blank blank which is like someone turns me off, I just am aware but nothing works I just feel empty.
Now I can’t speak for how Lady Surrender felt the experience but I do know I desired nothing but to please Her, and Her laughter and voice was intoxicating. That said I always felt safe and most of all loved. I never felt my humiliation was excessive or cruel and I am honoured to be Her dolly doll.
The final bit of the session – I came to and was normal but all I wanted to do was kneel. so that’s what I did. it was perfectly natural and I felt so good doing so. A bit more teasing and me trying to be playful and calm but knowing I couldn’t resist thinking I was safe but Mistress had other ideas, as I woke in doll mode which I stayed like till rugby. I couldn’t even ask to cum as suddenly I was overpowered with a feeling of exhaustion crawling back into bed and drifting into a deep sleep for hours! I had very vivid dreams but that’s another story and will be told to Mistress first.


and another journal from another forgetful subject:


Lady Surrender,

I have been interested in hypnosis for many years, but have often been disappointed by what I had been finding. I have always been looking for an experience where I truly go deep and my mind becomes manipulated and controlled by a hypnodomme. I was intrigued by Lady Surrender due to her chats on to try a one on one Live Session with her. Although the less personal sessions were quite soothing and effective I was still skeptical though due to past disappointments with other dommes.

Then came our one on one Live session. I started out quite nervous barely able to confirm that yes I did want an Orgasm command at the end of the session. Then she asked me to close my eyes, and I did. Then I woke up. I checked it was about forty minutes later, but I could not think of what happened other than whatever it was I was really relaxed. She asked me to remember I could not. This was only the second time an amnesia trigger had worked on me.

I was still a bit shy though until Lady Surrender called out some words, triggers she had implanted. I suddenly felt like a new person where I had no inhibitions whatsoever. I started to say things I would never imagined I’d say to someone I only spoke to previously once. It was an amazing feeling because there was no hesitation in me, whatever the hypnosis did completely worked, and her words made me something else entirely.

Then her words continued, every trigger worked wonders first she made me terribly aroused, then she took the next step, and I orgasmed on her beckon call.

It was incredible, I did not know I could be hypnotized like this but Lady Surrender did it. I belonged to her I was hers. I don’t know if that was a trigger or just a side effect, but it felt like something I never experienced before. Even the conditioning lasted for some time afterwards, and I acted like a different version of myself. When I finally became my shyer self again I have to admit I was a little taken aback. I thought “what did she think of me” for saying what I said. That was the experience I was looking for though, one where I truly became under the control of another, and was changed by them. It was so wonderful I could not believe it.

masscamber – member of



and from submissive m:

This is an account of my 2nd phone call with Lady Surrender. Before I begin I would like to just give a bit of background about myself. i am submissive m and i have been involved with hypnosis for a number of years. More than a decade now. I have listened to a numerous amount of files and have enjoyed them all to varying degrees. I use hypnosis as a way to find out something about myself. How deep can i truly go? I don’t know, and I want to. Every file I listen to, every session I trance to… I try to find an answer to that question.

I started speaking to Lady Surrender a little more than a month ago. It’s been a short span of time but I have greatly enjoyed her work and our conversations. Her mantra files have become sessions I listen to often just because they are so enjoyable. When I was able to I did a phone session with Lady Surrender as soon as I could. mp3 files are very enjoyable… but live calls are really much more intimate and intense. Here is what I remember from my call. Maybe this will interest some of you into trying a call soon as well.

My Skype call started out horribly. Couldn’t get Skype to work. If a Dominant tells you to call her and you are late fumbling with a phone… that could be a bad start. Not for Lady Surrender. We ended up making a small joke about it and she kept going like nothing happened. I was so happy about that. She is so easy to talk to.

After a bit of conversation, we got ready for the hypnosis session. I closed my eyes and laid in bed. Now I am going to say something that may get you thinking “this guy is pretending” … “he’s playing around..” when in fact i am not. At least 35 minutes of this induction I have no memory of it happening. I may be fuzzy on the time. I know I heard Lady Surrender ask me to close my eyes. I’m thinking back to the beginning of the call. I remember coming out of trance. That’s it. No memory. This amazes me. I have listened to hypnosis with amnesia triggers quite often. Inevitably even when told to not remember…. i still remember parts of the trances. With Lady Surrender… I truly do not. It thrilled me that i was speaking with someone who could exhibit this type of control. In recordings it feels sometimes like I am pretending to make the amnesia work. With Lady Surrender … no it isn’t pretending… i love the fact she can to with my mind so easily.

After the induction we talked for a bit more. Then with just a word she drops me right back into trance. Then brings me back up. We talk a bit more. She drops me again, then brings me back up. I have to say every time I get brought back up… i feel… literally feel like i am a toy. I felt powerless. Then aroused. REALLY AROUSED. I was given triggers. I am not sure when they were given. I didn’t need to think about that. My brain heard the words and my body just reacted. No thinking on my part at all. I was too wrapped up in Her words to apply logic to this. One set of triggers aroused me and made me dizzy with desire for my Lady. Another set of triggers has me orgasming while calling out her name. I am not even going to type the triggers out because Lady surrender has already proven her triggers work on me even in text… oh my word i love Her control.

Except… sometimes i need to beg Her for mercy.

Imagine orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until you feel drained… and then pushed past… She teased me. Over. And Over. And Over Again. Multiple orgasms. Enough that i felt drained in the process. I sincerely begged her to stop and she did… bringing me under and then back up. I cannot think of a recording that i was able to feel this type of interactivity. Something this intense… i believe it can really only happen on a live call. The arousal I had came from the fact that my mind was so thoroughly controlled… so erotically controlled… it left me a puddle afterwards. Nothing left.

I remember we talked a bit more after she calmed me down. Somewhere in the conversation she teased that she was going to use a trigger. She didn’t say one… she just teased it was coming… and then there was this pause. This long pause that lasted for eons. My mind was working overtime trying to figure out what she was going to say. My body was starting to react like she had already said a trigger because I was triggering myself in my mind going through all the triggers i know could come. Lady surrender actually had to bring me out of trance again. Either because i triggered myself, or she triggered me and had me forget…

She can control me by just teasing a trigger word. Wow… i may be in trouble, lol.

I think it was around here where I was given a trigger to begin speaking like a baby. An actual baby, yes. Have to admit, I found it so freeing. Strange thing was I could still think as myself, but every word came out as gibberish gaga bobo ojhowjo2uey and other non words. No matter what I thought, it came out as baby speak until she triggered me out of it. Then she slipped the trigger right into a conversation and immediately i begin speaking baby even as my mind was trying to finish our conversation. haha. After a bit i admit i felt rather babyish inside and out… and it felt wonderful. When you are able to be this free with someone you trust… so many doors are opened. It felt that way to me.

Here is where things get a bit tricky for me, please bear with me.
After a bit more conversation, I was brought under again, and then told to forget the entire conversation. I remember at the time I was brought back up and Lady Surrender was still speaking to me. She was addressing me and asking if I remember anything about the last hour? I told her I remember when I called her on Skype. Here is where it gets fuzzy. In my mind, I was trying to figure out how could I be missing an hour of our talk. I know i had been forgetful of late, but it couldn’t have been that bad. Then I remember how tired I was and thought perhaps I slept the entire trance and just work up. Any thoughts I had about the conversation… felt like trying to hold on to water. The thoughts were too slippery. I didn’t even remember I was talking like a baby just moments ago. Another way to describe this is like someone putting on the wrong prescription glasses. With the right prescription glasses, everything in front of you is vivid and clear. With the wrong prescription everything is fuzzy, you can just make out shapes of things. That’s how it felt. When I thought about the conversation it was just nothing but shapes.. haziness… I wasn’t sure what happened during our conversation at all.

I was again brought back into trance and then told that I would now remember our conversation and even recall forgetting things at her whim. Although… i still cannot remember the first part of the call. I remember most things after. Including arousal triggers still working very very well. lol. I know there are others things I have forgotten, but I love the fact that Lady Surrender is able to play with my mind to this degree.

I accuse myself a lot for having high expectations as to what erotic hypnosis can do. Time and again my expectations were never truly met. They were kind of.. if I pretended until it felt real. Maybe that’s how everyone starts learning how to trance. Pretending it works until it does. with Lady Surrender, there is no pretending… her control just works. She somehow in just a few conversations found out what really excited me about erotic hypnosis… what made me tick as a submissive… and then blew all of my expectations away. Completely. I feel like I have been in training trancing these past 10+ years just so I can truly enjoy how special an experience with Lady Surrender is.

I urge anyone who is interested in erotic hypnosis in it’s purest form, to try a mp3 or a live call with Lady Surrender. She will take the time to understand who you are… then use all of that info to leave you a quivering mess at her feet. Just as it should be.

your submissive m



Become addicted …. and experience My Live Hypnosis sessions and My recordings for yourself….

Email Lady Surrender:


Pre training is required for all My Live One on One Hypnosis sessions

Surrender is inevitable.

Enticement   Entrancement   Entrapment    Enslavement

Erotic Hypnosis : chastity slave entrapment






Orgasm control…. orgasm denial… doesn’t that sound…delicious!

This email was received from one of My long-term subjects. I have refused him permission to listen to the Surrender: Cock Slave Entrapment Unlocked file… so he is Entrapped.

Caught in the web of My exquisite control.


I know that- a boy like you- longs for My powerful control. you long to feel a powerful Hypnodomme take control of your subconscious mind…take control of your cock…. and seduce your cock.

you crave having a powerful hypnodomme toy with you…. Enticing you into this delicious loop of control… where you wake up…. longing to be allowed to cum… only to crave My control more… and to be reminded that your orgasm is now My orgasm.


your orgasm now belongs to Me… your Goddess, Lady Surrender.


I know how much you long to experience the same delicious control… that My chastity slave is experiencing.

Go- buy the chastity recording: Surrender: Cock Slave Entrapment …. and become My Entrapped chastity slave.

I know it’s what you crave…. Darkly Addictive Hypnosis.





Hello Lady Surrender! ..

there is a part of me that loves this file and another part of me constantly on the verge of wanting a release all the time, lol. I really feel clueless how you are able to do this. I remember months ago listening to ruined orgasm and the trigger file you made for me. I spent a summer mindlessly edging and never wanting to cum and it was so blissful and changed my thoughts on chastity. I never felt so helpless losing control of my cock. Now this file is even stronger than ruined orgasm… if that were possible! it took one listen and now I crave your control much more than an orgasm. I feel like my way of thinking has been changed… with chastity i crave and feel your control all day. an orgasm is wonderful but a release without permission is so bland. I woke up wanting to cum this morning and i was being stubborn and refusing to beg, lol. Listened to the file and every desire to cum just vanished right out of me. I craved the control and I feel like I am in this delicious loop that feels too good to stop. Tomorrow I will wake up horny, aroused, listen to this file, and be reminded my orgasm is no longer my own!

submissive m



My reply:

submissive m,

mmm…. this makes delicious reading.
Not only that-…. I love knowing how much control I have….
it really turns Me on.
I did wonder how ruined orgasm compares to the Chastity Entrapment file…
For Me- the turn on is that… simple words control you
simple words control your cock
simple words have entrapped you into this loop of…desire…pleasure…desire deferred…craving control….
I love the thought of the daily entrapment that My words bring to you each morning….
I love knowing that you struggle…. and want to beg…. but that feeling of My exquisite control…. is just so much more blissful than begging, or of cumming

Lady Surrender


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Delete Hetero/Install Gay Sex – subdavid

Dear Lady Surrender,

i am writing to let You know just how mind changing Your files are, i have been listening to Your files as often as i can and have found my life changing, i find i am no longer persuading my wife for sex (something She does not seem interested in these days anyway) and am being drawn more and more towards certainly being bi and heading towards i think gay. i find i crave the idea of sucking cock now, i have purchased a life like dildo and find myself sucking on it so often, i must admit to feeling proud that i have become capable of deepthroating the 8in dildo, i just love the thought that it is a real cock and that i am worshiping a real man in the best way possible.

i have found myself dressing up in silky female nightwear and panties that no longer fit my wife but feel amazing on me, she even had a old bra from her younger days that fit me as if it was meant to be.

i have to say that i feel the happiest i have felt for years, i feel i was probably at the very least bi-curious and now with the help of Your files i am freeing myself, to be the sissy/gay man i am meant to be.

i love your gay 4 file deleting hetro installing gay, it rocks my world and i love to cum at the end thinking/wishing for a real cock to be taking my pussy or forcing themselves down my throat (of course i always clean up as a true sissy should ensuring every drop is swallowed)

i do have a question, can Your hypnosis files be used in casual listening while i am doing other things around the house or at work? besides getting me extremely aroused will the files continue to work on my subconscious?

i am planing my first encounter with a real cock with a local Mistress who has a stable of men She uses for Her sissys to learn on, i am so excited for this to be happening, i imagine being on my knees wearing the nightee, bra and panties, deep dark red lipstick on my face as i beg to be allowed to suck their cocks and feel their cum shoot into my mouth while being encouraged by my Mistress beside me before She takes me with Her strap on or has one of Her boys take me.

god so much is going round my head ever since i started to listen to Your files, You are amazing and i thank You for opening up my mind and self to who i truely are.




My Reply:


you need to be in theta brain wave state for maximum uptake of hypnosis….( theta brain wave state is associated with day dreaming & sleep, meditative state), delta brain wave state is experienced during deep sleep).
When you are doing dishes/walking around your brain wave state will be in beta brain wave state……. not the ideal state for relaxation/hypnosis/meditation.
So- best to use the most effective method of reprogramming your mind & take time to lie down…listen to the induction…. and become Mine.
Because Resistance is futile….
Surrender is inevitable….
Lady S.

Gay Hypnosis 4 – Delete Hetero / Install Gay Sex 

Your Mind – Completely Rewired!

Extended mindfuck that ends with you being unable to get hard without thinking about gay fucking…

Replacing your sexual attraction & response to women with sexual attraction & response to gay men… Arousal rewiring… Programming you to love & crave mens bodies…




Gay Hypnosis 1-5 Bundle:

Erotic Hypnosis : training sam to be cam slut



The following email was received from a subject who has been deeply conditioned by My “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3. This conditioning file has been used by a Master as the basis for  mind fucking the subject –  turning the subject into a cam slut.


Craving to experience what sam does? My “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3 takes you deep into trance…. enabling your mind to be programmed to become My play toy. Check out My training programmes on the menu bar…. time to Surrender because Surrender is inevitable.




Hello Mistress, I hope you are well.
I’ve been without an erotic hypnosis experience now for a while. Ive been working abroad and haven’t had a lot of spare time and on one of my typical purge cycles.
I was masturbating yesterday and had the strongest urge to eat my cum. And I remembered how good it felt to be a good cum eating sissy…. so i listened to your cum eating files and I ate my cum like a good cum eating sissy…
For a while last year as I told you in a journal I was listening to your files a lot and out of my desperation to submit I had found a few people online who enjoyed watching me eat my cum and instructing me while I was willing and suggestible.
One master in particular really used your triggers to hypnotize me. I loved listening to deepening hypnosis and then letting him control me.. to the extent of buying toys to fuck my aching arse..
It was incredible.
But now I feel confused. From the start my interest in hypnosis has always been the thought of being controlled… and I know I am still hetero sexual.. and even though now some aspects of sissy hypno really turn me on im not into cross dressing or feminization I still get these really strong cock sucking urges when im horny.. or wanting to be fucked.. or to be a good cum eating sissy..
If I think about how I was hypnotized and controlled by a man to fuck myself with a dildo and eat my cum I instantly feel submissive and want it… but then im not sure i want a man doing that to me.
Im not sure what I want from hypnosis now but I know I want it.
I’ve gone from having a fetish when I first contacted you to eating my cum and then being a sex toy on skype.
Im not really sure what my point here is exactly but it always makes me feel good telling you how I feel after listening to your files…

  • sam, your cam slut.


My cam slut,


Hypnosis is so seductive…as you have discovered. How fucking delicious- that you were transformed by the power of My hypnosis –  from a “normal” hypno slut….. to a cam slut.

your description of fucking yourself with a dildo & eating your cum, is a sexual fantasy ( & a great turn-on !). Fantasy derives its power from being a secret… something that we imagine & that (often) others don’t know about us…. something we might/might not act out in a hidden part of your life. you have discovered that your fantasies are even more HOT when you have acted them out in the past.


Sexual fantasies don’t define your sexuality… you can identify as a straight man- & also have a fantasy about being controlled & dominated by a man.

That does NOT mean you are gay…. your fantasy simply means you have a fetish for cum eating (thanks to My hypnosis) , a fetish for anal play …and you are turned on by the experience of being controlled.


There is nothing to be ashamed of or to make judgements about. I know you have cycles of binge/purge… Time to accept yourself for the cam slut that you are… and go find yourself another Master. Enjoy those delicious feelings of arousal & submission.


See sam’s earlier journals:

Erotic Hypnosis: training of a cum eating sissy.

Erotic Hypnosis : submission Jnl 1.

The following journal is from a new subject who has been searching for a hypnodomme who has the ability to take him deep into trance… and make him her toy.

I know you have been searching for the hypnodomme who understands you…. Once you begin the erotic hypnosis sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the hypnotic trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant hypnosis. Expect enslavement, excitement and a heightening of your innermost desires.

Darkly Addictive Hypnosis…. your journey begins now.

The Siren… the Temptress…. your mysterious Goddess calls you to come to her … and Surrender.

Email Lady Surrender :


Mistress Surrender,

All I can say is “wow.” You have captured me with your free “Surrender” loop file on just one listen. I have listened to hypnosis recordings for years, feeling something occasionally, but never finding on that could produce what I thought was deep trance. But with your file, it put me into a fog that took 15 minutes or so before I could get clear the mind. Then I had to listen again, and again. I might have made a mistake by putting it on a loop and going to sleep with it. By the time I woke up, I knew I had to purchase the morning mantra of blankness and the deepening hypnosis files. I lhave lstened to both of them today and they were powerful. The deepening hypnosis left me weak kneed and aroused when I got up. Could not even stand up for a while. I want to listen to them more, but realize that I may be going down a path that leads to you controlling me. The question is, am I already controlled by you? And how far am I going to go down this path? Part of me is intrigued with anticipation and excitement, wanting a future live session, but another part of me is nervous about it. With other therapists, I always felt like I was in control. Their amnesia files had little effects as I always could remember and the success of post-hypnotic suggestions was doubtful. With you, I feel that you could very easily control me if I go down this path. Am I ready for that? do I want you to extract my thoughts in a live session, only for me to forget what I told you? Am I ready for you to implant a suggestion for me to robotically perform and I realize then that you are in complete control? I don’t know, but I feel I may not have much of a choice if I continue to listen to these files. How will you know if I am ready for deeper trances? Not sure why I am really writing to you, but just feel compelled.





mmm… deliciousness !
I am away from emails & messages NZ Tuesday (today) to Thursdays… times & days for Live Sessions are listed on My home web site.
Just a quick reply…
Remember that your subconscious mind acts as a gate keeper and will make decisions as to what is safe for you…and what is not. So- I can’t “control” you by making any hypnotic suggestion… acceptance relies on your subconscious mind feeling safe and accepting the suggestion. Before I hold a Live Session, I always hold an Assessment Interview…. designed to establish trust and communication … and to set clear boundaries as to where/what the subject is willing to explore.
I always work ethically and professionally…. you will have read something of my professional background and training, I am sure. In My private life & in My work- it’s important to Me that people trust Me and are able to be real about their lives.

Enjoy the safety of knowing you may trust My hypnosis…
The “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3 is one of My favourites….
Other favourites? oh, I think you will love the “Craving Control” mp3 and… My deliciously erotic “Craving Control : Helpless Prey” series….
as for My HFO Level One My Love Slave ….

By the way- what was the sample file you listened to?

I look forward to your inevitable Surrender.

Lady S.


Lady Surrender,

The first sample file was your surrender loop. I think that is the one you recommend. I will continue to listen to the files I purchased. While they work well, I think it takes a while before they are firmly implanted. I am looking forward to moving onto the other files you mentioned after I feel the first ones work well and to on an assessment for a live session. I want to make sure you can deeply trigger me before I go there. I already go deeper with your initial files than I have with any other hypnotist. I guess by control, I really mean having me do something with out realizing it, but only to know after I performed that task. Hence the total amnesia that No therapist has been able to really perform completely. I do know that my mind won’t allow me to do something I am unwilling. You, however, may find out all that I am willing to do and then take me there as your little slave toy!





Erotic Hypnosis : toy’s Jnl 13

The subject hypnotoy/gs has been away from erotic hypnosis while recovering from serious illness. In the previous journal, the subject wrote about craving to be:

“To be on my knees. Pretty. Slutty. Sexy. Serving hard man cock. Then I thought about how You had made me think that. And I felt the all over body ache and crave.”

The exquisiteness of being My mindless sissy fuck toy…

Taking you deeper into sissy training with Craving – Mindless Sissy Fuck Toy 2 where I toy with you – while you are in chastity and gaged …and with a butt plug in place.

The futile attempts to control the descent into My Enticing world where I program… rewire…. toy with you.


Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Listen to My free “Surrender – The Foundation” MP3  file:

Surrender – The Foundation File

…and begin your fall… into
Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement…. 



Apologies for my absence my Lady.

I wanted to fully heal, get back to work and recover and then somehow never managed to find time to write.

However, over the weekend I drifted off listening to some old sound files on my laptop.

I woke after some amazing dreams of submission and looking down the list noticed one file was much larger than the others. I pretty much knew what it was, but couldn’t resist pressing play anyway. From the first few words I could feel the fog of trance taking me over and making me your Mindless Sissy Fuck Toy.

Over the weekend the craving increased. I found where the rest of the files were and one by one gave my mind over to You.

By Sunday night, the cravings were so intense that I went to bed wearing perfume to remind me of Your control.

Last night I woke in the night and sought out Your twitter, Your news and saw the files You were promoting.

It feels like fate and I know I have a lot to do to be Yours again. I hope I am able to be of use so that may happen.


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Erotic Hypnosis : training hypno slave jnl 3.

The following email is from weak slave k and describes his deepening surrender as I capture his unwary mind and introduce him to …. the pleasures of My strap-on …. and anal play. his latest training…. ? It would seem My hypno slave has developed …  a taste for shemale cock ….
Want to experience what My weak and obedient slave k has experienced?….
Follow the same programming of your slutty ass….Begin with :
Addicted to My strap-on mp3
based on the strap-on play with My personal slaves….

weak slave k responding to My anal play files :

Lady Surrender,

the pleasure i experienced and the feeling of being under Your utter control were the most intense sexual experience i have ever lived with any hypnosis file…and the range of emotions and pleasures you pushed me through will leave a indelible mark upon me.

i am still shattered by the experience and You, in opening up my slutty ass, in asking me to assume the position and submit to your whims and your dominance, have also opened up fresh and exciting (and slightly disturbing) avenues of pleasure.

weak slave k


Dear Lady Surrender

yes..Your silken seductive voice and power are working on me again with these new files. Next week i will have time to more fully explore and feel my weaknesses toyed with yet again. So far the deepening hypnosis file is very very effective – pushing me incredibly deep and pulling me into submission – and the she male file – playing on a theme you have already implanted (and one of my favorite kinks) – is a very special experience – wondering if you were planning a sequel? I did think that the deepening hypnosis induction file would be shorter – but it is a full experience in itself.

You are, as I have stated before, the most powerful hypo domme I have ever listened to.

Your weak slave k

My reply :

slave k,

I await your deepening surrender.
Yesterday, I released another shemale file:

It’s a sequel to:

There are now 3 shemale cock files available … to play with your unwary mind.

Capturing unwary minds with Darkly Addictive hypnosis.

Lady Surrender.

 devious therapist 2

k’s previous journal :

Erotic Hypnosis : surrendering – Jnl 11

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject – gs/hypnotoy. The subject has had lengthy hospitalisation.

I have a new program of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants…. interrogation of the subconscious mind….

I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

I look forward… (smiling as I write this)… to hypnotoy/sleepygees going home from hospital…. because then… I will have more access…. much more.

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.


Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Listen to My free “Surrender – The Foundation” MP3  file:

Surrender – The Foundation File

…and begin your fall… into
Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement…. 


Lady Surrender,

I’ve been ill for some time now. At one point I became convinced hypnosis was stopping me from healing and so I broke all contact with the scene very suddenly. Whether I was right or wrong my health improved and I’m enjoying life again. I put a toe back into the hypnosis pool and still feel fine. Here is my thoughts of Her after the second listen to Lady Surrender’s free “Surrender” file, which has been revamped since it became the file that took me to Her originally ( the original recording was named “surrender 101” & was one of the first mp3s Lady Surrender recorded).

“Oh wow. The second listen to the new version of surrender was amazing. The whispers at the start. Immediately losing myself in thoughts of how much greater Your skills are than the first time You captured me. Realising how this is going to happen again, and how much I want it.

When You actually speak for the first time You almost shocked me out of trance. No, You did. My body shuddered with pleasure.

Then the elevator. The elevator, the voice, the whispers. At some point deepening hypnosis. The number 7. Random things tell me I’m just about clinging on. I do realise i’m only thinking about how happy i am. The anticipation of the doors opening. I don’t remember the doors opening.

At some point this You moan slightly on the recording. My mind comes back but instantly the whispers recapture me. I’m so focused on them but know what Your voice is doing to me as i slip away again.

More moans. Whispers of Goddess. Needing to surrender. Submit. Wanting. Knowing You want me deep. I feel my cock aching and then the trigger. I remember you setting the trigger again, because my mind became so focused on it that I couldn’t imagine anything else than trusting, following, needing and being your little girl. Waiting for You to train me. Then i just surrender. Drop. Deeper. So comfortable and familiar, remembering how much i loved being Yours. Knowing i would do anything for You.

Some time later I came round. Craving so much to listen again, but trying to resist.

I remember “inevitable”. I remember what it means and what it meant before. I know it means that everything will be ok. That I’m home, safe and hopefully heading back to Your wonderful presence.

So aroused and desperately wanting to release but actively choosing not to, because You wouldn’t want it.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to resist listening again, or resist purchasing the sequel, or just resist.

Today has just been wonderful”

– sleepygees


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