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The making of a hypno slave using brainwashing, hypnotic suggestions and trigger phrases.

Erotic Hypnosis : hypno slave & hypnosis trance

The following email was written by a submissive who has had many years of listening to Erotic Hypnosis mp3s- but who has not successfully experienced trance. I spoke with the subject before recommending they listen to My “deepening hypnosis” mp3 file. I know that boden girl had not had great results listening to mp3s.

This “deepening hypnosis” mp3 is the foundation file for a number of planned Loop recordings. It is also a “stand alone” mp3 file that deepens response to hypnosis trance, and includes hypnosis trigger phrases I commonly use in My hypnosis recordings and Live One-on-One sessions. The recording conditions the mind to be responsive to hypnosis and the hypnotic suggestions I make.

If you are one of the many submissives who has difficulty in experiencing trance…. I recommend you purchase this recording and…. float into My Enticing hypnosis. Read the reviews of this recording under the “reviews” page on My web site.

 I look forward to deepening the Enticement of bodensurrender’s mind…


My Lady,

I am so glad to write to you about the Deepening Hypnosis file I experienced for the first time, if I may I will provide updates as I continue with the journey you are helping me through.

I have been listening to hypnosis MP3’s and watching YouTube videos for many years and have to say that today was the very first time I can honestly say I was deeply in trance. In fact as I write this I still feel a sense of blissful calm and foggy abandon that I haven’t ever felt before.

I am not sure I am overly analytical but my conscious mind usually gets in the way of any trance experience I try, with this file though I found the net result was that my subconscious mind was in control (In turn controlled by Lady Surrender’s words) of my body and it didn’t matter what my conscious mind wanted to do.

The file itself is well created with audio separation that is cleverly done and clearly works well, the most impressive aspect for me is that I knew the file had ended but could not move, did not want to move and did not move for quite a time. I was so in trance that I believe I had internalised the words and feelings of the recording.

This file is so good that I will be listening again and again.

Many thanks

boden girl

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Erotic Hypnosis : brainwashing a new submissive Journal 2.

The following email was received from a NZ subject   he originally purchased My “Morning Mantra of Blankness” file which is a brainwashing file. I describe the “Morning Mantra of Blankness” as an  “art file….”…as are all My Morning Mantras.

With the addition of a deepening file, the subject has fallen into the Enticement phase….. and has begun to self-trigger into blankness as well as begin to crave more of My control.

How delicious!

Follow his path from Enticement…. by purchasing and listening to “Morning Mantra of Blankness” and  “Deeper for Me : Deepening Trance”, mike’s journey is continuing with “Addicted to Trance”….. a hypnosis recording in which I deepen the trance response …


The Entrancement phase is well and truly under way….

I wonder what mike will experience next?

I know you crave to feel such delicious control… you long for Entrancement… floating free.. deeper and deeper into My control.

Follow mike’s path into Enticement… Entrancement…. listen to the hypnosis recordings he listened to…and fall…. become Mine.



Lady Surrender,

so far my journey has taken me to total addiction to listening to your voice, I just can’t seem to get enough, and have a constant craving for you to control me more and more.

I have always had a fetish for hypnosis, but in the past have not been easily able to achieve deep trance, mainly because I have a bit of an analytical mind.

but listening to Morning Mantra of Blankness and Addicted to Trance has changed that for me. I can now just drift away and let you take me wherever you want, such blissful feelings.

Bought Deepening Hypnosis mp3 the other day and after listening to it 4 times have not remembered any of it apart from the very start and the end of it, a first for me, and leaves me with such blissful feelings that I just need more of your control.
I wonder where my journey will take me as well, maybe you have a better idea than I do?

mike from NZ.

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Erotic Hypnosis : fetish for trance, control, surrender

The following email was written by a submissive who is looking for a hypno domme who enjoys taking control….including orgasm control and chastity.

It would seem this subject has come to the right place…. I wonder if clare has been reading the posts about Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm. So many delicious ways in which to control…. condition…manipulate…. a subject.

Longing to experience control? I wonder of your longing for control is as strong as… My longing to control….

Let’s find out… send an email and begin that delicious journey… that slippery slope into My darkly addictive control.

Hello Mistress Surrender,

I am not even quite certain to begin Mistress. I just finished listening to several of your sample files from your web page and just loved your voice…and your whispers. All so very yummy. So let’s see if I can compose some thoughts now..

I am a naturally submissive male. I have 10+ years on/off real time experience, as well as some hypnosis experience. What I enjoyed tremendously…and what I continue to that control aspect…and the surrendering that goes along with it. It’s a wonderful mental place to be. No thinking…just letting go and obeying. Yummmm. In my real time experience I have slipped into subspace numerous times..some involving pain..other times involving pleasure. The sensation is so difficult to explain others. Yet when I have been with the right Domme, one that enjoys the interaction and seems to push me just a bit, it just happens. Then there are absolutely no cares..just drifting there, totally oblivious. Finally when it’s over, that melty feeling can linger in my mind for days. No real cares…just feeling very, very yummy. When i discovered hypnosis, I realized that trance provides some of the very same feelings.

Being submissive, trance and surrendering control is that perfect combination. Wanting to please, to obey, to just let go. Yet when some Domme’s talk about control..that’s about it. Typing the word control and enjoying the control are two distinct things. Also if you don’t enjoy the connection it just doesn’t seem to work. When I was reading through your pages online, I quickly realized you seem to thoroughly enjoy the control aspect. It just sounded perfect. I read through your monthly postings, MP3 reviews, your thoughts and even your Amazon wish list. Loved the white boots you listed there, as well as numerous other gift suggestions..

I have experienced some hypnosis with online friends. They would enjoy the trance, but when it come to me, they couldn’t relate to my submissive thoughts or fetishes.It’s like, why would someone want to surrender control? How can that be a fetish? It was the same with orgasm control. What pleasure can there be in denying an orgasm? I can try to explain, but it just isn’t grasped. So the search goes on looking for that Domme that understands. I have had numerous excellent experiences, but most of the Domme’s involved are no longer active and it can be so frustrating trying to find someone who truly enjoys rather than just going through the motions.

So even though you are half a world away, as I am located in Chicago in the Sates…it seems like I may have found what I am seeking. Someone who enjoys the interaction, seeks ongoing relationships rather than just a once or twice scenario, and seems to enjoy both the control I mentioned above as well as numerous fetishes that I also have.Those fetishes include things like surrendering control, tease and denial, as well as orgasm control. I would love to explore chastity. I view that as an ultimate in both surrender and trust. I also have a very strong foot/boot/shoe fetish. From my real time play I loved nipple play, wax play and other sensation play.

There are numerous other interests, but I am not witting this as a wish list, but more as…would you consider possibly training me in an ongoing scenario Mistress, at least partly based on my thoughts above and our possible similar interests? Obviously I know both Domme and sub need to connect for that to happen..and that takes time. As I mentioned earlier though, if the interests aren’t similar, it really doesn’t work anyway and from what you have shared online, I feel there are definite possibilities to connect.

Lastly Mistress, do you suggest any of your MP3’s as a starting point ? I have noted the Addicted To Trace and the Surrender MP3’s, as well as the Mantra Series listings. Is there any specific order or your thoughts on those? Also, yes I definitely want to do live phone as well. Never quite knowing what may occur, which seems like a perfect scenario.. After reading your site though, I realize you only have limited available time, so I thought MP3 might be an excellent start point. I should also mention I have listened to some MP3’s in the past, but without that connection to the Domme, They just were not fulfilling and I abandoned those completely.

On that note, I should close this message. I am sorry for the length Mistress. I hope I portrayed myself adequately for you. Thank you very much for your time in reading these thoughts and suggestions. I am looking forward to surrendering into your control. Thank you again Mistress and I hope you have a great weekend!!!

blue eyes



Erotic Hypnosis : hypno slave – excited cock, confused mind.

The following email was received from subject joe from It seems joe longs for control… and he is also puzzled as to why he should feel confused, blank as he types…

I intend for joe to fall….slowly, methodically into My control…. Today, I toyed with joe a little while chatting with him in the chatroom…taking him in & out of trance, suggesting one …or maybe two… delicious suggestions. I wonder if joe has any recollection of being taken into trance…..

Surrender to My Darkly Addictive hypnosis…. Resistance is Futile.


Hello Mistress Surrender,

I am frankly unsure what to say or do. All i know is about a month ago i came upon you on inraptured quite my mistake, i heard your voice, your samples, saw the images that you put out with each file. Since then we have just exchanged messages on twitter back and forth, become more frequently of late, each message i get i read in excitement, As i type this email now my cock grows in excitement, unsure of what is happening or even what is coming next…..Its like im in a daze and frankly i don tknow why, i have only listened to samples and exchanges messages, i dont know how you could even take any power over me so far, but i just type this blankly i continue to type, not knowing what to say or do but the words just continue to flow.

I am not sure what else to say, but i hope this is what you were asking for.




Erotic Hypnosis : key holder orgasm control -virtual chastity – through MP3 journal 6.

Craving More… more of My control …..

The following email was received from a slave who has been longing for orgasm control. I do love the thought of My voice, My words… controlling cocks and minds halfway round the world. My recently released mp3 “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” is a virtual chastity file- giving Me control as the key holder, over your cock…. installing My silken, seductive Voice as the Owner of your cock . slave fritz is now under My control. I am now the key-holder of his cock and his orgasms.
I know you long to feel the control of a powerful, dominant woman….. listen to My “Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm” mp3….. and I will take control of your cock and your orgasms. I might live 1/2 way round the world from you….. but there is no escape from My voice, My hypnosis….


Darkly Addictive hypnosis…. Binding you Closer to Me.


Evening My Lady Surrender,
It’s a great honor to have you as My Key-Holder. I just listened to your MP3 File again to deepen your control over my body, mind and cock. Such a powerful hypnosis and can’t get enough of your voice………

Slave fritz


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Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave training using Mp3s Journal 2.

The following journal between Myself and david from records the beginning of his journey into Enticement…..

I do love knowing that a subject wants to be conditioned…there’s nothing quite so… erotic as knowing a subject wants to hear My conditioning….

The Temptress come to Tempt…..

Let the journey into Enticement begin…..

Hello my Lady.i recall a reply from You regarding my secrets and fantasies and i’m going to answer that as best i can. i do fantasize about seeing dominant women wearing leather or latex rubber outfits (i prefer latex more, but leather is fine too), and when i read the journals written by some of Your slaves i fantasize about being in their respective positions, not so much going for full-blown sissy training but for some degree of such like being addicted to Your strap-on or eating my own cum. Last night, while listening to the Morning Mantra of Submission on repeat, i kept having thoughts of completely surrendering to You and being taken by You. At one point i literally found myself lying face-down in my bed with my ass up in the air, waiting to be taken by You with Your strap-on! i wonder what it would be like to dream about being taken by You with Your strap-on…

slave david


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Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave training using Mp3s

The following journal between Myself and david from record the beginning of his journey into Enticement…..

I do love knowing that a subject wants to be conditioned…there’s nothing quite so… erotic as knowing a subject wants to hear My conditioning….

The Temptress come to Tempt…..

Let the journey into Enticement begin…..


Lady Surrender,

i’ve been reading Your website, i’ve listened to some of the samples there, and i’ve read the product descriptions and testimonials here on and on and that got me wondering what it was all about. 3 weeks ago i purchased a recording  and after listening to it a few times, i’ve found it to be as good as advertised.

The more i hear Your sexy voice in my mind, the more i want to be conditioned to respond to You.

i am happy You find my desire to be conditioned by You erotic Mistress! You are indeed quite tempting and i cannot resist. i plan to purchase another recording soon so i can hear more of Your words Mistress.


My reply:


smiles…it’s a lovely picture …you rushing off to be conditioned and programmed by My voice….
I don’t have many files listed as yet on Niteflirt…if there’s a particular file you want to purchase through NF- let Me know and I will list it there….


Lady S


Hello Lady Surrender,

My name is David, though You know me on as “*************”. I have been listening to erotic hypnosis for over 10 years and none have captured me as much as Your sessions have. For a long time I hadn’t listened to any EH for one reason or another, but a little over a week ago I decided to listen to the file since I’ve heard and read reviews about Your voice and visited Your website and I am glad I started listening! I found Your voice to be very seductive and the more I listened the more I wanted to listen. At one point I found myself kneeling on the floor, chanting over and over “I surrender my mind, I surrender my body, I surrender my heart to Lady Surrender”…something I had never done for any hypnodomme previously! A few days ago I purchased Your “Morning Mantra of Submission” and started looping that at night before going to bed, and as You commanded I have knelt on the floor chanting Your mantra every time I listen, I can’t help but get up off my bed and obey Your commands and suggestions! Today I have started a program of listening to Surrender 101 followed immediately by the Morning Mantra of Submission and it is having an effect on me, the effect being I find myself wanting to submit to Your control as Your submissive, Your pet. My desire to listen to You only grows every time I listen.

I am very happy to have not only discovered Your work, but also to start the journey of becoming Your submissive under Your control and being conditioned by You, Lady Surrender!




Erotic Hypnosis: Brainwashing + Entrapment Journal 5.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a new subject- gs. Subject is resistant to any suggestions of sissy hypnosis…. I wonder how long that resistance will last…. I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him? Subject has begun to listen to My mp3 recordings- including the Morning Mantra series….. More recently, subject has been listening to the mp3, Morning Mantra of Blankness which is My brainwashing file using Erotic ASMR + Voice- and the mp3 Addicted to Cock 1.


Subject has become addicted to the feelings of submission, domination, penetration that he feels while listening to My mp3 file “Addicted to My strap-on”.




I am sorry to write again so soon, but the ache, the crave, the submission and the mindlessness is nearly overwhelming. Today has been magical and finally getting home after being blank and mindless so much, and falling multiple times throughout the day was a huge relief. Not many embarrassing moments as people seemed to think I was working hard and so left me alone, but there were numerous occasions when I realised there were things happening around me that I should have been paying attention to, but just couldn’t bring myself to focus.

Have used blankness at home as house too busy for Your strapon, but i really need to feel my mind, my body, everything, fully helpless for your pleasure. Blankness helps me train and keeps me weak, which i love, but i really need full submission to you.

i’ve just reread today’s tweets. feeling so weak and dazed reading them. reading the triggers that trip my brain into slush and send my body spiralling to the ground. aching, craving, blanking and submitting.

it was only when i came out of trance earlier that i realised i’ve been in chastity since the end of January without actually being told to. maybe that’s what’s behind the ache and the submission, but as i haven’t been asking and begging for release i’m not sure. i know that your control does sexually excite me automatically, and i near automatically keep myself at that level of frustration without realising it. perhaps that has helped deepen Your control. Mind blanking, body reacting, lust overheating.

i know that i can’t take many more days like today with how strong the reactions where and yet i crave many more days like that. tripped and triggered, blank and needy. i also know that i desperately need release and that today with it’s ever increasing blankness, ever increasing need and permanent crave has taught me how trapped i am by You.

i ask Your permission for release or for more. i will give of myself what i can for You and hope to make You happy.

Yours in a daze



Erotic Hypnosis: brainwashing + Entrapment journal 4.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a new subject- gs. Subject is resistant to any suggestions of sissy hypnosis…. I wonder how long that resistance will last…. I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him? Subject has begun to listen to My mp3 recordings- including the Morning Mantra series….. More recently, subject has been listening to the mp3, Morning Mantra of Blankness which is My brainwashing file using Erotic ASMR + Voice- and the mp3 Addicted to Cock 1.

This journal was written after subject gs spoke with Me in the chatroom.


 Good morning (your time) Mistress,
Your voice seemed so much more alive in the chat room. More cunning, more controlling. more reactive – and that’s with the sound quality jumping around and cutting every now and again. Really inspiring and pretty damn great – even without triggers etc. Was just nice to sort of have a chat.
After the chat room last night I decided to play some clips I’d made from your files. Certain triggers, certain phrases, the samples, etc. Just some random cutups that I’ve been collecting. Programming the first few for to prime me and then letting a randomiser take over. Usual reactions,but after the first few minutes of random I suddenly realised how deep I was. I couldn’t find the will power to shut it off and that’s more or less the last conscious thought I had.

I was woken by banging at my door and a housemate shouting at me trying to wake me. At some point I’d got out of bed and had assumed the position on the floor, ass up, head on carpet. Really dazed at being woken, I didn’t really have a clue what was going on, but shouted back “I’m ok. Going back to sleep”

Discussion this morning centred on how my moans had woken everyone. Luckily they mistook them for me having a nightmare that seemed to be endlessly getting worse. Felt lucky to get away with that one and even luckier to have remembered to lock my door before heading to bed. And so if anyone asks, you’re an evil zombie horde that relentlessly chased me.

And all I could think of today was how good some proper amnesia files with post-hypnotic suggestions would be. I crave getting to that stage where I’m reacting without knowing why.

submissive gs

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Tease and Denial

Erotic Hypnosis: fetish for cock/anal play, latex, hypno : journal 2.

I always enjoy receiving messages from would-be subjects who have a hypno fetish… I love taking a subject into trance with simple words…using My voice to brainwash, train, mould….

Enjoying reading monique’s journal….read……and imagine it is you….. being Enticed with My silken, sexy voice….
Enticement….. Entrancement….. How delicious…that a subject wants to abandon themselves to My trances….




Your files are magical and I love abandoning myself to your trances more and more. I wish to be as blank as you would want me to be in order to fulfil your desires for me if I should be so lucky.

Here is a journal entry that you can edit as you see fit.

I hope we will be able to discuss further when we are both ‘back’. I will be very excited to be circumnavigating New Zealand in 6 weeks or so and your files will accompany me.

Respectful thanks,



Life is surprising and we end up doing many things we weren’t intending to do and are very happy about it.

I’m not quite sure how I ended up purchasing Mistress’s files but I’m pretty sure it was the latex covered beauty both black and red that sparked me to listen to an extract and by then it was already too late to go back.

Perhaps also because I am about to embark on a trip to New Zealand that Mistress’s accent grabbed me oh so softly but surely around my increasingly blank and receptive mind. Her soft, warm and dare I say extremely erotic voice pulls me in, lays me down, straps me into consensual submission and, if it wasn’t for her instructions to breath would surely leave me breathless.

At first I was enticed by the overtly exciting nature of being attracted to cocks and addicted to anal but having listened more than a few times I suddenly realised that the focus of my obsession was the trance itself so I was, I’m extremely happy to say, led to purchase Morning Blankness and Addicted to Trance which is where I should have started initially but I’ve loved the detour and find these files even more exciting having had a base from which to explore.

Being addicted to trance is easy for me as I confess to being a hypnofetishist but this doesn’t mean that I am unable to recognise pure talent and the unique nature of Mistress Surrender’s hypnosis. On the contrary, many years of listening to 100s of files has turned me into a connaisseur of fine hypnosis. Why settle for cheap table wine when you can settle down in a comfy armchair with a glass of vintage wine.

My journey has just started but there is no turning back and no wish to leave the path I have chosen.

I will continue with my regular studies and report my progress and am sure that I will be guided into progressing and deepening my trances. I hope to be of use and a worthwhile distraction to Mistress and aim to find as many creative ways of serving her as possible.