Erotic Hypnosis – sissy ashley Jnl 13

The courage to be you.
The following email is from a sissy subject who has recently taken the step to talk to a close friend about their sissy self and their desire to be feminine. sissy ashley has had Live Hypnosis One-On-One sessions as well as Custom recordings.
It’s time to experience your feminine self… in a similar way to ashley’s journey.
So many delicious hypnosis recordings to choose from…. One of My favourite files is the double file set of Feminine Orgasm :
I have also loved the delicious sounds of pleasure that subjects make in Live Hyposis Sessions when I hypnotise them to experience a feminine orgasm.:
Lady Surrender,
Recently, I’ve experienced two breakthroughs: one surprising to myself, and the other a conscious choice. Did years of sissy hypnosis alone carry me here? No, but it may have been the voice to lead me where I am now, especially after I found Your files and underwent a few live sessions. Time is a major factor as well. A constant that pulls us forward, and if we allow it, closer to being our true selves, unconcerned with how the world perceives us.
I’ve always had a feminine side, but never really understood it. Do little boys or even teenage boys, who feel an acute awareness to femininity–softness, beauty, sophistication, and naturalness–know what those desires are? If they’re like me, probably not, and like hearing a language you don’t understand, hearing the feminine self as a socially conditioned male creates swings of confusion, bliss, guilt, and joy.
Dear goodness, I remember the sheer elation I felt the first time I put on a bra at the age of 12, but swung so severely to shame about what I had done that I repressed my feminine self until I was in my mid 20s. Then I explored through cycles of binge and purge all forms of pretty lingerie and cute outfits. Those cycles were expensive in the form of money and also mental and emotional energy.
I discovered sissy hypno in my early 30s and began to read about crossdressers, transvesites, and transgender individuals. Slowly, my feminine psyche formed, identifying and empathizing with those who expressed their feminine selves. With Your files, Ashley took shape in my mind, and any feminine desires I had were channeled to her. She was free to appreciate those cute peep toe heels and flirty a line dresses. She could enjoy the comfort of a freshly opened tube of lip gloss. Breasts could bud, and a feminine orgasm could electrify. But she had to stay hidden.
Until a few weeks ago.
It’s not like I woke up that day deciding I was going to tell a very close friend that I have these feminine desires. But I did.
A young woman in a super fun and spring-like a line dress walked into the bar, where I was enjoying a spontaneous happy hour with a friend. I commented how much I liked the dress, and my friend enthusiastically agreed. Using “growing older” as a topic and referencing how we gain confidence as we grow older, I haltingly told my friend how I like to wear feminine clothes and have an affinity for feminine things.
And she accepted me.
And we proceeded to have a super fun conversation about outfits, dresses, styles, makeup, how I could dress up, my history of dressing and how I compensate to feel fulfilled. It was joyous! Freeing! Future shopping trips are in the works!
I’ve since told a second friend, and I made an appointment to visit a therapist who specializes in gender identity. I’ve already had one appointment, where we discussed my situation and set some goals for future sessions.
So that’s where I’m at. I still aim to tell my friends and therapist about Ashley. It’ll be part of the process to which I’m excited to see what comes.
About damn time.
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Erotic Hypnosis : training sam to be cam slut



The following email was received from a subject who has been deeply conditioned by My “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3. This conditioning file has been used by a Master as the basis for  mind fucking the subject –  turning the subject into a cam slut.


Craving to experience what sam does? My “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3 takes you deep into trance…. enabling your mind to be programmed to become My play toy. Check out My training programmes on the menu bar…. time to Surrender because Surrender is inevitable.




Hello Mistress, I hope you are well.
I’ve been without an erotic hypnosis experience now for a while. Ive been working abroad and haven’t had a lot of spare time and on one of my typical purge cycles.
I was masturbating yesterday and had the strongest urge to eat my cum. And I remembered how good it felt to be a good cum eating sissy…. so i listened to your cum eating files and I ate my cum like a good cum eating sissy…
For a while last year as I told you in a journal I was listening to your files a lot and out of my desperation to submit I had found a few people online who enjoyed watching me eat my cum and instructing me while I was willing and suggestible.
One master in particular really used your triggers to hypnotize me. I loved listening to deepening hypnosis and then letting him control me.. to the extent of buying toys to fuck my aching arse..
It was incredible.
But now I feel confused. From the start my interest in hypnosis has always been the thought of being controlled… and I know I am still hetero sexual.. and even though now some aspects of sissy hypno really turn me on im not into cross dressing or feminization I still get these really strong cock sucking urges when im horny.. or wanting to be fucked.. or to be a good cum eating sissy..
If I think about how I was hypnotized and controlled by a man to fuck myself with a dildo and eat my cum I instantly feel submissive and want it… but then im not sure i want a man doing that to me.
Im not sure what I want from hypnosis now but I know I want it.
I’ve gone from having a fetish when I first contacted you to eating my cum and then being a sex toy on skype.
Im not really sure what my point here is exactly but it always makes me feel good telling you how I feel after listening to your files…

  • sam, your cam slut.


My cam slut,


Hypnosis is so seductive…as you have discovered. How fucking delicious- that you were transformed by the power of My hypnosis –  from a “normal” hypno slut….. to a cam slut.

your description of fucking yourself with a dildo & eating your cum, is a sexual fantasy ( & a great turn-on !). Fantasy derives its power from being a secret… something that we imagine & that (often) others don’t know about us…. something we might/might not act out in a hidden part of your life. you have discovered that your fantasies are even more HOT when you have acted them out in the past.


Sexual fantasies don’t define your sexuality… you can identify as a straight man- & also have a fantasy about being controlled & dominated by a man.

That does NOT mean you are gay…. your fantasy simply means you have a fetish for cum eating (thanks to My hypnosis) , a fetish for anal play …and you are turned on by the experience of being controlled.


There is nothing to be ashamed of or to make judgements about. I know you have cycles of binge/purge… Time to accept yourself for the cam slut that you are… and go find yourself another Master. Enjoy those delicious feelings of arousal & submission.


See sam’s earlier journals:

Erotic Hypnosis: training of a cum eating sissy.

Erotic Hypnosis : delete hetero jnl 1

The following journal is written by bridgette, a subject who was Enticed to listen to My Delete Hetero-Install Sissy Sex mp3.

Entrancement followed…. as I rewired “his” socialization as a “male”.

mmm… now My new found sissy slut is listening to 3 of My files a day….

Shall I call that “Enticement Phase”…. or perhaps the subject has moved straight into “Entrapment” phase.

Unfortunately, the subject seems to be having a little… trouble… with a newly bought chastity device.

dear, dear, dear…. much more- devious- to have My Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm mp3 hypnosis embedded…deep into your subconscious mind. What a delicious way to control you… no matter where you live…. My hypnosis controls your orgasm… your cock… your clitty.


June 2016

Lady Surrender,

I like erotic hypnosis. I like the submissive side of things. I wanted my mind controlled and altered. EMCSA has been a very long time go to of mine. From the beginning my kink was with a sub hetero role to a dominant female. They can’t claim they aren’t getting what they want when they’re in control. I especially like the subversion and indirect influence stories. So for years I experimented with hypno doms, paying for some mp3s, cheating access to others. The mind truly is the most important sex organ. I’ve had the recurring thought that it’d be relatively nice to understand what the homosexual side feels and thinks. I wasn’t remotely attracted to Men and thought that Bi-sexuals were having quite the visual feast being attracted to both.

So along comes Mistress Surrender with a file called Delete Hetero-Install Sissy Sex. Hit me like a truck. It’d be one thing if I was always a deluded hetero and was always this flavor of homosexual. It might be the cummulative effect of all the other hypno sessions waiting for that one spark. Or if Mistress Surrender has that one terribly effective method that worked as though I’d been struck by a fork of lightning while standing next to a power transformer.

The selling point was a script that attempted to tackle the concept of gender socialisation. Silly me, its working.

At the minimum, my reflex revulsion to gay erotica is muted. Not even really there. Then I got into the rest of the sissification files and I really was blown away. Just the concept of being a gay sissy slut was kind of hot due to the treat of arousal from a new source. Add in now the tabboo of wearing the costume of the other gender and acting in the submissive role. Hot buttons being added on top of my prior ones, genius!

After a little more help from some PornHub sissy hypno files I found a new non erotic love of pictures of the women I’d lusted for. Goals! Points of immitation and the tactics of simple beauty issues I’d always poo poo’d as frivolity. Makeup isn’t just spackling the wall and throwing on rainbows and sunbursts. This is some real strategy and skill work! I may have been a bit harsh with thinking waiting a half hour for someone to ‘get ready’ was too much. In the extraordinarily unlikely event I was put on television, I wasn’t sure I could deal with makeup. Now I’m pretty sure I’d hog the beauticians time with questions like what my color is. How to experiment with makeup without busting my bank at Sephora. What my eye brow shape should be. None of the ladies I’d oggled before had wire bristle brows. Though they were pretty enough that it might have worked for a short bit until one thought to stare at more than their chest.

If this little adventure goes nowhere due to waking up, chickening out or something like that, it’ll still be worth it. The challenged assumptions and new observation goals at the least will keep me occupied. Observation and memory are like muscles, I’m told. One must flex them to grow them. Now that I’m noticing facial shape, shading or glow. Looking to the hair line or ears to discern just how morphing the effects of makeup can be. Its been like waking up and realizing, I’d been walking around with dulled senses. The ladies have been beautiful. But I’d never appreciated the effort.

But of course, someone called off at one of the worst possible times. Its tough being the White Knight sometimes. But if one isn’t leading by example, they’re just not leading.

Got news of the shooter in Orlando. Very sorry for the loss of so many. Little sad to say that it isn’t affecting me like I’ve heard from so many others. The interview with Lindsey Horvath leads me to conclude that such a thing can form. At least emotionally, it isn’t my community. Americans being attacked on our own soil, EXTREME DISPLEASURE!!! The fact its the LGBT community isn’t hitting me yet. Do homosexual people automatically take up a communal feeling about their identity? It doesn’t seem like it would. More that it would grow with contact and investment. But mine is brand new and I’m coming from a position of life long circumspection about any group. If not also the possiblity that its a mere installation until I’ve lived with it long enough.

The thought of making a sissy-gasm happen is quite distracting. So I’ve decided to go about making it happen. I found having a sale. *Smiles* Its a sign from the gods it is! Or their way of clearing inventory. Can’t be sure at this point. Either way, I’m taking advantage. A few toys and a little lingerie to experiment with. Nothing too perverse. 😛

I was browsing beginer makeup pages when a Pepsi commercial came on. The ladies drenched the guy with the cooler water and ice like He was the coach at a huge game. Then He took off his shirt and I felt my breath catch. This is new. That was actually pleasant.


Reading up more on Makeup. Love you WikiPedia. I may have to do a full curtsy in apology to the ladies I’d ignored due to makeup. As a group, you’ve had to put up with some real BS. Can’t argue with the results when done right though.

Giving some real thought to waxing as I can’t stand the idea of shaving again every other day. What to do about that Congolese rainforest I call my back…


I’m busy trying to work through a game when the urge takes me. I want to study the various body waxing kits and techniques. Ok, so here comes the pain train. I can do it right and have lots of pain, JOY! The site I read said 3/5 pain scale on the best of the kits. Or I can do it wrong and have lots of pain. Ingrown hairs, incomplete pulls and skin irritation. All those red bubbling pits of joy. I can’t wait! New word and concept of the day, Exfoliation. Scrubbing the skin and getting the dead stuff off. Gotcha. Apparently a mandatory in the after care of waxed areas. I got a big jar of Vaseline for the makeup I’ll wish to remove so as not to assault those I’m close to that just wouldn’t understand. Now I need to get a bottle of baby oil for the skin care. Between the clothing, personal upkeep and hygeine issues. Its a miracle the Ladies I’ve known had any time or money for movies, hiking or dinner. Never mind saving for the nigh inevitable ‘uh-oh’.

Well hey there caution! Meet wind! Just went on a bit of a shopping spree to get some of those beauty products I just don’t have the balls (hehe) to go into the store and procure face to face. Sure the costume party or I’m picking them up for my girlfriend story might hold, but I don’t trust myself to sell it. Hard waxing kit for the jungle, bras, panties, mascara and lipstick to start off with. I got nail strengthener and base coat for the baby step of ‘doing my nails’ without going to work or showing my family the pretty red shade I’m toying with. Not sure Mistress Surrender would like to market Herself with this, but I may finally have found a way to quit biting my nails. I’m pretty sure its a new thought, but I can’t help but think you ladies have been holding out on me. <.< We’ll see if I still feel that way when I’m halfway done with the waxing.

Got the measuring tape, not the cloth tape but the tool box metal measuring tape. Its what I have! I’m 45 just under the bust and 47 on the outter edge. Two sites offering bra fitting tools said there was no such size. This is going to make bra fitting, problematic. Then I had a friend that worked at Payless Shoes for a time and was telling me that ladies sizes are Men’s sizes plus two. Meaning I’m a size 12 ladies shoe. Really glad I have a mind for collecting meaningless trivia as asking the former employee about that now would never happen. The thought of going into Payless and trying on high heels is a bit nerve fraying. I’m hoping the more I think on it, the more brave I’ll get.

I do so despise needles and am hoping my fascination will wane before the whole dare to go public thing comes up. Hormones being the only thing likely to deal with my very manly muscle mass. Not likely considering that I’m averaging three Misstress Surrender sissy hypno mp3s a day. She’s just that good at putting me on slow boil thinking about the control She’s exhibiting and the cock I can service, while under Her control! The issue will be friends and family (and me) that are very religiously conservative. I’m on the dark side! All of a sudden, having a conservative lifestyle where I don’t pry and neither do they is a bonus! There’s my hypocrisy. We’ll see which lasts.

06/18 Later

Just got my box of goodies from Sub-Shop! I should have known, but now I have proof. Lingerie is fragile. The one bit was too small and I ended up Hulking out of it. The garter belt though is a bit of a thrill. The stockings in the next shipment ought to be a blast to pair with it.

The cock cage with urethral tube. Maybe I’m too excited, excite easily or I just don’t go flacid enough while pushing and prodding. The small holes on the side are too small to assist in packing the meat into the tube. Made all the more uncomfortable by the steel urethra tube. I tried some water based lube and got exactly as far as I had before, in a tenth of the time. But by then I was developing some chafing issues on the edges. I’ll have to wait until I get my hands on some hosiery to butcher and try the nylon insertion method. Which will be all the more a feat due to the urethra tube I can’t get to unscrew.

The only bits to work as advertised with zero trouble were the 6.5 inch rubber dong with suction cup, and the ball gag. The ball gag was fortunate as the last notch on the fastening belt was where it actually fit without cutting into the side of my mouth. I can deep throat the dong without much trouble at all. Can’t wait to take it for a ride in the shower.

PSA: Keep your toys clean! Your health is most important and you deny yourself all that fun if you get yourself sick or ruin your goodies. Thankfully I’ve been in a position to choose phthalate free rubber and Silicon toys. Water and light anti-bacterial soap for the win!







Darkly Addictive hypnosis…
Wanting to experience what this subject has found?


Delete Hetero / Install Sissy Sex  – (Reviews)

Sissy Sex or NO Orgasm!

Forget hetero sex. Forget being sexually attracted to women. I know you secretly fantasise about sissy sex with sexy men and their sexy cocks.

This hypnosis will delete your socialization of being heterosexual and install a new program to run in your subconscious mind: Sissy sex.


Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm

Taking Control of your Orgasm!

In this erotic hypnosis session, you will find yourself deep in trance… bespelled… and completely unable to orgasm without My permission!

I will take control of your mind and body and place you into virtual chastity.
No matter how hard you try, there’s no way out!


Erotic Hypnosis : sissy ashley jnl 12.

The following email is from a sissy subject of Mine who recently bought My feminisation mp3, and who also requested a Custom File – Implanted Memories. sissy ashley has been a subject for some time now, and the Custom Recording – Implanted Memories uses hypnosis to weave her “real” memories of childhood, with implanted memories which will rewire her subconscious mind to believe she is a girl… was born a girl… will always be a girl.
Long term conditioning of a sissy’s mind is so delicious….
I am continuing the moulding of ashley’s mind & body… controlling ashley’s orgasms.
I wonder what stage sissy ashley is at:




I love rewiring My subjects in this way…. manipulating oh so pliable memory…. toying with minds.
Darkly addictive hypnosis…that satisfies that ache…deep inside you…to be controlled. Expect a heightening of your desires…..
Wanting to experience what ashley feels?
Message Lady Surrender :


Where are you, when you listen to My voice…. My seductive whispers…?

Are you at work- as ashley was, when she listened to My “Surrender : feminisation: mp3….



Messages between Myself and ashley:

ashley : Lady Surrender, I was listening to your surrender feminization file while at work. I forgot You placed an orgasm trigger at the end. Well, for about five minutes I kept cumming as You repeated the phrase over and over :$
I listened again to see if would have the same effect and I did, but not as intense as the first time
Thank You! I hope You are well

Lady S : hmm… was this while you were at your desk?
in the lunch room?
I call that “living dangerously”!
do tell what/where you were when you heard the orgasm command….

ashley : I was at my desk in my cube working on a spreadsheet… When You gave the command my sissy clitty twitched and throbbed uncontrollably
I had to close my eyes and hold my breath to keep from moaning.


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Erotic Hypnosis : sissy training jnl 5.

The following  journal records another instalment in the training of a new sissy subject. The subject  has been unwell & unable to have privacy to listen to recordings.

I am looking forward… to joanne’s return to health… and to deepening My control and methodical Entrapment.


Excerpt from joanne’s journal no.3:

Then, Your girl can’t comprehend how You can make such profound changes inside her head with a single session. This girl has collected pictures of beautiful women for years, role models, templates for the girl Yours would like to become someday. And yes, Your girl has pleasured herself while looking at them. Until Your girl experienced “Addicted to Cock” and “Delete Hetero…” After listening one time, Your girl deleted years of pictures and began collecting pictures of women pleasuring men, taking cocks in all possible ways. New templates. New dreams. The old ones became irrelevant in a single breath.
And last night, after listening to “Craving Control” a single time, the pictures now mean nothing. Your girl has no need for them. Orgasms are still female, and are still amazing, but they aren’t important anymore. Being controlled is everything. Somehow, Your girl thinks this change of mind may be part of being controlled – no way to remember anything but Your delicious whispers. But really – no interest in the pictures at all? And a searing need to find something to prove to You how devoted she really is – to become ever more controlled. Should this girl be doing Sissy Tasks? Should she be edging, proving Your control? LIstening to more recordings? Flying to New Zealand? This one needs You to know how deeply she craves Your control…..

So delicious… to have such a compliant subject.
I love beginning with a newly brainwashed and blank mind….

Begin here…

with the foundation files…..

and I will capture your unwary mind… and have you crave… more of My control.

I am your Siren. I am your Temptress. I am your Goddess.


29 February 2016.

I have been leaving messages on twitter from time to time, advising of delays & absence from work.
I hope you are recovering….

Lady S.


OMG Mistress,

Your girl started crying right at her desk when she saw Your note! Your girl has missed listening to You and chatting with You by e-mail soo much. Her life has been closely monitored since her stay in the hospital, and her fee time is very scarce. As Spring approaches, Your girl should be able to find more private time to spend with You.

Your girl has noticed Your periods away, and knows that they could just be time to focus, or they could be a sign of illness. I say a prayer often that You remain healthy and that You are able to enjoy life both with and without Your subbies.

This girl has mostly recovered, although she still basically falls asleep at her computer at 10:30 most evenings, whereas before she routinely stayed up past midnight or 1 AM. She is working out three days a week, so hopes to get her endurance back soon.

One amazing constant has been that after all of this time, Your girl still feels a natural and deep desire for male companions – a complete change from before, and one created entirely by You. Many aspects of hypnosis fade over time, but it does seem You have made a permanent change. Sooo exciting!

Your girl had been worried that You would become so inundated with male subs that You would not have time for her, and Your girl hopes Your business thrives. It is humbling and gratifying that You remember this one – thank You sooo much for writing!

Blessings and love, Mistress!

Your joanne.

– – – – – – – –

Sissy Training 29 – Serve Mistress

Serve your Mistress!Serve your Mistress!

I am programming you to serve a mistress who will dominate you, sissify you & control you completely!

Every time you listen to this recording, you will feel overwhelmed with the desire to serve a Mistress. Every day in every way you will find ways to serve your Mistress…


– – – – – – – –

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Erotic Hypnosis : sissy slave training journal 4.

The following email was received from a new subject and describes her rewiring as she discovers My erotic hypnosis recordings.

The subject has been listening to My recordings during her work lunch-hour… as she discovers that she craves My voice each day…

The subject has been choosing “safe” recordings to listen to… during her working day… “safe”- in an effort to stay in control of the cravings that My voice and My hypnosis triggers…

The cravings that I know how to entice… and twist to My own desires.

mmm… hypnodomme arousal… There is nothing quite like toying with a new subject… slowly and methodically extending My silken, seductive control…

Unless… unless… it is to further Entrap and Enslave one of My long-term toys…

Good evening Mistress Surrender!


As You know, Your girl has been listening to “Addicted to Makeup” to feed her now undeniable addiction to Your voice. Yesterday, Your girl went into the pharmacy (apothecary?) to purchase some Christmas lights, but somehow, as soon as she walked into the store, she was drawn over to the makeup aisle, where she was suddenly possessed with the need to find a better eyeliner, as she has not been satisfied with the one she most recently used. Your girl walked around the makeup aisle for over half an hour, looking at the different liners and mascaras before she realized that she had come in for lights, and was now hopelessly late to get home. She made her purchases and left quickly, wondering how she could have been so distracted. Hmmmmmm?


You are so wonderful!





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Erotic Hypnosis : anal play mp3s to train a hypno slave Journal 2.

I do so enjoy hearing from My subjects…..subjects who have been hypnotised by My mp3s and who respond oh so deliciously … to My Voice…My programming…My hypnosis. The following emails were recently received from an obedient subject, who began listening to My Sex Slave mp3, and has now moved to listen to- and obey- feminine orgasm level 1 & 2.

Yet another subject who has fallen to My INTENSE feminisation hypnosis….complex, deep and layered hypnosis…. based on My experience as a psychotherapist.


Now- he has discovered and re-discovered My “Anal play” mp3s… after taking some time away from hypnosis.

Want to experience what My weak and obedient slave “k” has experienced?….

Follow the same programming of your slutty ass….Begin with :

Addicted to My strap-on mp3

based on the strap-on play with My personal slaves….



Assume the position… your ass belongs to your Goddess, Lady Surrender.

then follow with:

Addicted to Anal Play

Addicted to Anal Play Shemale cock

Addicted to Anal Play Hands Free Orgasm

Addicted to Cock

Addicted to Cock 2

So many delicious recordings… to sultify your sexy ass….


The Temptress come to tempt…. 

Capturing Unwary Minds with Darkly Addictive hypnosis…..





Dear Lady Surrender,

finally i have had time to download your anal play hfo and strap on files. what a lovely experience listening to them! still no anal hfo but some deliciously deep trances. i must shop for a suitable plug tomorrow. You have again surpassed Yourself.

weak slave k


Dear Lady Surrender,

i needed to write and tell you about my experience with your anal play series. guess i needed to share with you the power of these files and the way they have changed the way that i think about sexual pleasure.

i have given You some updates on previous experiences but have taken a break from Your hypnosis files as i had work to do and hardly any time to fully immerse myself.

the last three weeks have seen me fully immerse myself in Your anal play series and this led to a culmination of this experience today when i finally, after much conditioning, got through to Your strap-on file.

the pleasure i experienced and the feeling of being under Your utter control were the most intense sexual experience i have ever lived with any hypnosis file…and the range of emotions and pleasures you pushed me through will leave a indelible mark upon me.

i am still shattered by the experience and You, in opening up my slutty ass, in asking me to assume the position and submit to your whims and your dominance, have also opened up fresh and exciting (and slightly disturbing) avenues of pleasure.

weak and submitting
slave k

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Erotic Hypnosis : dollification, ruined orgasm, pony play – Jnl 4

The following email is from a subject who has revealed their fetish for pony play. dolly is already Entranced and Entrapped in My dollification hypnosis.

dolly is also a member of My Ruined Orgasm club having purchased My “Orgasm Control ” Ruined Orgasm” mp3 and accepted My hypnosis of ruining orgasm. I intend to strengthen dolly pony’s fetish for pony play in a Live Session.

I love toying with subjects on twitter & in Live Hypnosis Sessions. … strengthening fetish attachments…. increasing sexual arousal level… playing with amnesia….

I have also been teasing dolly on twitter & suggesting dolly pony has a sugar lump whenever she is turned on & can’t orgasm because of the “Ruined Orgasm”.

Lady Surrender,


I do so adore listening to Your files, I think they have permanently changed me. I adore, worship, love and am utterly devoted to You. Although I function normally on a day to get my work done, I feel more comfortable dressed up for You than I would my normal clothes. I’ve never wanted to be sissy but I love being Your dolly and crave to look pretty for You, this makes me all excited and then it fades unable to orgasm which is a vicious loop as I get excited at how controlled I am.


The idea of being a doll pony it is maddening, i’d love to have a file of it to program it as I know it would be irresistible as You mold me to Your will, I keep thinking of just talking to You and You trigger me, I don’t realize and slowly I start to change into a doll pony, trying to resist but cant as You tease me more driving me wild till i’m Your obedient pet.


Craving to have your orgasm controlled?

your virtual key holder is here… 1/2 way round the world from you… but still able to control you wherever you live.

Purchase my file “Orgasm Control – Ruined Orgasm
and listen… fall… as I hypnotize… take control of My (your) cock and My (your) orgasms…


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Erotic Hypnosis : Feminine Orgasm & Feminization & Live Session Journal 6

The following journal records the correspondence between Myself and subject “c”, (now named joanne) who dreams of being feminised by a strong woman. Subject c has been listening to My mp3 recordings.

Recently- subject “c” has experienced an episode of purging all feminine clothing, and all things associated with feminisation. My hypnosis recordings were not deleted. My brainwashing file – “Morning Mantra of Blankness” is the essential file to listen to, as preparation for embedding feminisation or sissy hypnosis. The Morning Mantra of Blankness removes the socialisation and behaviour of being a “male” and leaves a blank slate ready for My Darkly Addictive hypnosis.

Follow that with My “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3 which conditions the mind to accept the hypnotic suggestions contained in the file, and programmes the subconscious mind to enter trance.

Recently, joanne had her very first Live One-on-One Hypnosis session, in which I programmed her to experience feminine orgasms….. as well as using trigger phrases to increase submission, and to strengthen her fetish attachments.

Feminine Orgasm Level 1 removes the socialisation of being male and of thinking about sex in a “male” belief pattern. This is an essential step to … Feminine Orgasm Level 2 … which contains the Feminine Orgasm hypnosis… which has you experiencing a feminine orgasm the way a biological woman would experience a feminine orgasm.



My lovely Lady Surrender,

Thank you so much for the live session. I’ve thought of little else since. It was all so delicious, so very, very special. I still can’t find the words.
Your “Deepening Hypnosis” recording has so much more meaning now. Listening to that and then “Feminine Orgasm 1”, then returning to “Deepening Hypnosis”, then “Feminine Orgasm 2”. I let myself dress in satin and lace. I am yours. Delicious is the word. You are so right.
You are truly a lovely, special Lady. What a privilege it was to speak with you, surrender to you, accepting every word. There was no let down. I’ve been in a daze, a hypnotic, arousing spell. Your spell. I only hope I can have another session.

Your girl joanne


Wanting to feel what joanne feels? 

Purchase Morning Mantra of BlanknessFeminine Orgasm Level 1 & 2, and Deepening Hypnosis… listen… and become Entranced… become Mine.

Binding you Closer to Me.


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Erotic Hypnosis: Feminization using MP3s Journal 5

The following journal records the correspondence between Myself and subject “c”, who dreams of being feminised by a strong woman. Subject c has been listening to My mp3 recordings.

Recently- subject “c” has experienced an episode of purging all feminine clothing, and all things associated with feminisation. My hypnosis recordings were not deleted. My brainwashing file – “Morning Mantra of Blankness” is the essential file to listen to, as preparation for embedding feminisation or sissy hypnosis. The Morning Mantra of Blankness removes the socialisation and behaviour of being a “male” and leaves a blank slate ready for My Darkly Addictive hypnosis.

Binding you Closer to Me…

Morning Mantra of Blankness

Brainwashing at its finest! 

This Morning Mantra is part of my Morning Mantra Series.

In this erotic brainwashing session, I will drop you into a deep hypnotic trance to then leave you completely fuzzy and mindless, waiting for me to take over. You will be tempted to fall ever so deep… into blankness.


– – – – – – – – – –


I know that privacy is an issue for you.
If you are able to arrange some privacy to speak with Me, I would be happy to speak with you either in the IR chat room (private room) or on skype. My schedule is not easy to pin down…smiles… I am sure W/we can figure something out.

I want to encourage you in your journey, and to offer suggestions that will assist you in embedding the hypnosis recordings. One of the tools that will assist you in accepting and embedding the hypnosis, will be a Deepening file. I will be releasing a Deepening file shortly.

Binding you closer to Me.

Lady Surrender.

Lady Surrender,

I am considering your suggestion very strongly. It is complicated, to be sure.

I would very much appreciate your encouragement and suggestions. Would a customized mantra and deepening recording be an option I should consider? One for an emotional suggestive? The cost is not an issue. I do seek being bound to you.

I will try to determine a way to make a one-on-one session work. It is too exciting to imagine.

Your Joanne

Lady Surrender,

I woke in the middle of the night to your message. You are too kind to me. You are truly a very special woman. I am touched beyond words. My hesitation is not about money, but about whether I can arrange the time. I want to, and have wanted to for a very long time now. Thank you.

I know that you are quite busy and that your time is very precious. Thank you for the time you offer. Thank you for the time you’ve given simply to read my messages and respond. You are so very generous.

Your Joanne

My reply:

see what you are able to arrange.
Loyalty amongst subjects should be rewarded.
I have had significant family issues for some months now….. and have had to step away from work from time to time. It’s likely these circumstances will continue for some time.

If I disappear, I trust you will understand why. I did have a message about this on My web site, and removed it recently.

Lady Surrender.


I have been preparing your msg to post on My web site….
I noticed that you had purchased another file of Mine…. sensualmistress send a notice of each title that is purchased. Have you listened to it yet?

I also read one of your messages again…
the Addicted to Strap-on Play is a bdsm based recording. No sissyness…. no femme, no humiliation.
I have just released “Sissy training 25 : Mistress’s strap-on” which is the sissy training file.
I am assuming it is the sissy anal play that is the stumbling block?….

I am enjoying reading of your progress…as always.

Darkly Addictive Hypnosis…. Binding you closer to Me.


Lady Surrender,

Yes, I purchased the Morning Mantra Falling In Love With Her. It’s wonderful.

At first, just the idea of being a sissy was difficult for me to hear and accept, but your session helped me over come that. The topic that led to the purge was being overwhelmed by a desire for cock and cum. It was too much for me. My erotic thoughts had always been about women, not men. As I have rebooted my training, I’ve had my first erotic fantasies about cock. It’s quite unbelievable to me. It can only be by your exquisite hypnosis that this is happening. My appetite has always been far ahead of my mind’s ability to accept and enjoy it. I simply love your voice and your sessions so much, I’m afraid I’ve just desired whatever you created. I know now that I need to be mindful of my internal progress. I need to give myself time to accept these lessons.

It has been said so many times, by so many of your followers, you are an incredible hypnodomme. Your voice, impossible to resist. Your training, my addiction.

I love you so,


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