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The making of a hypno slave using brainwashing, hypnotic suggestions and trigger phrases.

Erotic Hypnosis : hypno slave – excited cock, confused mind.

The following email was received from subject joe from It seems joe longs for control… and he is also puzzled as to why he should feel confused, blank as he types…

I intend for joe to fall….slowly, methodically into My control…. Today, I toyed with joe a little while chatting with him in the chatroom…taking him in & out of trance, suggesting one …or maybe two… delicious suggestions. I wonder if joe has any recollection of being taken into trance…..

Surrender to My Darkly Addictive hypnosis…. Resistance is Futile.


Hello Mistress Surrender,

I am frankly unsure what to say or do. All i know is about a month ago i came upon you on inraptured quite my mistake, i heard your voice, your samples, saw the images that you put out with each file. Since then we have just exchanged messages on twitter back and forth, become more frequently of late, each message i get i read in excitement, As i type this email now my cock grows in excitement, unsure of what is happening or even what is coming next…..Its like im in a daze and frankly i don tknow why, i have only listened to samples and exchanges messages, i dont know how you could even take any power over me so far, but i just type this blankly i continue to type, not knowing what to say or do but the words just continue to flow.

I am not sure what else to say, but i hope this is what you were asking for.




Erotic Hypnosis : key holder orgasm control -virtual chastity – through MP3 journal 6.

Craving More… more of My control …..

The following email was received from a slave who has been longing for orgasm control. I do love the thought of My voice, My words… controlling cocks and minds halfway round the world. My recently released mp3 “Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm” is a virtual chastity file- giving Me control as the key holder, over your cock…. installing My silken, seductive Voice as the Owner of your cock . slave fritz is now under My control. I am now the key-holder of his cock and his orgasms.
I know you long to feel the control of a powerful, dominant woman….. listen to My “Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm” mp3….. and I will take control of your cock and your orgasms. I might live 1/2 way round the world from you….. but there is no escape from My voice, My hypnosis….


Darkly Addictive hypnosis…. Binding you Closer to Me.


Evening My Lady Surrender,
It’s a great honor to have you as My Key-Holder. I just listened to your MP3 File again to deepen your control over my body, mind and cock. Such a powerful hypnosis and can’t get enough of your voice………

Slave fritz


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Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave training using Mp3s Journal 2.

The following journal between Myself and david from records the beginning of his journey into Enticement…..

I do love knowing that a subject wants to be conditioned…there’s nothing quite so… erotic as knowing a subject wants to hear My conditioning….

The Temptress come to Tempt…..

Let the journey into Enticement begin…..

Hello my Lady.i recall a reply from You regarding my secrets and fantasies and i’m going to answer that as best i can. i do fantasize about seeing dominant women wearing leather or latex rubber outfits (i prefer latex more, but leather is fine too), and when i read the journals written by some of Your slaves i fantasize about being in their respective positions, not so much going for full-blown sissy training but for some degree of such like being addicted to Your strap-on or eating my own cum. Last night, while listening to the Morning Mantra of Submission on repeat, i kept having thoughts of completely surrendering to You and being taken by You. At one point i literally found myself lying face-down in my bed with my ass up in the air, waiting to be taken by You with Your strap-on! i wonder what it would be like to dream about being taken by You with Your strap-on…

slave david


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Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave training using Mp3s

The following journal between Myself and david from record the beginning of his journey into Enticement…..

I do love knowing that a subject wants to be conditioned…there’s nothing quite so… erotic as knowing a subject wants to hear My conditioning….

The Temptress come to Tempt…..

Let the journey into Enticement begin…..


Lady Surrender,

i’ve been reading Your website, i’ve listened to some of the samples there, and i’ve read the product descriptions and testimonials here on and on and that got me wondering what it was all about. 3 weeks ago i purchased a recording  and after listening to it a few times, i’ve found it to be as good as advertised.

The more i hear Your sexy voice in my mind, the more i want to be conditioned to respond to You.

i am happy You find my desire to be conditioned by You erotic Mistress! You are indeed quite tempting and i cannot resist. i plan to purchase another recording soon so i can hear more of Your words Mistress.


My reply:


smiles…it’s a lovely picture …you rushing off to be conditioned and programmed by My voice….
I don’t have many files listed as yet on Niteflirt…if there’s a particular file you want to purchase through NF- let Me know and I will list it there….


Lady S


Hello Lady Surrender,

My name is David, though You know me on as “*************”. I have been listening to erotic hypnosis for over 10 years and none have captured me as much as Your sessions have. For a long time I hadn’t listened to any EH for one reason or another, but a little over a week ago I decided to listen to the file since I’ve heard and read reviews about Your voice and visited Your website and I am glad I started listening! I found Your voice to be very seductive and the more I listened the more I wanted to listen. At one point I found myself kneeling on the floor, chanting over and over “I surrender my mind, I surrender my body, I surrender my heart to Lady Surrender”…something I had never done for any hypnodomme previously! A few days ago I purchased Your “Morning Mantra of Submission” and started looping that at night before going to bed, and as You commanded I have knelt on the floor chanting Your mantra every time I listen, I can’t help but get up off my bed and obey Your commands and suggestions! Today I have started a program of listening to Surrender 101 followed immediately by the Morning Mantra of Submission and it is having an effect on me, the effect being I find myself wanting to submit to Your control as Your submissive, Your pet. My desire to listen to You only grows every time I listen.

I am very happy to have not only discovered Your work, but also to start the journey of becoming Your submissive under Your control and being conditioned by You, Lady Surrender!




Erotic Hypnosis: Brainwashing + Entrapment Journal 5.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a new subject- gs. Subject is resistant to any suggestions of sissy hypnosis…. I wonder how long that resistance will last…. I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him? Subject has begun to listen to My mp3 recordings- including the Morning Mantra series….. More recently, subject has been listening to the mp3, Morning Mantra of Blankness which is My brainwashing file using Erotic ASMR + Voice- and the mp3 Addicted to Cock 1.


Subject has become addicted to the feelings of submission, domination, penetration that he feels while listening to My mp3 file “Addicted to My strap-on”.




I am sorry to write again so soon, but the ache, the crave, the submission and the mindlessness is nearly overwhelming. Today has been magical and finally getting home after being blank and mindless so much, and falling multiple times throughout the day was a huge relief. Not many embarrassing moments as people seemed to think I was working hard and so left me alone, but there were numerous occasions when I realised there were things happening around me that I should have been paying attention to, but just couldn’t bring myself to focus.

Have used blankness at home as house too busy for Your strapon, but i really need to feel my mind, my body, everything, fully helpless for your pleasure. Blankness helps me train and keeps me weak, which i love, but i really need full submission to you.

i’ve just reread today’s tweets. feeling so weak and dazed reading them. reading the triggers that trip my brain into slush and send my body spiralling to the ground. aching, craving, blanking and submitting.

it was only when i came out of trance earlier that i realised i’ve been in chastity since the end of January without actually being told to. maybe that’s what’s behind the ache and the submission, but as i haven’t been asking and begging for release i’m not sure. i know that your control does sexually excite me automatically, and i near automatically keep myself at that level of frustration without realising it. perhaps that has helped deepen Your control. Mind blanking, body reacting, lust overheating.

i know that i can’t take many more days like today with how strong the reactions where and yet i crave many more days like that. tripped and triggered, blank and needy. i also know that i desperately need release and that today with it’s ever increasing blankness, ever increasing need and permanent crave has taught me how trapped i am by You.

i ask Your permission for release or for more. i will give of myself what i can for You and hope to make You happy.

Yours in a daze



Erotic Hypnosis: brainwashing + Entrapment journal 4.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a new subject- gs. Subject is resistant to any suggestions of sissy hypnosis…. I wonder how long that resistance will last…. I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him? Subject has begun to listen to My mp3 recordings- including the Morning Mantra series….. More recently, subject has been listening to the mp3, Morning Mantra of Blankness which is My brainwashing file using Erotic ASMR + Voice- and the mp3 Addicted to Cock 1.

This journal was written after subject gs spoke with Me in the chatroom.


 Good morning (your time) Mistress,
Your voice seemed so much more alive in the chat room. More cunning, more controlling. more reactive – and that’s with the sound quality jumping around and cutting every now and again. Really inspiring and pretty damn great – even without triggers etc. Was just nice to sort of have a chat.
After the chat room last night I decided to play some clips I’d made from your files. Certain triggers, certain phrases, the samples, etc. Just some random cutups that I’ve been collecting. Programming the first few for to prime me and then letting a randomiser take over. Usual reactions,but after the first few minutes of random I suddenly realised how deep I was. I couldn’t find the will power to shut it off and that’s more or less the last conscious thought I had.

I was woken by banging at my door and a housemate shouting at me trying to wake me. At some point I’d got out of bed and had assumed the position on the floor, ass up, head on carpet. Really dazed at being woken, I didn’t really have a clue what was going on, but shouted back “I’m ok. Going back to sleep”

Discussion this morning centred on how my moans had woken everyone. Luckily they mistook them for me having a nightmare that seemed to be endlessly getting worse. Felt lucky to get away with that one and even luckier to have remembered to lock my door before heading to bed. And so if anyone asks, you’re an evil zombie horde that relentlessly chased me.

And all I could think of today was how good some proper amnesia files with post-hypnotic suggestions would be. I crave getting to that stage where I’m reacting without knowing why.

submissive gs

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Tease and Denial

Erotic Hypnosis: fetish for cock/anal play, latex, hypno : journal 2.

I always enjoy receiving messages from would-be subjects who have a hypno fetish… I love taking a subject into trance with simple words…using My voice to brainwash, train, mould….

Enjoying reading monique’s journal….read……and imagine it is you….. being Enticed with My silken, sexy voice….
Enticement….. Entrancement….. How delicious…that a subject wants to abandon themselves to My trances….




Your files are magical and I love abandoning myself to your trances more and more. I wish to be as blank as you would want me to be in order to fulfil your desires for me if I should be so lucky.

Here is a journal entry that you can edit as you see fit.

I hope we will be able to discuss further when we are both ‘back’. I will be very excited to be circumnavigating New Zealand in 6 weeks or so and your files will accompany me.

Respectful thanks,



Life is surprising and we end up doing many things we weren’t intending to do and are very happy about it.

I’m not quite sure how I ended up purchasing Mistress’s files but I’m pretty sure it was the latex covered beauty both black and red that sparked me to listen to an extract and by then it was already too late to go back.

Perhaps also because I am about to embark on a trip to New Zealand that Mistress’s accent grabbed me oh so softly but surely around my increasingly blank and receptive mind. Her soft, warm and dare I say extremely erotic voice pulls me in, lays me down, straps me into consensual submission and, if it wasn’t for her instructions to breath would surely leave me breathless.

At first I was enticed by the overtly exciting nature of being attracted to cocks and addicted to anal but having listened more than a few times I suddenly realised that the focus of my obsession was the trance itself so I was, I’m extremely happy to say, led to purchase Morning Blankness and Addicted to Trance which is where I should have started initially but I’ve loved the detour and find these files even more exciting having had a base from which to explore.

Being addicted to trance is easy for me as I confess to being a hypnofetishist but this doesn’t mean that I am unable to recognise pure talent and the unique nature of Mistress Surrender’s hypnosis. On the contrary, many years of listening to 100s of files has turned me into a connaisseur of fine hypnosis. Why settle for cheap table wine when you can settle down in a comfy armchair with a glass of vintage wine.

My journey has just started but there is no turning back and no wish to leave the path I have chosen.

I will continue with my regular studies and report my progress and am sure that I will be guided into progressing and deepening my trances. I hope to be of use and a worthwhile distraction to Mistress and aim to find as many creative ways of serving her as possible.





Erotic Hypnosis: fetish for cock/anal play, latex, hypno : journal 1.

I always enjoy receiving messages from would-be subjects who have a hypno fetish… I love taking a subject into trance with simple words…using My voice to brainwash, train, mould….


Enjoying reading monique’s journal….read……and imagine it is you….. being Enticed with My silken, sexy voice….

Enticement….. begins here.


Mistress Surrender,

I came to discover you via the Sensual Mistress site and drawn by several of my obsessions and fetishes I purchased Addicted to Anal Play and Addicted to Cock as I am also fascinated by latex.

Your voice is absolutely amazing.

I have been a latex fetishist since my teens (I’m 63). Very submissive I have been following a dual voyage as a latex bi-curious bondage submissive and as a transwoman. I have had pulse laser for facial hair removal and keep as smooth as I can. I wax and shape my eyebrows and wear make-up most days. I haven’t worn any male underwear for over 5 years and dress to please myself in the house. I’m also, I guess, a hypno fetishist and adore and am excited by being tranced.

I have listened to 100s of MP3s over the past few years and have even had live hypnosis on a few occasions by telephone. I seek a connection with a strong dominant hypnotist.

I’m British and Swiss and am perfectly bilingual English/French and your accent and soft powerful sensual voice fascinates me.

May I ask you to guide me in my choice of future files. I think I would benefit by a few more general trance files rather than the specific fetishes I initially chose because I feel if I listen to them regularly over a few weeks I could then request a live session which would be so much more effective.

Although eager I won’t rush as I’m off on an extended vacation in a few weeks and would request a session on my return. I could however take a few files with me to listen in my quiet moments.

Thanks for your time and wonderful trances,

Respectfully, Monique



I did enjoy reading your email…. I love hearing that subjects respond to My voice and My hypnosis.

I would recommend the Morning Mantra of Blankness as a file to listen to before other files of Mine. This file is a brainwashing file that has been described as very different from most brainwashing files…. it doesn’t rely on overloading a subject’s mind through multiple tracks, and sound effects.

I would also recommend Addicted to Trance….

I am currently on leave- and won’t be around to answer emails/hold Live Sessions for some weeks. I will continue to post journals and release new mp3s from time to time.

I welcome journals from subjects who have listened to My recordings…

Surrender is inevitable.




Thank you for Your reply. It looks like You will be absent while i myself am absent which will give me time to listen properly to the files You have suggested which i  will purchase later today.

i don’t want this to be just about me and i’m happiest when i can serve and make others happy so i will be trying my utmost to be a useful addition to Your devoted followers.

I look forward to ‘studying’ during my absence and will check again when i get back.

As i’ve signed up for the newsletter i will surely learn of Your return

Thank You agan for the blissfulness of Your trances. I will try and figure out where I should write my journal in the meantime.

i hope Your leave will be all that You want it to be.

Respectfully and with anticipated devotion,




Erotic Hypnosis: brainwashing + sissifying journal 3.

The following journal records the methodical conditioning of a new subject- gs. Subject is resistant to any suggestions of sissy hypnosis…. I wonder how long that resistance will last…. I wonder ….. whether My hypno Domme skills will be able to entice him….entrance him…. entrap him …and finally enslave him? Subject has begun to listen to My mp3 recordings- including the Morning Mantra series….. More recently, subject has been listening to the mp3, Morning Mantra of Blankness which is My brainwashing file using Erotic ASMR + Voice- and the mp3 Addicted to Cock 1.


Lady Surrender,
i am sorry i have not written for a week. i’ve been very busy here preparing for an assessment in my refereeing (it went well) so greatly limited my internet access (despite several slips). i’ve tranced to Your wonderful control most nights and am slowly coming to terms with how things are to be. i’m not sure that the control and focus needed for refereeing has greatly helped with my fall during the week, but it has been an interesting juxtaposition of ideas.

The reason i am writing now is just a short note to let You know how extremely hot mike’s post is. Should i have had any thoughts of long term resistance, and to be honest there have been some along with incredibly arousing thoughts of complete submission at inopportune moments, i am now utterly convinced that resistance will fail.

i’m toying with ideas that are kinda alien to me and appreciate your patience.




Lady Surrender,


Waking, feeling wonderfully weak after an entire night of looped sessions. Randomised so i have no idea what played, but only waking once as My Sex Slave started but then no further memories.

i mentioned last night about wrestling with ideas that are alien to me and now I think it’s time to take that step. If i can’t convince myself i am ready for a live session with You then i have not given You enough control. I crave Your control and have to give You more and more.

Perhaps the only way to break that cycle is to do something that has never interested me. Sissy files have never interested me, sure i may have been willing to play dress up if asked in the past but that’s as far as that kink would ever go. Now though my control fetish is over-riding my mind. my weakness and longing to give away control, to have You rewrite my mind, the craving for Your instructions means i need to do this even though it is outside of my interests. i hope in doing so and training with more of Your commands that my fears over Live Control will disappear and i hope that i am pleasing You.




Dearest Lady Surrender,

Just had to give you a quick update. CEI washed over me with no effect. I had no desire to listen to it again at it knocked me out of listening and training at all for a while…

then my craving kicked back in. craving your control. craving a deepening addiction.

i realised i was spending more and more time reading your site. reading the journals and feeling jealous at the control you had over your toys. i realised i’d started getting horny in work, dreaming of submitting to the office girls but hearing your voice.

i decided to do go all the way. as i said before sissy didn’t interest me so i decided to purchase Addicted to Cock 1 figuring that another file that didn’t do anything for me would kick the habit for good.

oh my god.

i should have scanned the file. i should have been more careful. i should at least have ignored your suggestion to listen to Mantra of Blankness first.

Within a few minutes I was gone. I recognised the file switching over, but your whisper at the start of addicted took me straight back down. from there it’s a blur. I can remember getting incredibly aroused during the session and woke dripping, mouth watering. Just thinking of it has me back in the same state. hard horny aroused, mouth watering, mind craving cock, craving control. At the time I couldn’t control myself, I got out of bed, dropped to my knees and started stroking. i became more and more aroused. stroking, drooling, needing your control.

and then i orgasmed and guilt washed over me. i am sorry for that. i don’t know why it felt so wrong but all pleasure, all excitement washed away.

i knew then i had to delete the file. stop this, before it got out of hand. And i did. And I really meant it.

5 hours later and I’m on your site again. have realised the download key would still be active and have redownloaded and set up a playlist for the night. i don’t want to be a sissy, but it seems inevitable because you want it. and i know you don’t want it really, at least not in a personal way for me, but more you enjoy controlling and moulding toys as you see fit.

and that is amazing

i hope you enjoyed my email,



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Erotic Hypnosis: training cei slut to crave cock.

The following journals and IMs were received from a subject who identified as submissive but who struggles to accept his submissive nature. he expresses a desire to submit to a Mistress and to feel Her control.

Previous journal at: 

Hi Mistress…
I have a confession to make.
I remember reading in your journal about subjects who go through cycles of interest and involvement of their fetish…I am one of those people…
You’ve probably figured that after the long gaps in my communication with you…

I’ve been through a few of these since you first hypnotized me at the beginning of the year…It’s really confusing for me.
I know I am truly submissive at my core and I’m sure thats why I love hypnosis and why I am so suggestible…
I go through stages of listening to your MP3s every day and it’s bliss…your hypnosis is really effective and It just feels so good knowing how weak I am to you…how much power you have over me. The best realization of that was after you gave me permission to listen to CEI level two and I did something I thought i never would…I ate my cum and I loved it…Just how you could make me crave it so badly… But then I’ll head away for work in a male dominated industry and I’ll feel some guilt and push it away.

But every time I push it away there’s always something that will i guess trigger my submissive desires again..
Over the weekend I was with a girl and I orgasmed on her back and she said “good boy” and I insantly felt the most intense rush of submissive desire and my mind went to you and I wanted to eat my cum right off her back so badly…I actually snuck a taste while cleaning up and it felt so good…I wasn’t interested in the girl I was with anymore and I couldn’t stop thinking about being your cum eating sissy and how much I wanted you to control me…to give me more commands ..I kept thinking how I was my mistresses sissy cum eater…I couldn’t wait to get home and lisen to one of your MP3s…which I did…

And so now I find myself again feeling so submissive to you…craving your control so badly…wanting to please you somehow…so desperate.. so weak…it feels so good but bad at the same time because feel cut off from you after the gap in time…

I felt compelled to tell you all of this because I feel like you control me again and I want to sort this out so I’m a better cum eating sissy for you…I want to make it up to you…Can you help me, Mistress?

Can’t wait to hear from you, Mistress… I’m going to listen to your mp3s in the mean time…

your obiedient cum eating sissy,


My reply:

yes, I had assumed that you were in one of your “purge” cycles of the fetish.

you can make it up to Me by writing a journal and listening to My hypnosis…

there is so much more for you to experience….

Lady Surrender,

Yes, Mistress. I will do that today.
I’m thinking of a new MP3 perhaps….I’m nervous about your latest additions..

My reply:


why so nervous of them?

Lady Surrender,

When you are back from leave I would like to talk about some stratergies to avoid purging
I am a hetero male…and I know your files will work well..

My reply:

check down this page to a post I wrote called :”Accepting your submissive self..”

I write there about binge/purge cycles

so- a new mp3 to listen to?


Lady Surrender,

yes…there are some new…delicious mp3s since you made contact last
although the thought of you conditioning me to crave something i never would like when I first ate my cum is thrilling…

My reply:

hmm well, there’s certainly the files such as “Anal Play: shemale cock”

Lady Surrender,

hhmmpp. I’ve been curious about anal play before…And the thought of you making me crave it makes me feel so hot and weak…

My reply:

so predictable!
you should start with anal play 1 first…..
shemale cock is 2nd level
then I plan a HFO from anal play mp3
I wonder how soon I can make you crave…..


Lady Surrender,

Ohh wow…will I need a toy or something?

My reply:

some use a toy while listening
some don’t
I suggest you listen to anal play (the first level) without  a toy
and see how you strong your response is to that
from there- shemale cock

Lady Surrender,



I note from My web site sales, that subject sam bought the 1st mp3 Addicted to Anal Play within a few minutes of messaging with Me. Then- approx 2 hours later, he purchased Addicted to Anal Play- shemale cock.

hi Mistress..

After talking today I followed your insturctions and bought Addicted to Anal Play 1 & 2…

I was so nervous before listening being a heterosexual male…but my desperation for more of your programming and instructions made the choice for me.

I had been listening to some morning mantras earlier in the day so I was feeling so much more suggestible and weak before I even began. I’m not sure where to begin…I’m still feeling the effects of the last session….

After multiple listens in a row of level 1 and then hearing level 2 I can’t stop thinking about a sexy shemale cock fucking my aching arse….the tought is SO arousing…my arse is literally aching and my cock is so hard again despite cumming after the last session just a few minutes ago (and I ate up all of my cum like a good cum eating sissy). Cumming didn’t satisfy me like it normally would….I want to be fucked by a sexy cock…and I can’t fulfill that desire now so it’s torture…the strange thing is I’ve never experienced any anal play…I think I’ll be shopping for a toy tonight…I can barely wait..

This programming is thrilling….I would never have considered anal sex before but craving it now after your hypnosis is bliss…I love this helplessness to your control…I feel more weak and submissive than ever….It feels so good to be back and controlled again…Thank you, Mistress.

Your cum eating slut,