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The making of a hypno slave using brainwashing, hypnotic suggestions and trigger phrases.

Erotic Hypnosis : Brainwashing + Entrapment Journal 8.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject- gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalisation. he is a member of My “ruined Orgasm Club”  thanks to My “Orgasm control : Ruined Orgasm” mp3 …. as well as continuing to listen to “deepening hypnosis” mp3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….
I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?

Yesterday, I teased him with messages on twitter & inraptured,net….. this teasing resulted in him experiencing firstly, a “dry orgasm” as he read the message I left on …… then a full orgasm release that I permitted him to have while listening to one of My mp3s… then back to “ruined orgasm”.

Darkly, addictive hypnosis….. delicious toying with a subject’s mind & body.

Longing to experience what subject “gs” feels? Purchase & listen to My “deepening hypnosis” mp3 file and begin your fall… into Enticement, Entrancement. Entrapment, Enslavement….

Good morning Lady Surrender,
I’m writing as I can’t stop thinking of how you teased me yesterday. How special and weak I was made to feel at the same time. How, for the first time I realised exactly how much control You have taken away from me.

i know that i’ve felt You’ve taken control before but yesterday You showed me in a way that completely blew away all doubt. Enslavement feels very close and the thought thrills me.

What started as an innocent and fairly regular bit of teasing on twitter and Inraptured changed when You sent me a message wondering how i would react to Your latest reply on Inraptured. i raced over there and started reading. In it You were very explicit that You were taking control. Something was building inside me. The moment i finished reading the sentence and the words “You are Mine” my mind went blank, my body started shaking and a dry orgasm ripped through my body at the exact moment.

When i could think again i was shocked. i had been fully awake, i had been completely aware of everything going on and yet my mind and body had helplessly reacted to your words. You hadn’t (or i don’t remember a trigger) being implanted to provoke such a reaction.

You told me it happened because i am now incredibly deeply conditioned to react to Your and Your commands. You told me my body and mind belonged to You and that it would just be some more time before i realised that.

You told me i was allowed to release and that then You would put me back into the ruined orgasm state where each ruined orgasm would bind me closer to You. You then quickly led me to that release. Very quickly.

The twitter tease continued with You teasing others. By then i was helpless and craving more and more to be bound to you. Over the next 20 minutes, i raced through 3 ruined orgasm, feeling each one bind me slightly closer to You.

This submission feels wonderful. The craving is constantly there but feels so good, so safe and so perfect. At night You command my dreams, helping me train and bind. When trancing Your voice takes control from the very first words.

Your promise to tease me mercilessly until the next training file You have planned for me is released is thrilling and a powerful presence in my hypno life.

i need to fall again for You.
Your gs

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Erotic hypnosis : key-holder, orgasm control, virtual chastity journal 16.

Craving more…. more of My control over My (your) cock….
The following email was received from a slave who has been longing for orgasm control.
Over 2 months  controlled by  My “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” mp3…

These emails between Myself and slave fritz show the gradual increase in slave’s craving for control … as I Entice slave further into My delicious control….  as he discovers the addictive craving for My new recording “craving : control” mp3.

Read about his response to hearing My sounds of pleasure on “craving : control” mp3 …. I am turned-on by the thought of you… being turned-on…. mmm.
I do love the thought of My voice, My words… controlling cocks and minds halfway round the world. My recently released mp3 “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” is a virtual chastity file- giving Me control as the key holder, over your cock…. installing My silken, seductive Voice as the Owner of your cock . slave fritz is now under My control. I am now the key-holder of his cock and his orgasms.
I know you long to feel the control of a powerful, dominant woman….. Listen to My “Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm” mp3….. and I will take control of your cock and your orgasms.
I might live 1/2 way round the world from you….. but there is no escape from My voice, My hypnosis….

Darkly Addictive hypnosis…. Binding you Closer to Me.


My Mistress Lady Surrender!
I just listened to the Chastity MP3 Recording again and the more I listen to it the more I crave for you to take control of my (your) cock and it’s orgasms.

As I listened to the recording in my bed I could actually feel my (your) cock tingle as you were placing the Spell around the cock. The more I listen to your sexy, seductive voice the more intense the spell takes control of the cock. By the end of the end of the recording my (your) cock was hard as it could be just like wearing a cock cage over the cock. This was the most intense feeling I’ve gotten while listening to the voice I crave to listen to!

I crave for Lady Surrender’s voice to take control of mind, body and cock and its orgasms. I knew what I was in for when I first heard the voice and I can never cum again without Your Permission Lady Surrender. You have Entrapped and You have Enslaved Your Slave.

Lady Surrender’s Slave fritz

My Reply:


If you think you feel craving now…. go and listen to My new recording…
“craving: control”.
Not only will you feel increased arousal…but you will be caught in that delicious mindfuck of…ruined orgasm versus the erotic urge to orgasm when you hear My “craving control” mp3…..

Mindfuck extraordinaire….

Lady Surrender.

Lady Surrender,

Oh I will indeed listen to that one Beautiful Lady Surrender. You love mindfucking slave mind and taking control of the cock and its orgasms.


My reply:


have just been tweeting with a subject about him feeling caught in the mindfuck… he has been listening to My strap-on mp3 while still under ruined orgasm control….

I do love that delicious mindfuck…. pain versus pleasure. The pain of so much pleasure and craving release so much, it becomes…. all mixed up.

The “craving control” mp3 has been receiving a lot of attention & being described as My most erotic file… although I do think the Edging Loop is… sexy

Enjoy your next ruined orgasm… knowing..,I control My (your) cock….

Lady Surrender.

Lady surrender,

Yes Indeed Surrender!
A Strap-on runs through my mind a lot,


My reply:


NOW… all your fetishes and fantasies come out!
you have been keeping secrets from Me…..
of course- the thought of you lying across My knees… while I finger-fuck you… then command you to assume the position…. then…
the delicious strap-on play….
pumping in and out….
fucking you….

mmm….. have you listened to the …mmm sound I make… when I am turned on by My sweet boy…..
you can hear the mmm sounds on the sample for “craving: control” mp3 …

such a naughty slave…. not telling me about your secret thoughts….

Lady Surrender.

Lady Surrender,

Oh yes your moans turn me on so much Mistress.

I can see me assuming the position as you ride your slaves ass making me moan with each thrust uncomfortable moans.

You might have to stuff slaves mouth with your panties too! Or can wear them too!

Yes I’ve been naughty I should share my secrets with you.


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Erotic Hypnosis : hypno slave craving control 2 anal play Journal 1.

The following email was written by a new subject, who has been progressively programmed from his first recording ….and is now being Enticed and Entranced …sliding deeper into My mind control conditioning.

his purchase and listening to the complex & layered hypnotic suggestions contained in the “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3 ensure that his subconscious mind is now open and receptive to…. any and all conditioning that I desire.

My “craving control” mp3 is …. designed to have you crave more… more of Me. What could be more… erotic than… craving more of Me? When you crave more… I feel turned on…. mmm. Listen to the voice sample …. and hear how turned on I feel…. when you crave My delicious control.


Wanting to experience what lepidoptera feels?

Begin with…. “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3…. My skilled conditioning that opens your mind to….. whatever I desire.





             ….. more than just a great marketing strategy.



Lady Surrender,

i have now followed Your programming for about two weeks. It began by
listening to ‘Surrender’ which i bought from some time ago. Even before You got to the point of beginning the hypnosis induction part i felt suddenly a powerful desireand arousal.

In the end of the recording there are several trigger installations and i
enjoyed much of the feeling of being controlled and programmed.

Therefore i bought Deepening Hypnosis also in order to see if the good
beginning could get a good follow-up. And that happened indeed.

The third recording was Craving Control. i masturbated wildly whilst listening to that and my orgasm was incredible.

Currently i have much more recordings and i enjoy most of listening to
Addicted to Anal Play.

i have been able to message and reach the sensual woman behind the recordings. She appears to be very dominant and assertive and that is exactly i expected Her to be. i will gladly put my cock into Her command. Her and Her voice.


(member of @inraptured)

craving control

Erotic Hypnosis: Brainwashing + Entrapment Journal 6.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a subject- gs. The subject has had lengthy hospitalisation. his return home has resulted in being able to freely access the internet again. This has resulted in falling …. back under My Orgasm control : Ruined Orgasm …. as well as continuing to listen to “deepening hypnosis” mp3 which is strengthening and embedding My hypnosis.

I note with…. amusement and approval… that subject gs now craves to be moulded, and that he feels helpless … In fact so helpless that the feelings of helplessness are beginning to feel like a “helpless fetish”.

I have a new programme of control and delicious programming in mind for subject gs…. amnesia, deepening mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants….

I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him?





Lady Surrender.

i think by now You know most of my fetishes. i feel I’ve always been submissive, but thanks to Your training that dial has been turned way up. When i think of You all i can think of is You controlling me, for your pleasure. the troubletrance triggers you’ve set, long legs, heels, nurses uniform, plunging neckline, office women, IV meds – each of them, thinking or seeing, making me weak and thinking of You.

Watching you tease, torment and control others has a more profound effect. sometimes the fetishes they have temporarily take me over, though i have no interest in them. the interest is more in how You feel about them.

i have relented on one point from earlier in my training and find the urge to wear panties for a few hours every now and again. knowing i am in them for you feels so pleasurable but at the same time, my circumstances are weird right now and i haven’t worn them outside of the house yet. it is something i could see expanding, although any further than panties just feels instinctively wrong.

as i mentioned i broke the Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm mp3 shield. lengthy hospitalisation, drugs, time and inactivity i guess. perhaps i haven’t been trancing well lately. deepeninghypnosis is so addictive i may have overdosed on that instead of trancing wisely. i was always aroused under the shield and that has continued. more like worship than helplessness i guess. Same impact on mind, but not what you wanted. i should retrain

i just crave being molded to be what You desire. You just mentioned amnesia, mind control, brainwashing, orgasm control, memory implants. All sound great. memory implants is new but aching for it already. it really is the confused, dazed, controlled, not sure on reality when You’re around, utterly helpless fetish that all seems to have spiralled out of a slightly submissive personality under your guidance.

even if this journey doesn’t go further, it’s been a great ride. Thanks


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Erotic hypnosis : sissy, hypno & latex fetish. journal-4

The following email has been written by a sissy subject who asked for hypnosis that would enable her to focus more on being a good husband and father … as well as being able to explore her sissy self.

I personalised a sissy recording ” sissy training 26 : cock2clitty” using an Erotic Whisper ASMR personalised Whisper track to enable sissy monique to experience her sissy fetish and to also function very well in her vanilla life. By setting a clear hypnotic boundary between the vanilla world and her sissy world, monique has the best of both worlds…. and experiences her fetish !


I love using ASMR Erotic Whisper tracks to programme a mind…it’s such a …subversive tool to rewire a mind. My Erotic Whisper ASMR personalised Whisper track accesses the subconscious mind so easily…slips in… while the conscious mind “tries” to listen to the Voice track & the ASMR Erotic Whisper track at the same time.




Turned on by reading this? mmm… I wonder if you also want to experience your fetish… while maintaining your vanilla life? Hypnosis is such a powerful tool that enables you… yes, you…. to live your secret life while being present and successful in your vanilla life.

Email Me …. and take the first step to ….


Lady Surrender,

My journey into complete surrender continues. After having listened to Deepening Hypnosis on an almost daily basis i find myself dropping into light trance even writing the words Deepening Hypnosis. It’s such a deep and profound trance that i’m continually drawn down, entranced and inevitably enslaved into Surrender, open completely to Your rewiring and reprogramming.

It’s not surprising therefore that my live session was so life changing and that it continues to have it’s effects a few weeks on although I don’t have many memories of it. This was the first time that i have forgotten rather than just have an absence or sleepy induced absence. It’s so exciting to realise that i’ve surrendered sufficiently to forget. i’m proud of my achievement.

Since obtaining Sissy Training 26 : cock 2 clitty i have experienced many erotic mind fantasies and heightened levels of horniness. Your silky voice speaking those words that vibrate in my consciousness take me to places i have never been. Each word is exactly what i need to hear almost as if the file was written with me in mind. i proudly admit that i am so excited by having a soft and limp sissy clitty that i remain soft and limp but so excited i ache with pleasure. i’m not a real man but i am Your silky pink pantie wearing sissy slut that checks out men’s bulges and dreams of serving cock in any way possible. So it’s deliciously excting to hear you reinforce and rewire me relentlessly. As soon as the file has ended i’m eager and ready to listen again. It’s a willing obsession to obtain a permanent limp girly sissy clitty and a strong desire to be taken to anal orgasm, again and again and again.

i also want to thank You for placing boundaries that allow me to sink even deeper into Surrender whilst cleansing my life of extraneous obsessions and allowing me to function in my day to day life as a husband and father.

The result is increased trust and devotion and a strong focus on the important aspects of my day to day life. When i think back to the beginning of this year i was only curious about becoming a sissy and through You i am now embracing my sissyness eagerly and with excitement. It’s wonderful. Thank You again.
With devotion,

Your sissy monique.





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Erotic Hypnosis : hypno slave craving control, brainwashing.

The following emails were received by a hypno slave who began by listening to “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3 …. and discovered the power that drew him into My words…. Now- he is becoming Enticed…. Entranced as he moves further into My world of Erotic Hypnosis and domination.

his need to Surrender is growing with each file he listens to…. and falls deeper into the space between My words. The Morning Mantra of Blankness is the next file in the methodical programming of his mind… preparing his mind to be blank… preparing his mind to be inscribed by My will…. Brainwashing at its most powerful.

Today, he has asked for more…. so delicious! A submissive becoming complicit in their own Surrender. “Addicted to trance” mp3 is the next step in the Entrancement process….

Wanting to experience that delicious sexy feeling of being… controlled ? Of feeling yourself sliding in to trance….? Begin with My “deepening hypnosis” file…. the programming that conditions your mind to be open to My hypnosis and My rewiring.







your “deepening hypnosis” mp3 …. i have had this file for a couple weeks or more. On the 4th or 5th listen something beautiful happened and i fell deeply “inside” Your words if that makes any sense. I am completely wanting to go deeper and surrender more to have the feelings again. I am ready to move deeper into my service, which seems odd to say, but comes from me nonetheless. Is there a “next” file for me You suggest. I have no reservations. I want to go forward please. Thank You.


Mistress i just went so much deeper again omg that was just “wow.” You are very talented. It’s Your voice inside me. I want more of that. Thank You.



Big questions perhaps. They cause me to ponder so i thought i would ask.As You take us deeper and deeper into Your control do You find pleasure in controlling us? Do those who completely surrender come to have a special love and relationship with You into the future? You make surrender so attractive and inevitable. Can it be more reality than fantasy for some who come to You?

Thank You.


submissive alan,
I am delighted to read your emails today…
I was in the Chat Room on today, holding a free trance Q & A session…. I will be back there next month.

As to the next step in your Enticement…. Entrancement…. the Morning Mantra of Blankness.

The Morning Mantra of Blankness is a brainwashing file… one that clears the mind and prepares the mind for My inscribing.
tabula rasa….

As always- I am interested in a subject’s experience with erotic hypnosis…. I look forward to your account of what you have experienced in the Erotic Hypnosis world.

resistance is futile…

Surrender is inevitable.


I find real desire emerging in my walk and thoughts. Real desire to feel You control me. It is a beautiful feeling. Your answer was so perfect. Thank You. I begin my journey to You and will hope i reach a destination that pleases You at some point. You are truly brilliant.‎ I will write of my journey and ask for guidance if permitted. Thank You.




listening to Morning Mantra of Blankness -Tabula Rasa- totally changed me these last couple days i am so blank so often now. The file defies time there is no time it just stops and leaves me. You are a really good hypnotist i think. I have never been to that room Your voice everything omg it is so hot to remember like this while writing. I touched my sex and almost released like a teenager listening to You. I love to feel You controlling me. It is very addictive for me.




i am not my mind i love Tabula Rasa Morning Mantra of Blankness,  i am still wet with precum i touched i want more Mistress i can’t listen enough times it keeps going deeper inside me so blank inscribed ready to be inscribed You are very very good i want to kneel You took me so deep and held me like a curator knowing what You have and have done thank You Mistress what will i listen to next please omg



Tabula Rasa is an experience, not a file. omg I am going so deep and helplessly opening to You. It is so very good. What do i listen to next Mistress?



so, impatient submissive,…

you want to feel more of My delicious control….
Addicted to Trance mp3…. next step…..

Now, I want to know all about your secret life….. what turns you on… what thoughts run through that oh so programmable mind of yours….. have you been consistently submissive your adult life… or do you have binges and purges….

That’s right, I want to know all about you…. all the better to manipulate and Entice that mind of yours….

Then ….Entrance…. Entrap… and Enslave….

Capturing Unwary Minds… with darkly Addictive Hypnosis.


Erotic Hypnosis : hypno slave & hypnosis trance

The following email was written by a submissive who has had many years of listening to Erotic Hypnosis mp3s- but who has not successfully experienced trance. I spoke with the subject before recommending they listen to My “deepening hypnosis” mp3 file. I know that boden girl had not had great results listening to mp3s.

This “deepening hypnosis” mp3 is the foundation file for a number of planned Loop recordings. It is also a “stand alone” mp3 file that deepens response to hypnosis trance, and includes hypnosis trigger phrases I commonly use in My hypnosis recordings and Live One-on-One sessions. The recording conditions the mind to be responsive to hypnosis and the hypnotic suggestions I make.

If you are one of the many submissives who has difficulty in experiencing trance…. I recommend you purchase this recording and…. float into My Enticing hypnosis. Read the reviews of this recording under the “reviews” page on My web site.

 I look forward to deepening the Enticement of bodensurrender’s mind…


My Lady,

I am so glad to write to you about the Deepening Hypnosis file I experienced for the first time, if I may I will provide updates as I continue with the journey you are helping me through.

I have been listening to hypnosis MP3’s and watching YouTube videos for many years and have to say that today was the very first time I can honestly say I was deeply in trance. In fact as I write this I still feel a sense of blissful calm and foggy abandon that I haven’t ever felt before.

I am not sure I am overly analytical but my conscious mind usually gets in the way of any trance experience I try, with this file though I found the net result was that my subconscious mind was in control (In turn controlled by Lady Surrender’s words) of my body and it didn’t matter what my conscious mind wanted to do.

The file itself is well created with audio separation that is cleverly done and clearly works well, the most impressive aspect for me is that I knew the file had ended but could not move, did not want to move and did not move for quite a time. I was so in trance that I believe I had internalised the words and feelings of the recording.

This file is so good that I will be listening again and again.

Many thanks

boden girl

member of

boden girl  has now renamed their profile name “bodensurrender”


Erotic Hypnosis : brainwashing a new submissive Journal 2.

The following email was received from a NZ subject   he originally purchased My “Morning Mantra of Blankness” file which is a brainwashing file. I describe the “Morning Mantra of Blankness” as an  “art file….”…as are all My Morning Mantras.

With the addition of a deepening file, the subject has fallen into the Enticement phase….. and has begun to self-trigger into blankness as well as begin to crave more of My control.

How delicious!

Follow his path from Enticement…. by purchasing and listening to “Morning Mantra of Blankness” and  “Deeper for Me : Deepening Trance”, mike’s journey is continuing with “Addicted to Trance”….. a hypnosis recording in which I deepen the trance response …


The Entrancement phase is well and truly under way….

I wonder what mike will experience next?

I know you crave to feel such delicious control… you long for Entrancement… floating free.. deeper and deeper into My control.

Follow mike’s path into Enticement… Entrancement…. listen to the hypnosis recordings he listened to…and fall…. become Mine.



Lady Surrender,

so far my journey has taken me to total addiction to listening to your voice, I just can’t seem to get enough, and have a constant craving for you to control me more and more.

I have always had a fetish for hypnosis, but in the past have not been easily able to achieve deep trance, mainly because I have a bit of an analytical mind.

but listening to Morning Mantra of Blankness and Addicted to Trance has changed that for me. I can now just drift away and let you take me wherever you want, such blissful feelings.

Bought Deepening Hypnosis mp3 the other day and after listening to it 4 times have not remembered any of it apart from the very start and the end of it, a first for me, and leaves me with such blissful feelings that I just need more of your control.
I wonder where my journey will take me as well, maybe you have a better idea than I do?

mike from NZ.

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Erotic Hypnosis : fetish for trance, control, surrender

The following email was written by a submissive who is looking for a hypno domme who enjoys taking control….including orgasm control and chastity.

It would seem this subject has come to the right place…. I wonder if clare has been reading the posts about Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm. So many delicious ways in which to control…. condition…manipulate…. a subject.

Longing to experience control? I wonder of your longing for control is as strong as… My longing to control….

Let’s find out… send an email and begin that delicious journey… that slippery slope into My darkly addictive control.

Hello Mistress Surrender,

I am not even quite certain to begin Mistress. I just finished listening to several of your sample files from your web page and just loved your voice…and your whispers. All so very yummy. So let’s see if I can compose some thoughts now..

I am a naturally submissive male. I have 10+ years on/off real time experience, as well as some hypnosis experience. What I enjoyed tremendously…and what I continue to that control aspect…and the surrendering that goes along with it. It’s a wonderful mental place to be. No thinking…just letting go and obeying. Yummmm. In my real time experience I have slipped into subspace numerous times..some involving pain..other times involving pleasure. The sensation is so difficult to explain others. Yet when I have been with the right Domme, one that enjoys the interaction and seems to push me just a bit, it just happens. Then there are absolutely no cares..just drifting there, totally oblivious. Finally when it’s over, that melty feeling can linger in my mind for days. No real cares…just feeling very, very yummy. When i discovered hypnosis, I realized that trance provides some of the very same feelings.

Being submissive, trance and surrendering control is that perfect combination. Wanting to please, to obey, to just let go. Yet when some Domme’s talk about control..that’s about it. Typing the word control and enjoying the control are two distinct things. Also if you don’t enjoy the connection it just doesn’t seem to work. When I was reading through your pages online, I quickly realized you seem to thoroughly enjoy the control aspect. It just sounded perfect. I read through your monthly postings, MP3 reviews, your thoughts and even your Amazon wish list. Loved the white boots you listed there, as well as numerous other gift suggestions..

I have experienced some hypnosis with online friends. They would enjoy the trance, but when it come to me, they couldn’t relate to my submissive thoughts or fetishes.It’s like, why would someone want to surrender control? How can that be a fetish? It was the same with orgasm control. What pleasure can there be in denying an orgasm? I can try to explain, but it just isn’t grasped. So the search goes on looking for that Domme that understands. I have had numerous excellent experiences, but most of the Domme’s involved are no longer active and it can be so frustrating trying to find someone who truly enjoys rather than just going through the motions.

So even though you are half a world away, as I am located in Chicago in the Sates…it seems like I may have found what I am seeking. Someone who enjoys the interaction, seeks ongoing relationships rather than just a once or twice scenario, and seems to enjoy both the control I mentioned above as well as numerous fetishes that I also have.Those fetishes include things like surrendering control, tease and denial, as well as orgasm control. I would love to explore chastity. I view that as an ultimate in both surrender and trust. I also have a very strong foot/boot/shoe fetish. From my real time play I loved nipple play, wax play and other sensation play.

There are numerous other interests, but I am not witting this as a wish list, but more as…would you consider possibly training me in an ongoing scenario Mistress, at least partly based on my thoughts above and our possible similar interests? Obviously I know both Domme and sub need to connect for that to happen..and that takes time. As I mentioned earlier though, if the interests aren’t similar, it really doesn’t work anyway and from what you have shared online, I feel there are definite possibilities to connect.

Lastly Mistress, do you suggest any of your MP3’s as a starting point ? I have noted the Addicted To Trace and the Surrender MP3’s, as well as the Mantra Series listings. Is there any specific order or your thoughts on those? Also, yes I definitely want to do live phone as well. Never quite knowing what may occur, which seems like a perfect scenario.. After reading your site though, I realize you only have limited available time, so I thought MP3 might be an excellent start point. I should also mention I have listened to some MP3’s in the past, but without that connection to the Domme, They just were not fulfilling and I abandoned those completely.

On that note, I should close this message. I am sorry for the length Mistress. I hope I portrayed myself adequately for you. Thank you very much for your time in reading these thoughts and suggestions. I am looking forward to surrendering into your control. Thank you again Mistress and I hope you have a great weekend!!!

blue eyes



Erotic Hypnosis : hypno slave – excited cock, confused mind.

The following email was received from subject joe from It seems joe longs for control… and he is also puzzled as to why he should feel confused, blank as he types…

I intend for joe to fall….slowly, methodically into My control…. Today, I toyed with joe a little while chatting with him in the chatroom…taking him in & out of trance, suggesting one …or maybe two… delicious suggestions. I wonder if joe has any recollection of being taken into trance…..

Surrender to My Darkly Addictive hypnosis…. Resistance is Futile.


Hello Mistress Surrender,

I am frankly unsure what to say or do. All i know is about a month ago i came upon you on inraptured quite my mistake, i heard your voice, your samples, saw the images that you put out with each file. Since then we have just exchanged messages on twitter back and forth, become more frequently of late, each message i get i read in excitement, As i type this email now my cock grows in excitement, unsure of what is happening or even what is coming next…..Its like im in a daze and frankly i don tknow why, i have only listened to samples and exchanges messages, i dont know how you could even take any power over me so far, but i just type this blankly i continue to type, not knowing what to say or do but the words just continue to flow.

I am not sure what else to say, but i hope this is what you were asking for.