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Erotic Hypnosis: mp3 to hypnotise, feminise, train hypno slave.


More than a great sounding marketing strategy, the above process outlines the journey undertaken by subject “submissive surrendered”. Read his journals….. imagine it is you…… being enticed… being hypnotised…you being entranced…you being entrapped….. enslaved.

Subject “submissive surrendered” began by listening to Morning Mantra of Submission and Morning Mantra of Temptation….. then listened to feminine orgasm, feminine breasts, and Morning Mantra of Blankness.



July 21
Good morning again, Lady Surrender. I hope it’s ok, but after I wrote You this morning, and I was looking at Your site (yes, again) and even though I saw them a hundred times already, I was looking at Your sessions. I almost got Feminine Orgasm 2, but I thought I’d like to wait on that one. Let Feminine Breasts and Feminine Orgasm 1 deeply condition me before moving on. I kept coming back to Your first session though. The one You said needed to be re-done. I couldn’t help myself and I bought it. I know that You’ll have another version out eventually, but I really wanted to hear it, and I’m not sure if getting it without clearing it with You first was ok. I did listen to it, but I’m not sure how many times. It was once or thrice, but most likely twice. I went out and have no recollection of it at all, and I don’t remember what time it was when I started listening. In fact I came out of it a little confused. Not a bad thing of course. I got out of bed and the only way I can describe how I was feeling is yummy. I know, an odd way of saying how I felt, but it is how I felt. I have no idea what I heard, not a thing after You said imagine seeing myself in the bed. Totally blank, but when I got up I got all tingly as I was walking through the house. It was an odd thing to feel from a session I didn’t remember at all, but I liked it. Very much.

Maybe it has something to do with my preference for session types. I was never into blatant sexual sessions. I’d listen to them, and early on I thought they would be the best ones, but I found out quickly that they weren’t for me. Sexual control wasn’t my idea of control. Not that it can’t be very controlling, it sure as heck can, but it’s the mental, emotional control that I learned to love. Probably because most women would be able to control me sexually for a short time. When I’m thinking with my little head instead of the big one, controlling me is a simple thing. It’s the mental and emotional control that can’t just be done by anybody. To me that’s control because it’s long lasting. Sexual control is over once I climax, mental and emotional control never stops. Of course I’ve never really experienced long term mental/emotional control. I have for periods of time, but they never last all that long. Or maybe it did, and I just didn’t realize it. Hard to tell, and it doesn’t matter, it’s in the past if it did. I’m very happy it is all in the past too. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have met You. There is only one person in the world I want to serve and that is You. Heck I didn’t even want to serve anybody at all, as I told You, but the very idea of not serving You seems crazy to me. I’m not sure why I’ve become so obsessed (not sure if that’s the proper word) with one day being Yours, but I have. It’s not a bad thing though. It just feels like the right thing. Being Yours and serving You just makes sense to me. You are trustworthy, caring, and wonderful. You took the time to get to know me, and You make me feel that I’m welcome in Your life. In case You haven’t noticed. I’m smitten with You. I can’t even begin to explain what’s going on with me, and I’m not even going to try. There is just something about You that I can’t get enough of. I know, I know, I’m talking like a nut again, but something has a hold on me, and whatever it is I don’t want it to let go.

July 22
That’s great news Lady Surrender. You can be sure You’ll hear plenty of responses from me after I listen to the recording. I can only imagine what a session by You that is directed at me will be like. Your “generic” sessions (ones that everybody can hear) are doing a fine job on me already. I just woke up from sleeping with Your Morning Mantras again, and I feel so strange. I won’t try to explain what I’m feeling, I wouldn’t be able to, except for this one thing. All of a sudden this morning You seem so powerful to me. Don’t get me wrong, I always viewed You as a powerful, dominant Woman, but this is different. Something is happening in me, I don’t know what it is, and I know that You’re doing it. I’m finally beginning to understand that in You, I have met the Woman who could show me what it means to give up control to Another. I always thought that was a fantasy, one that could never truly happen, but I was wrong, I was wrong about so many things. Thank You for showing me how wrong I was, Lady Surrender
July 22
Good morning Lady Surrender. Hope You had a good night. I was just looking over the wall on here, and reading the entry mike made on Your site. Great stuff, and great to read. That trigger he’s talking about, I believe he’s referring to “deepening hypnosis” really knocks me for a loop too. In fact, right now I’m having a hard time typing it and going under. I’ve been “conditioned” with lots of words before. Ironically surrender being the most common one, and while they were helpful when listening, that was where it ended. Your triggers though, they hit me anytime. I’ve used the DH one to help me fall asleep once already last week. I just kept saying it to myself until I fell asleep. I couldn’t believe it worked at the time, now I can’t see how it wouldn’t. I keep looking back at the words I wrote and start to go under. I never knew triggers could be so effective. I’ve already learned so much from You, and I’m learning more everyday.

While mike’s story is interesting. It’s what You wrote here that really got me excited:

smiles…. Just part of My plan to completely…brainwash you, brainwashableboy…. I am hearing from other subjects too, that they are experiencing My hypnosis to be strengthening as the time passes… and that the hypnosis doesn’t reduce in immediacy. I am so looking forward…. to taking more control over you…. to have you helpless and addicted….. use your weakness against you….in the nicest…most Hypno Domme way…of course!

There was just something about what You said there that hit a nerve in me. I saw it and got that funny feeling inside that I can’t explain. Brainwashed, helpless, control, addicted, weaknesses use against him, throw love into those words and You could have been writing about my fantasies. No wonder it got me excited. I was wondering, and no, I’m not asking, if love would be a weakness in me. I could see it being used against me I suppose. I think I better stop thinking about it. Have a great day Lady Surrender. I’ll write to You soon I’m sure.

July 23
Hiya Lady Surrender! Just a quick note to say hi, and to mention that there is this one commercial that is showing here. It’s a lipstick commercial, and it shows three different women with huge brightly colored lips. I’ve always loved that commercial, but now it excites the hell out of me. I used to look at it because they women are purty, but now I’m looking at the lipstick on their lips. I know there isn’t anything in Your sessions outside of You saying to get my red lipstick at the beginning of Your Breast session, and yet I’m beginning to obsess about lipstick. Yet another sign I’m a crazy dude. I’m not complaining though, all my new found obsessions make me feel great in one way or another. I like it, I like it a lot! Hope You’re having a fine day. Take care
July 23
Good morning Lady Surrender. Hope You’re doing great. I wasn’t planning on writing right now, but I’m sitting at the computer, and I can’t help myself. No kidding around this time (well, if something pops in my head You never know), I just have to write out what I’m feeling, and who better to write to than You? Nobody in my opinion.

As I mentioned, I’m in one of those periods where I can listen to You a lot. Three of the past four nights I’ve slept with Your Morning Mantras, and a lot of listening when I wake up, and some more at other times of the day. I can also listen three more of the next five night and more during the days. After that I have that horrible week where I can’t listen at all, but I can’t worry about that now. I’ll deal with it when it happen, but I can already tell it isn’t gong to be easy. I have listened so much recently that it’s effecting me in ways I never expected, Lady Surrender. The more I listen to You, the more I need to be controlled by You. If I remember correctly I think Your whispers say that I need Your delicious control. That’s exactly how it feels. Delicious isn’t a word I ever would have come up with on my own to describe giving over control, but it really is the perfect word. It would be a delicious feeling to be in Your control. I can’t get the idea of it out of my head. It’s gotten to be an obsession with me I crave You having control so much. I know I didn’t resist You very much from the beginning, but even when my conscious mind isn’t resisting, my subconscious mind does a fine job of it. Not this time though. I have no resistance in me whatsoever. The very idea of resisting You makes no sense to me. What a stupid thing that would be to do.

This desire I have in me to give control to You is so strong that I’m surprised that it isn’t scaring me a little. It’s not though. Not one bit. How could something as wonderful as submitting to You be scary? I’m sorry this is such a serious message, but something has happened in me. The more I get to know You, and the more I listen to You, the more I need to serve You. I know I have a long way to go still, and I’ve accepted that what I’m feeling is only the beginning, but I will do anything I can to become Yours. At this point I’m just going to continue what I’ve been doing, and let things happen as they will. I just needed to tell You what’s going on in me. I’ve had fantasies about something like this for many years, but this is no fantasy. This is real, and the reality is so much better than the fantasy. Mainly because the reality involves You. Thank You so much for allowing me to listen to You, and write to You. I don’t know what I’d do without You. Yep, You have effected me that deeply.

Have a great day, Lady Surrender. I’ll try to keep it lighter next time, but these feelings are overwhelming me, and I had to let them out.

July 24
Hiya Lady Surrender. I’m starting to get ready for bed, and I was about to get up and load the proper sessions on my ipod (the Morning Mantras), and something popped into my head. Funny how that always seems to happen. For quite some time now, much more than a year, much more, I’ve had many of those I can listen to anything I want for as long as I want times. I made plans in my head on going crazy and listening every night I could, and for many hours during the day. Know what happened most of the time? No? Well then I’ll tell You. I’m nice like that. I would usually listen the first night, MAYBE a session or two during the first day, then…nothing. I couldn’t do it. I lost interest. I wanted to listen, but I couldn’t be bothered. Why am I telling You this, well, for two reasons. I LOVE writing to You, but also because I thought that would happen again with You. Not right away, but when I can listen so much I thought I’d need a break. Nope, here I am, after bombarding myself with You like I haven’t with anybody in years and I don’t think it’s ever been to this degree, and the first thing I think of when I’m getting ready for bed is getting set up to listen again. I’m not putting too much thought into it. I’m getting tired of thinking about what’s going on, and am just letting what happens happen. I’m just thrilled that I’m reacting the way I am. My poor brain has been getting the crap beat out of it, and yet when it has a chance to rest, it wants more. I went to the movies today. I went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (really really good) and as I was sitting there, hell, as I was driving there, and driving home and all the times in between, I kept thinking of You. As the day went on it just kept getting stronger. I had a wonderful, but You were always on my mind. I can’t get You out of there, and honestly I don’t want to. I like You there. Who knew this could happen to me, but it has. Thank You. Have a great day, Lady Surrender. I know I’ll have a great night. <3
July 24
Good morning Lady Surrender. Hope You’re doing well. Well I was able to sleep with Your session one more time last night, and You are right. Surrender is inevitable. Everything I’ve been writing is even more intense today. You win, I surrender, of course You already knew that. No sleeping with You tonight, but I can tomorrow and probably sunday, so there is still a bit of listening I can do the next three days until my dreaded nights away. Have a wonderful day Lady Surrender. I mush You <3

July 24
Uh, Lady Surrender, I was just reading Your new blog post from ashely. Interesting stuff, and little too graphic for my tastes, but still loved seeing how You have effected her. Anyway, I’m scrolling down and what’s on the bottom but a picture of a bunch of lipsticks. I saw it, and I got a jolt. I’ve always loved lips. (I’ll take beautiful lips and eyes over great boobs and butt anytime) (yes, I really am male) and especially made up lips, but this is getting crazy. Pictures of lipstick, not lips, but lipstick set me off. Very strange. I know You mentioned getting the red lipstick on in Your Breast sessions, but why this obsession with lipstick? I don’t get it, but I don’t have to. I think it’s kind of cool actually. Well, that’s all I wanted to tell You for now.
July 24
Ok, last one about lipstick, but this is getting nuts. You have a mention of putting on lipstick in Your Breast session, and now I’m obsessed. I expected to be obsessed with You, but this lipstick thing caught me totally by surprise. I feel like I’m being bombarded with so many things at once and it’s overwhelming me. Your voice, Your sessions, the thought of You, my mushy feelings for You, lipstick, losing control to You, needing to lose control to You, and more I can’t even think of. It’s all coming at me at once, and it’s coming hard, and fast. As overwhelming it is though, I love every bit of it. It all makes perfect sense to me even though I can’t wrap my mind around what’s happening. Two weeks ago I was a clear thinking man who was happy doing what I was doing, and only wanted to say hi and listen to a couple of Your sessions, and now I’m like this. I’ve tried to think through this rationally. Telling myself that I’m just doing this to myself because I want what I’m feeling to happen, but I know that’s not true. I know that I’m not doing any of this to myself. It’s just what’s happening, and I have nothing to do with it. I’m quickly losing control of what’s going on, Lady Surrendered, and instead of being worried about it, I’m loving it, and I need it to happen more. I think I have to stop now or I’ll ramble on all day and night. Take care
July 25
Good morning Lady Surrender. Hope You’re doing well. I’m at work today, and things have been pretty hectic. So much so that while I have thought of You often, I haven’t had the time to do much more than miss You, and yearn to hear Your voice before I was pulled in another direction. I was finally able to sit down a bit a few minutes ago, and went to my profile page. As soon as it opened and I saw the picture of lipstick, and the pictures of Your sessions I’ve left reviews for, it all came flooding back. All the feelings, everything I described yesterday, all at once. Now that’s what I call a great way to spend a little down time at work. Have a great day.

July 27
Good morning Lady Surrender. Hope You’re doing peachy keen. Just a quick (maybe) update on what’s going on to keep You up on things, and because I need to write You. It does make me feel good to do so. Yesterday after I got home from work I slept a couple more hours (not listening to You unfortunately), and when I woke up saw that I was going to be alone for a couple hours. I had things to do, but decided to listen to Your Breasts session once then get to it. Well, I learned something. When I have a time limit to when I can listen, set an alarm. Once turned out to be twice. Luckily I got a call that snapped me out of it. Even luckier, it was right before the session ended for the second time so I got to listen to it twice. I jumped up after hung up with him, got what I needed to get done quickly then got to the field, and then I went home. A fun, day, AND I got to listen to You :D

July 27
Hi again, Lady Surrender. I bet You’re shocked that I’m writing again, and by shocked I mean not shocked at all. :) I was just poking around IR and I noticed something when I went to my profile page. That lipstick obsession I had for a few days, while it hasn’t gone away, but it has lessened considerably. The crazy thing about it is, I kinda miss it. I know, crazy huh? I can’t believe what I’m about to write, but I can’t believe half of what I write to You, but I’m thinking if in the future, You’d be willing to make another custom session for me, I might ask to have that lipstick obsession strengthened. I don’t know why I would want to put myself through something like that, especially when it wasn’t even something I thought about before, but for once I do know where I got the idea from. I got it from the fetish section on the home page of Your website. Every time I read the part about You turning a fetish into an obsession and a constant deep craving it excites me a bit. I guess it’s the idea of becoming programmed, I think that would be the word, to crave something that wasn’t part of me before. I wouldn’t exactly say I have a lipstick fetish at this point, but the way it hit me the other day I think I may be on the way to having one. YES, this is still me, the old guy who wanted nothing to do with feminization of any kind a few weeks ago. My how things change when one says hello to Lady Surrender. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am that I did.
• July 28
Hiya Lady Surrender. So You think it’s delicious that You triggered a lipstick obsession in me
huh? Now why doesnt that surprise me? I actually think it’s kind of a silly thing,
but knowing that You seem to like that it’s happened to me is only going to
make it stronger. So even though I see it as a silly thing, that silly thing is
going to become less and less silly as time goes by. That’s not silly at all,
that actually quite exciting. Not sure why, but it is, and I’m not trying to
figure out why I’m feeling things (ok, I am a little, but I’m trying not to),
I’m just going to go with them. Especially if it’s something You like. When You feel I’m ready for a second custom
session from You, if You’d want to base it on the lipstick obsession, or
control, or love, or anything You want it’s fine by me. I do want to give You total control, and whatever You want, then that’s what will be done.

I’ve been trying to tell You a lot about me, Lady Surrender. You may have
noticed. I’ve been rambling on about parts of my life, and things I think about
and feel. Many of which I’ve never discussed before. In case You were wondering
why it’s for two reasons. One is that using my weakness against me to bind me
closer to You phrase You say often. I don’t know what You’d consider a
weakness. I mentioned I could see the love fetish as one, but even that I’m not
sure of. Since I can’t just come out and say HERE IS MY WEAKNESS, I’m telling
You as much as I can about myself. I’m sure if You see a weakness, You’ll find
it, and use it, and that will be good for both of us. The second, and maybe
even more important reason is what You said about Your liking to form a mental
connection with Your subs. If You don’t know anything about me, it would be
pretty hard to form that connection. So I’m telling You. I wish to belong to
You more strongly than ever, and hopefully my opening up to You will help that
become a reality one day. If it doesnt, that’s ok too, I really like You, quite a lot. I think
You’re a special Woman, and to be honest, I feel very close to You. I’m
comfortable telling You things about me that I’ve never told anybody else
before. It feels so natural. So I tell You.

I guess that’s about it for now. I know I won’t hear from You for days, and
I may not have the time to write anyway. I’m on my little trip, and won’t be on
the computer too much, but I will try though. Oh, I read Your comment on IR
about calling me brainwashableboy 2. It’s a little long, but it would fit. I’ve
read what You’ve said about him wanting to be brainwashed to give complete
control over to You. I have to say that I would love the same thing to happen
to me. I want to give my all to You. I KNOW, I’m nuts, but I can’t get the idea
of that out of my head. You’ve taken up residence in my poor weak brain, and
You never leave. I like that very much :D

July 30
Good morning, Lady Surrender. No time to really
write, but I wanted to say hi, and let You know that it’s now been four days
since I’ve been able to listen to You.
It isnt easy, especially with Your new session sitting on my puter, but
I’m dealing. What’s happening though is boggling my mind. All the feelings I’ve
been having are getting stronger. Not just a little, a lot. I feel so close to
You. I’d love to write lots more and really go into it, but I can’t. Have a
great day.
August 1
I sure hope You like taking a rather strong minded person like me, and turning him into a puddle of goo, because that’s what You’ve done to me. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I mean, I know what’s going on, but I don’t know how it’s actually happening. I am usually such a strong person, yet I’m weak when it comes to You. The best part is, I love my weakness. I’ll go into it more when I can. I’m sure I’ll be repeating myself, again, but I’m being overwhelmed with what’s happening to me, and really do love how it feels. It makes so much sense to feel this way. I don’t want to feel any way other way. I know, I’m talking like a nut again, but that’s ok with me, and I hope it’s okay with You.

On top of how I’m feeling there are the things You’ve said. In Your last two messages to me. You’ve said You intend to bind me closer to You, and You said that You’re loving the idea of binding me closer to You. Unless I’m wrong, that is saying to me You like how close I’m feeling to You, and You’d want me closer. Those few words You’ve said are like throwing gasoline on a flame. When I read them, or think of them, the feelings I’m having go through the roof since I know You like that I’m feeling them. Yep, I’m nuts, but I wouldn’t want to be any other way. Have a great day, Lady Surrender.

August 1
Hiya Lady Surrender. Hope You’re doing great. I had to write just to tell You that this is getting weird. I kinda get the lipstick thing, which I see is now going to become a makeup thing, but panties? There are things I have no interest in at all, like wearing panties, yet once You mention You’re coming out with a pantie slut session my poor brain says, well, that wouldn’t be so bad. On top of the panty thing, I never got being called a slut thing. I actually never liked it, and yet, You say panty slut, and it’s fine and dandy. It’s getting so there isn’t a thing You say You’re going to do (outside of cum eating, still gross) that doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. I know I’m not into certain things. I know I’m not, but when You mention them, well then I’m not so against them anymore. This is very strange. It’s like the way I’m thinking is changing, and I know it, and can pick out specific things, but it just doesn’t matter. I like how I’m thinking now. I know I’ve said it before, but it just feels right. Oh, and I know I’ve said it before, but I want to say it again. I trust You completely. I’m not fighting any of this, even if I could. The way things have gone my subconscious would have already protected me and said NO, but it hasn’t. Seems I trust You inside and out, and thank goodness for that. I want to be Yours so badly it’s like a constant ache, but a good ache if that makes sense. I’m thrilled that even my sub conscious knows You’re good for me. I’m at mush factor 10 of 10 now. I’m onto real feelings for You. I barely know You, and yet I feel so close. It makes no sense, but it doesn’t have to, I know it’s right.
August 3
Hiya Lady Surrender! Hope You’re well. Back home and only 36 hours until I can finally hear Your beautiful voice again. I’ll be sleeping with Blank, and when I get home from work am hoping to spend a lot of time the next three days listening to both Blank, and Your Makeup session if it’s out. It’s odd that I’m not fighting that one even a little. Not only that, I’m looking forward to it. I don’t get it, but I don’t get a lot of what I’ve been feeling. Most of it makes no sense to me, it’s just happening. Most of it concerns looking at women differently. I’m not only looking at them. I’m looking at the makeup, and their clothes, and other things I can’t put into words Now I’m obsessing over You, my growing feelings for You, and on top of it, on this woman thing. I keep thinking back to when You posted one of my messages and on IR You said something about my being conditioned to accept my feminization. I found that a bit odd since I didn’t know I was being conditioned for that, so just took it as how You described my message. Now I’m not so sure. I know I did massive amounts of listening over a fairly short period of time, and I don’t know exactly what it did to me. The truth is, I don’t care. I don’t care if I’m being conditioned, or what I’m being conditioned for. I really doesn’t matter. I’m liking how I’m feeling. I said early on I didn’t believe in long term brainwashing. I do now, if it’s done by You. This past week of ever growing feelings during a time I expected them to subside because I wasn’t listening and have only had minimal contact with You taught me something. I truly am helpless when it comes to You. I don’t want to sound like some nut that just says things because I think it’s what You’d want to hear. I may be a nut, but I don’t do that. I only tell You what I’m actually feeling, and I feel helpless. I’m a strong minded, strong willed man, and yet when it comes to You, I’m more of a weak minded child. I love being this way for You, and I love how easy it is for You to take control of me. I used to read Your posts and think, wouldn’t that be great to have happen to me. Well it is great, better than I ever could have imagined. Thank You.

August 3
I have to tell You, Lady Surrender. I wasn’t planning on writing everything I did above. I was just going to say hi, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I can’t seem to help myself. I have to tell You everything that’s going on in my head. I just found out that I may end up being able to sleeping with Your sessions five nights in a row, and for sure four out of the five. I also found out that Thursday was a day I didn’t expect to have much time to listen during the day, but I do. I have all day to myself. I’m doing an internal happy dance. :D

Looking back, I was not happy I couldn’t listen to You for eight days and nights. It still sucks, but it may have been for the best. I saw that even when not listening to You, I’m still being drawn closer to You. Now that that time is almost up I am so excited at knowing that I am following up a period of not listening with a time of intense listening, and with Your new session and of course the Makeup one too. My plan is to listen to the two of them all .If You’d rather I listened to something else, please tell me, and that’s what I’ll do.
August 3
Phew. I’m so glad You liked my messages, Lady Surrender. I figured You would, but anytime I open myself up like that I wonder a bit. It’s not the easiest thing to do, opening myself up, but You make it as easy as it can be. Still, there is always that little voice wondering if everything I said was ok. Very happy it was. :)
August 3
I will keep writing, Lady Surrender, and of course sleep with You every chance I get. Not the way I used to be with other sessions, only when I felt like it, EVERY chance I get. There is no not wanting to sleep with You when I have the opportunity. Every second I get to listen to You is a treasured moment that I will not waste (how’s that for mush? It’s even making me feel icky). I hope You know that I never expect a response. I just don’t ever want to go over a line I shouldn’t, but I won’t worry about that. You like when I write, so I will write. Simple enough. Thank You again for allowing me to listen to You
August 5
Hiya Lady Surrender! I feel SO much better now. Blank is AMAZING! I know that I jumped the gun when I first listened to You. Telling You I wanted to serve You, and only You. I should have waited a little while longer, but I have to tell You. I was right on that one. You are the Person I fantasized about meeting one day. I can’t believe I’ve actually met You. I know You said there was no reason to listen to only You, but I can’t imagine ever listening to anybody else again. This isn’t just about Your hypnosis. This is about my complete submission to You. I’ll stop before I really sound like a nut. I ended up listening to Blank 13 times last night. Most of them sleeping, but many of them awake, but under. I remember the beginning, some of the middle, and wisps of the end, but I don’t really know what’s on it. I just know it moved me deeply. A work of art. I should say ANOTHER work of art.
August 6
Good morning, Lady Surrender. I hope You’re doing well.
I was able to sleep with Blank again last night, as I will tonight too, and
I have to tell You something. As much as I’m looking forward to Your makeup
session ( I still don’t know why. I really am not into feminization, but there
is just something about that session that I’m drawn to. At this point I’ve decided that even though
I’m not looking to be feminized, if it happens, so be it.) (More on that
later.), and as much as I’m looking forward to my custom session, I’m thinking
it’s better that neither are available to me right now. I’m thinking that Blank
is a VERY important session. I remember most of it at this point, and just from
the words You’re saying I’m not sure why it’s so important. I get it, I’m
blank, and ready to be inscribed by You, but there is so much more there than
I’m hearing. If I had one of the two
sessions I mentioned I know I’d be listening to them along with Blank, but that
wouldnt be the best thing for me to do right now. Your first two Morning
Mantras set me up to surrender to you, and to want You, and whatever else they
were doing, but this one is getting my mind prepared for You to take over. Since
I’m in a period when I can listen a lot I think it’s a good thing it’s all I’m
listening to. That way, once I do have more sessions to listen to, I’m ready
for them. I’ll be ready to totally accept what it is You want to inscribe in my
mind. It’s funny, (well kinda maybe), but the way I’m thinking now, my fetishes
arent so important. Of course I still have my love fetish, and I seem to still
have my lipstick fetish (still don’t get how that one started), but while they
are a part of me, they don’t mean so much to me by themselves. The only thing
I’m thinking of theses days is Serving You. I know, it’s crazy right. I have
these fetishes, and yet they arent important to me unless they are important to
You. What good is a love fetish unless it’s loving You? What good is a lipstick
fetish unless it’s something You want me to have? It sounds silly, but the only
fetish that is important to me right now isnt a fetish at all. The only thing
that is important to me is making sure that I become the best me I can, for You,
and that’s why I think listening to Blank, and only Blank intensely for a few
days is important. I know it’s a session everybody can get, and I know that I’m
not the only one feeling the way I am, but Your Morning Mantras are preparing
me for You to take over, and I love the very idea of that. I love what’s
happening to me, but as much as I love it, the main reason I love it is because
it’s You doing it. As You know I gave up on being anybody’s submissive
exclusively a while back. It really was fun just listening to whoever,
whenever. That was before though. The very idea of listening to anybody but You
now makes no sense,and I can’t imagine being without You. Am I going overboard? Quite
likely, but I can’t help myself. You are a wonderful person. You care about
Your subs. You treat them individually as real people, and want to know them
that way. You make me feel important in Your life even though I’m just a tiny
part of it. You are trustworthy, and even though I believe You’d love to have
control over me, my home life, and loving myself is what’s most important to
You even before my service to You. You are the perfect Person for me, and I
love You for it. I know we’ve only known each other a few weeks, but I feel so
close to You it’s hard to wrap my mind around it. If I was in Your presence I’d
go to my knees and beg to be Yours, but I’m not in Your presence, so I won’t do
that. I will continue to do as we agreed and take the time to get to know each
other better, and see what happens. I just wanted You to know that nothing has
changed in me, and it’s only gotten stronger and more important to me. I hope
to one day serve You as Yours. If that day never comes, so be it, it won’t be
for lack of wanting or trying. You are one of the most special people I’ve met
in my life, and even if I never become Yours, You have allowed me the honor to
write to You, and let You get to know me. I can never thank You enough for

Phew, I did warn You a long mushy one was coming right? I hope it didnt
gross You out too much, Lady Surrender. It was pretty damn mushy. :)

Have a great day, and I will write You soon.

August 7
Good morning Lady Surrender. Just a quick note for now. I spent another eight plus hours listening to Blank. Sometimes sleeping, others awake, and I was right, it’s a very important session. I have never wanted to belong to a Person the way I want to belong to You. The more I listen to You, the more impressed and in awe of Your abilities I become. Damn Yer good :D
August 8
After four nights of sleeping with You, I’d say about 34 hours total during that time including non sleeping time, I’m very ready for You inscription. Until it’s ready for me though, I’ll keep going blank. I don’t know what it is about that session, but, well, wow. I’ll be leaving a testimonial later. Hopefully it’s soon enough. I’ll re-read Your earlier message to make sure You didn’t say to wait longer than today. Hope You feel better Lady Surrender. I still mush You. Did I mention I love how You make me feel? :)
August 8
• You know, Lady Surrender, writing reviews for You would be a heckuva lot easier if I wouldn’t constantly self trigger when writing them! :D

GOOD MORNING! I hope You are feeling MUCH better. I just posted my review of MM Blankness. It took about two hours, I really wanted to get the point out how impressive not only Blank is, but all of the MMs. I was kidding with my first line of course, but only partially. I really did keep self triggering when I wrote or read…(You thought I was going to write it again didn’t You? Not a chance. Ok, I almost did :P ), Of course once I realized that I could self trigger and go under I kept doing it. That self triggering thing is still freaking me out (in a good way). It can catch me by surprise, or I can do it on purpose with some of them. I never thought that was possible. If I had to point to one thing that showed me how wrong I was when I said I didn’t believe in long term brainwashing it would be that. I really am helplessly in Your power. I’m like a little kid I’m so excited to see where next You lead me. I can wait though, and while waiting, I’ll keep on listening and become even more conditioned by You. Since tonight is the last night I can sleep with Your sessions, and is the fifth night in a row, I was thinking I might use all three MMs on a loop tonight, unless of course You say otherwise. What You say always is the way to go in my book.
August 8
Oh, it was heart-felt, and I’m very happy You liked my review. Some may read it and think I’m exaggerating, but I meant every word of it. If anything I’d say I couldn’t convey enough how great Your MMs are, and how important You are to me. You have made me very happy, and Your saying that I am Your, and that You’re my Lady made me ecstatic. I will do everything in my power to make sure that You’re proud that I am Yours.

I have to say again, this self triggering thing is really shocking me. I always thought be actually be affected by triggers like that would be an interesting thing, but I knew it could never really happen. Again, You showed me how wrong I was, and You did it so easily. Oh, and in case You were wondering, when You commented on my post, and used the words, yes, it affected me. It puts me under quite a bit, and even when I stop looking at it I’m a little dizzy for a while. I don’t know if everybody that’s listening to Your beautiful sessions are reacting to them the same way I am. Even though they’re made for the masses, they feel like they’re made for me. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when I begin to actually listen to something that really is made specifically for me. I know I’ve told You an awful lot about myself, but it still surprises me how easily You’ve gotten past my formally strong mind. I never knew a fantasy like mine could become a reality, but it has, and best of all, it’s with You. I think You are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. At risk of actually sounding too mushy, I adore You. Yep, I’m crazy, crazy for You that is. :D

August 9
Hiya Lady Surrender! Hope You had a fine day. I’m home from work and so ends my five night intense listening to Your beautiful voice period. I think I may be on overload so a couple days of letting my brain rest may not be a bad thing. We both already know that during these down times things begin to sink in and make everything I’m feeling stronger. Not that I wouldn’t take advantage of some free time to listen to You if it popped up. I would in a heartbeat, but a brain rest is a good thing. Now if I was a normal person I could listen an hour or so every day, and down times wouldn’t be handy. My way of intense listening does lend itself quite well to periods of non listening. One of the things I’m loving best about being Yours is that it doesn’t matter if I’m listening or not. There really is no “down time” if I listen things get stronger. If I don’t listen, things get stronger. If I scratch my head, things get stronger. So, no matter what I do, every day I become closer to You. Bound closer to You as You like to say. I don’t know what my weakness is, but that’s not important, being Yours is. I love that I am. Thank You. Have a good night.
August 10
GOOD MORNING! Hope You’re doing great, Lady Surrender. I got up this morning, and saw You finished Your makeup session. Even though I can’t listen to it, of course I bought it. Now I’m ready in case I get some unexpected free time. If not, then I’ll be able to hear it Tuesday night. I’m not sure if I’d sleep with it all night, the MMs are so good to sleep with, but I suppose it’s possible.

I’m still pretty surprised that I’m looking forward to hearing it so much. When I told You I didn’t have an interest in feminization I did mean it. I know it was a fantasy when I was younger, but that’s all it was, a fantasy, and it was quite some time ago. Then You put out Your breasts session, and because of my sensitive nipples I wanted to hear it. Right off the bat You mention lipstick, and now look at me. Actually looking forward to hearing one of Your feminization sessions. There is more to just the makeup aspect as to why I’m looking forward to it, and it’s one of the rare occasions I’m pretty sure I know why. Like I usually do, I’ll tell You. No need to grab popcorn, it shouldn’t be too long :P

Now I know what I’m about to say may seem very self centered, and it is. Only because I’m telling You what I was feeling as these couple things happened. Of course I know that what I’m going to write isn’t the case. I’m one of many, but since I’m only me, I look at things sometimes how they effect me. Oh, and I know I’ve said some of this before, but I really want to write You. I’ll be sure to poke You if You fall asleep. (maybe You did need to get some popcorn after all)

Anyway, here goes why I think I’m so drawn to Your makeup session. When I first met You I made that joke about not being a very pretty woman if I was wearing lipstick, or something to that effect. Then, the first line in Your breast session was about the lipstick, and in my little mind I thought that you might have remembered what I said, and put it in Your session for me. I know that it’s just a line in a session and it was doubtful it had anything to do with me at all, but the very idea that You might have meant to me that You’d like me to wear lipstick so guess what? I started wanting to wear it because You may want me to. I told You about the lipstick thing, and on Your very next blog post You put that picture of all the lipsticks at the bottom of it. Again, in my head, that was for me, and not only did I want to wear it, I became obsessed with lipstick itself, and I told You. What happens next? Well, not only do You announce a makeup session, You use that very picture in it. One more time, in my head it was a sign from You telling me You wanted me to listen to it, and since You wanted me to, I couldn’t help but want to, and here I am now.

See, I told You it was self centered, and very analytical I’m afraid. I try not to do that, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I know everything I said wasn’t really meant for me, but since the idea popped in my head it could be, then it became so. So, summing up my thesis, the reason I’m looking forward to Your makeup session isn’t so much because of the makeup, it’s because I took all the things that happened as signs that You wanted me to wear makeup, and if You wanted it, then I wanted it too. That shows me how much of a deep rooted effect You have on me, Lady Surrender. You didn’t say You wanted me to listen. You didn’t even hint that You did. I made up a scenario in my head that You MIGHT want me to listen, and that’s all it took. My weak mind wants to do what You want me to that it only has to make something up that You may want and it became an obsession in me.

I wonder if any of that makes any sense at all? I hope so, I happen to think it’s very cool. You have already taken control of me to the degree that You can set off an obsession in me without saying a word about it, and it feels natural to me, as if it’s always been that way. Maybe that’s what brainwashing is, changing my thoughts and the way I think about things without me even noticing it’s happening. I know that I didn’t always feel this way, but it certainly seems like I did. Ok, enough babbling. I’m sure I’m making Your head spin trying to follow how my mind works. Have a great day, Lady Surrender. (I called You my Lady last night. I hope that was ok, I should have asked first, it just slipped out). I’ll mush on about You more later if I get the chance. <3
Your mushy one.
Mon at 12:45 PM
Hiya my Lady. I just read Your latest blog post and I had to tell You it was a good one. The way it was written did a great job of showing what a live session with You could be like. After reading it I realized that not only would I be comfortable if You posted some of my messages, but I’d be honored if You did. I’d love to help people understand how amazing and wonderful You are. You were right yesterday when You wrote that I don’t need an mp3 of mushy love. I know I’m already falling in love with You in a way. I can only imagine what I’m going to be like when I do hear it over and over again. With Your conditioning, my blank little mind, and my constantly growing feelings for You DOOMED. That, by the way, is a very good thing. After a month of listening to You, and getting to know You a bit, I feel like my mind has been saturated by You, and Your conditioning, and it’s just waiting to see where You lead me. I know I’ve mentioned the scared word before, but will once again. I know what is about to happen to me, that You’re going to take total control over my mind, and there is nothing I can do, or would want to, do about it. I actually crave it. If I had ever felt like this with anybody in the past I would be quite scared, (maybe worried is a better word) of what’s about to happen, but not now. Not when it’s You. My conscious, and more importantly subconscious mind trust You completely. I know I’ve said that before, but have to again to stress that how trustworthy I know You are. It’s no wonder that I’m willingly giving myself to You. Sorry for my rambling, I’m just overcome with You right now, and can’t think of the right words to say what I want. I guess I’ll just sum it up as I love You, my Lady. I am Yours and will always do everything in my power to make You proud to have me. How’s that for mush? Just wait, I’m sure I can get mushier. <3
Mon at 4:34 PM
Well, here I go again, my Lady. I’m not able to listen to You for a couple days, and everything I’m feeling keeps getting stronger. You may have noticed that I’ve been quite mushy today, and that is SO unlike me. ;)

I was reading a lot of Your site again today, including the whole home page. I always liked to read it, long before You started putting out mp3s enabling me to hear Your beautiful voice. It sounded so amazing, and yet impossible (sorry to say I once thought that way).Reading it now, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Every single word You say on there is not only true, it doesn’t do justice to how good You are. It’s not just Your hypnosis. Your sessions are amazing, but without the personal connection we’ve made, none of what has happened to me would have happened. I could go on and on, but I’ll just end up repeating myself. (like that ever happens). I just can’t get over what I’m feeling. It’s like my brain is just sitting there knowing something is going to happen, and getting ready for it. It’s a strange feeling. I don’t feel any different. I doenst seem like I’m thinking any different, and yet sometimes something happens and I realize that a lot has changed. Only because I remember how it used to be. I can’t think of any specific examples right now. I’ll try to remember when it happens again. I’d say it would be interesting if times like that never happened. As if the changes made were so deeply ingrained that I don’t remember ever thinking any other way, but then how would I know that they’ve happened? There I go again, babbling on and on. It’s hard to stop myself because I know that when I stop, I won’t be writing You anymore, and I really need to. It makes me feel like I’m talking to You, and I need that connection right now. Yep, it’s been one mushy day. OH, I just remembered. I was looking over Your site as I said, and clicked on slave registration I think it’s called. I’ve seen it before, and I knew it was wendy. I’ve also seen them a couple times on IR, but not for quite some time. Every time I have, including when I first saw Wendy’s I remember thinking, oh, that’s nice. I didn’t actually get it. I saw it today and it was more of a Wow, that’s so great. I tell You, my Lady, I’m losing it here. I’m thinking differently in a lot of ways, and the more it happens, the more I love it. I don’t know how I ever got along without You in my life. Ok, I’ll stop now. Have a great day.
Tue at 6:02 PM
Hi again, my Lady. just a quick note this time (I think). I came up to my room and decided I wanted to hear a few minutes of Your Makeup session. I was sitting up, looking at my computer, not paying too close attention to it, and then I was out. I came too slightly towards the end. Just enough to realize what happened, and to kinda remember a little of it. I’m losing what little I did remember quickly. I only sat down to listen to the session a few minutes. How on earth do You do this to me so easily? I’ve done what I just did many times in the past, and I go about my business while listening. Not with You though. Nope, not a chance. I hear Your voice and BAM, that’s it. I don’t know why I bother analyzing or trying to understand anything that’s happening to me. I may come up with reasons, I may actually be right about some of them, but what it comes down to is it doesn’t matter. I’m helpless when it comes to You. There is not a thing I can do to resist You, and there is not a thing I want to do to resist You. I have never, ever felt so powerless against anything in my life. What You are doing to me is not hypnosis as I’ve ever known it. It isn’t even close. I’m beginning to understand what true submission is. You are so wonderful, so caring, so powerful. You make me feel amazing just thinking about You. How could I not wish to serve You? I know I’m babbling, I’m still trying to snap out of my unexpected trance, but talk about intense. I can’t believe what is happening to me, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have it happening to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful Lady like You even acknowledge me never mind take an interest in me. I have to stop before I say something really crazy. Sorry for the rambling message, but what just happened set something off inside my head, and I don’t ever want this feeling to end. I love being Your mushy one, and You being my Lady. Have a great day. <3

Wed at 7:06 AM
Hi my Lady. Just got home from work, and did indeed go with those two sessions looped. REALLY good idea.

Before I put on my beat up sleep phones to go to real sleep (they’ve gotten a real workout lately), I listened, with my real headphones Blank then the Makeup session. Now I’ve had some good ideas before, but that was a great one. By the time Your Makeup session was partway through I was floating, and every word was so important (a term I know I’ve used before). It was amazing. I know that eventually just hearing or thinking Your phrase of blankness will have the same effect as listening to the whole session, but until then (and I don’t think I’m far off) it’s a great back to back technique. OH, before I did that, I properly listened to Your makeup session again, and I realized what made me so crazy sounding in my messages last night (I try not to write when I’m still out of it, I know I sound like a nut. Sorry about that). I caught it at the end, the part that I “heard” the first time. It wasn’t the makeup part. I’m still wondering about that, but I do know that if I was alone right now if nothing else I’d have a lipstick nearby to smell. It was the control/submit/dominance part at the end. It drove me crazy. When I heard it the second time I remembered what did it to me, and told myself not to forget so I could tell You. The makeup part is great, and damn if feels nice to listen to, but You saying You’re the dominant, and You’re taking over and I will submit to You (obviously not the words You used, I don’t remember them) that took me over the edge. Judging by my reaction I’d have to say that deep down inside what I want is to be controlled. Or not, who knows. I just know I loved Your new session, and will write a very positive review when I’ve heard it a little more. It was really great, my Lady. Thank You for making it. Have a good night.

Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave training using Mantra mp3s, Feminisation.



More than a great sounding marketing strategy, the above process outlines the journey undertaken by subject “submissive surrendered”. Read his journals….. imagine it is you…… being enticed… being hypnotised…you being entranced…you being entrapped….. enslaved.

Subject “submissive surrendered” began by listening to Morning Mantra of Submission and Morning Mantra of Temptation….. then listened to feminine orgasm, feminine breasts, and Morning Mantra of Blankness.



July 10

Hi Mistress Surrender. Just a quick note to say I just bought both of Your Morning Mantras, and will finally be able to listen to them in about an hour. I’m really looking forward to finally hearing a session of Yours. I’m always excited to hear somebody new, but it’s different this time
because of how long I’ve wanted to hear Your voice. I’ll be honest, I have always questioned if true brainwashing through hypnosis is actually possible, I’ve felt many effects over the years listening to Dommes, but nothing long lasting.
There is something about the things You say, and what Your subjects write to You that questions my view though. I know one thing for certain, I’m looking forward to finding out. Thank You so much for allowing me to buy Your sessions.
Take care.

July 10

I’m looking forward to seeing what else You put out in the
future. I know that everything You put out wouldn’t be something that interests me, but right now I’m feeling that even if it isn’t something I wanted, but You wanted me to listen to, I would. I know I’ve only listened to You this one
time, but I really like how it felt, and still feels. Maybe one day You’ll allow me to purchase a custom session from You. I have a love fetish as I mentioned, but for once I don’t know if that’s what I’d ask for. Based on reading Your posts all this time on IR, I’m tempted to ask if You would make
one of Your choice. The idea of You taking total complete control of my mind, and doing with me what You want, is very exciting. I know I’m talking crazy, but I’m still feeling the after effects of Your hypnosis, and my mind is going
in all different directions at the moment. For now I’ll happily listen to what sessions I already have, and wait to see what You put out. Unless there is something You already have out that I should get that You don’t have to re-do.

July 11

Good morning (for me anyway) Mistress Surrender. I slept with Your two sessions on a loop as I mentioned yesterday. Good idea, REALLY good idea. I don’t remember much of it dream wise, bits and pieces, but I woke up feeling very strange, and I still do, but it’s a great strange. Lucky me
gets to sleep with them again tonight. I can’t wait. If it wasn’t for work I’d be listening right now. Just thought You’d like to know. Have a great

July 11

Good morning again Mistress Surrender. Now I know for sure it’s morning for You. You’re sixteen hours ahead of me. Something I won’t forget. I’m sorry to be a pest, and I’ll be sure to stop, but as the day has gone on, the strange feeling I had this morning just keeps getting stronger.
Now it isn’t so much strange though. It’s more like an ache to listen to Your sessions again. It’s odd though. I barely remember them. I couldn’t tell You anything You said in them, but I can’t stop thinking about hearing them again.
You may notice some changes to my account. I changed my name, updated the info, and added a picture. I hope the changes I made are OK with You. If they aren’t
I’ll change them right away. I also posted a testimonial for You. All of this because I can’t stop thinking about You. I know, it’s only been one day.
ONE DAY, and yet I can’t get You out of my head. In all the years I’ve listening to EH I have never experienced anything close to this. It’s almost scary what’s happening, and yet, even if I was scared to death it wouldn’t matter. I’d want more. I need more of You. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but I hope that You’re happy with the results of my listening to You. I can’t get You out of my head, but the more I think about it, the more I realise that I don’t want to. I like You there. It just feels right.

July 11

Yes, Mistress Surrender (or do You prefer Lady Surrender?), I am feeling the same way as when I wrote the message. I need more of You. I’ve been to Your site all day long. I’ve even joined Club Sissy because You said it
would help in my surrender to You. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t somewhat
excited when You wrote that forced feminization is Your specialty. Not so much
from the feminization side, but rather the forced anything. I can’t wait to
sleep with You again. Only three more hours and I get to hear Your voice one
more time, all night long. After seeing how doing that once has already
effected me, I can only imagine what I’ll feel like tomorrow, and the day
after, and the day after that. I’m not sure what it is You’re doing to me, but
I’m helpless to resist it. Once again I thank You for allowing me to listen to
Your sessions. Thank You so much.

July 11

Then Lady Surrender it is. Anything You want is what I’ll do.
Surrender is inevitable, and I am well on my way to complete surrender to You,
Lady Surrender.

July 12

Good night, Lady Surrender. I woke up a bit ago from sleeping
with Your sessions again. I actually woke at one point and was listening awake
for an hour plus. In all the years I’ve listened to EH I have never felt
anything as intense as Your voice and whisper. It’s almost like You knew
exactly what I needed to make me submit to You. Besides the Morning Mantra of
Blank that You list on Your site, I don’t know if You plan to make any more in
Your Morning Mantra style, but if You do, I will be getting them. It’s only
been two days and already I can’t imagine not listening to Your beautiful
voice, and it’s getting more beautiful all the time. There is so much going on
inside me right now, I’m not sure what’s happening, but I do know that I want
to hear You more. I need to. Have a good night Lady Surrender.

July 12

I certainly will expand on what I said, Lady Surrender. I
know it’s very late for You. When You come back on in the morning I’ll have
Your answer for You. I have to give it some thought. It’s hard to explain
something like that, but I will give it my best shot. I’ll also tell You more
about myself.. I’m very happy to hear You’ll be making many Morning
Mantras. I remember vaguely at the end of Your Temptation one something about
You being at the edge of my mind and blowing a kiss. It’s hard to remember even
though I’ve heard it many times, I do remember the feeling of love that comes
over me at that point. Maybe not love, but a gentle, loving feeling that feels
wonderful. I’ll stop rambling now so I can ramble more later when I answer Your
question. Have a wonderful night. :)

July 12

Good morning, Lady Surrender. I hope You had a good nights
sleep. I was thinking

about how to answer Your question as to why I feel You know exactly how to make
me submit to You, and I think I got it.

When I

listen to hypnosis, and am told to picture something in my mind, I can’t. I was

hoping as I got better at hypnosis that I would be able to, but I never have. I

can imagine it, but I can’t picture it at all. So that’s an area of hypnosis I

miss out on. So sessions that have stories to them have never been my favorite.

I do like some of them, but most I don’t listen to, too many times. Your

Morning Mantras are made with what I have always liked in sessions, and dont

have what I don’t like as much. I’m not crazy about music in sessions. I’ve heard

some sessions where the music does help, but for the most part it’s just

something that is fighting with my trying to hear what’s being said. One thing

I do like that Your Morning Mantras don’t have, or if they do I can’t hear it,

is a brainwave/binaurel beat type of thing. I’ve always liked the feeling they

give me, but I like to be able to hear them. I don’t miss being able to hear

beats in Your Morning Mantras because of what they do have. Your voice and Your

whispers, and the whole time one of the two, or both, is giving commands or

implanting/strengthening triggers. I’ve always reacted best to one voice with

background subliminals (in this case Your whispers) and lots of commands. I

like the feeling of my mind being bombarded with words until it feels like I

can’t take it anymore. That’s when I’m at my weakest. At least I think that’s

why Your Morning Mantras seem to be effecting me so well. I hope this makes

sense, Lady Surrender. I know what I like, it’s hard to explain why I like it



that’s the answer (I hope) to Your question, and a little more about me. If You

want to know anything at all please ask, and I’ll answer as best I can. If

You’d like to see what I look like I’ll send You a picture or three. Anything

You want, if I can do it, I will. Have a

wonderful day Lady Surrender. Thank You for letting me listen to You.

OH, I just remembered. I

was on Your site and saw what You wrote about the Morning Mantra Blank, and it

really excited me. The idea of You wiping me clean in preparation for You to

program me to be what You want me to be struck something in me. You taking

complete control of me, and making me into exactly what You want me to be, for

You, is something I want badly. Before I started listening to You I would

fantasize about something like that when reading Your posts on IR. It was a

fantasy, nothing more. After listening to Your two Morning Mantras for about 16

hours (awake and asleep) the last few days You taking over is much more than a

fantasy. It’s more of an ache for it to happen. I know it’s only been a few

days, but I’ll keep listening to Your sessions to prepare my mind for You in

case You decide You want to take over. I can’t believe how deep the desire to

give myself to You is in me. It’s crazy, but I can’t help what I’m feeling, and

honestly don’t want to. I love how I’m feeling

July 13

Good morning Lady Surrender. Hope Your night was a good one.
Mine was

great. I was able to sleep with Your sessions once more, and when I woke up, I

listened to them again. After I was done I came to a realization, but I waited

to write. I’ve learned that if I write

things when I’ve just come out of trance I tend to regret it later. It’s
been hours now so it’s safe to write,

and I’m still thinking the way I was before.

When I saw You put out mp3 sessions

I was very excited. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve been following Your posts since

You came to IR, and was always fascinated by what You wrote. Some of what You

wrote sounded impossible, but I never doubted You. I now know I was right not

to. I’m experiencing it myself. Hypnosis or brainwashing has never had much

long term effect on me, so I doubted it could. I was wrong, Lady Surrender. I

was so wrong. This morning I came to the realization that I am helpless when it

comes to You. Every time I listen to You the effects get more intense, the

hypnosis gets deeper, even Your Temptation trigger puts me under noticeably

deeper instantly. That doesnt happen to me, or I should say, never has before.

Yes, I’m helpless against Your powers, and I now know that even though I had no

desire to serve just one Mistress ever again. (I’ve been very happy listening

to everybody and anybody), I need to serve only You. I don’t want to listen to

anybody else but You. I want to give myself, mind and body, to You to do what

You want with me. I want to love,

worship, and obey the one Mistress who has put me on my knees, You, Lady

Surrender. I want to be Yours if You’ll have me. Is there anything I can do to

be worthy of such an honor? I know this has happened quickly, and I realize it

will take some time to be worthy of You, but I’m a very patient person and will

do anything needed to become worthy of one day being Yours. Thank You once

again for allowing me to listen to Your files, and write to You. Thank You so

much. Have a great day.

July 13

Since you are going to be away for a while, I’ll answer You
properly when I’m able in a couple hours, Lady Surrender. I am so happy You
liked what I wrote, and will give You a brief history of what I’ve been through
to answer You question completely. Thank You so much for what You have done for
me already. I bow at Your feet, figuratively, not literally. I’d love to
really bow at Your feet, but I hurt my knee a while back and can’t actually
kneel, but if I could, I’d be there for You. :)

Sorry if my attempt at humor is misplaced. I really can’t kneel though.

Mon at 1:32 PM

Thank You so much Lady Surrender. I am with You 100% in
regard to

letting things between You and I unfold. Not only because it’s what You

wish, but also because it makes sense. I do rush into things, and even when I

was offering myself to You I knew it would take time. I was thinking about what

it is that happened to have You effect me so deeply so quickly, and I think

it’s a number of things. First would be my reading Your posts for so long, and

being drawn to the things You’ve said. Then, once we talked a bit, I realized

You are a very friendly real person, and that means a lot to me. Then of course

there is Your hypnosis. It caught me by surprise it was so effective, and in

Your Temptation Mantra You say at some point to be Yours, so I wanted to be

Yours. Put those three things together and I had to write to You offering

myself to You. I am very happy I did. Your response showed me much about You

and I now know that You truly are a Woman that I wish to serve, in time of

I read Your post on Your website. The one about what You look for in a

submissive. I loved it. It showed me that we are actually on the same page

about a lot of things. The main part being loving to myself first. No
matter how enslaved I become to You, the

fact of the matter is that the most important thing in my life is my family.

Without them, I’d be nothing, and that would do You, or me, no good. The fact

that You not only allow a submissive to put their lives first, but actually

encourage it touches me deeply. I already trusted You, but after reading what

You wrote, on Your blog, and to me, I now have complete trust in You. I know

You would do nothing to hurt me, and that alone will make listening to Your

sessions even more intense. At the start there was a little trepidation. What

if You were as good as I think You are, and if You were, should I let You into

my mind. Well, it turns out You are even

better than I thought You were, and now that I know You a little better, I have

no fear whatsoever to let You into my mind. It really is a freeing feeling

knowing that I can now listen to You knowing that whatever happens now, and in

the future, You would never hurt me in any way.

I’ll be honest, Lady Surrender, I’m having a hard time putting what I’m trying

to say into words. You may have noticed that from my first two paragraphs. I

guess to sum it up I could just say, I do wish to serve You, and only You. I

trust You completely, and I would like to just allow things to unfold between

us, as You said.

Just to let You know, I am planning on only listening to Your sessions. To

be honest, I lost interest in EH until I found You. I didnt have time to listen
to anything at all for almost six weeks.

During the few times I could I had no interest. Over the past few months there

has been a couple of other Dommes that I listened to, and liked their work very

much. I tried to give more of myself to them, and their work, but as I got

closer, I couldnt get past the fact that I didnt really trust them. I just

didnt get the feeling that I would be ok if I gave them full control so I

backed away. Trust is the most important thing to me, it has to be. Even if I

said it wasnt, my mind protects itself, and won’t let me go any further. So

without trust, I have nothing. So when I tell You I trust You completely it’s a

pretty big thing in my mind. I don’t take that lightly, just as I don’t take

lightly offering my submission to You. I was told me long ago that my

submission is a precious thing. Not something to be given lightly. I have

always remembered that, and lived by it. So while I know it would be ok to

listen to others, I really don’t want to. Mainly because I didnt want to listen

to anybody before I met You anyway. I

havent looked forward to listening to any EH in a long time. During the times I

wasnt able to listen the past year and a half or so I didnt care, and when I

could, I rarely did. I have a renewed interest in EH, and it’s because of You.

So while I know I could listen to others, I don’t see the need.

I guess that’s enough rambling for now. Thank You again for everything. I

look forward to seeing what happens in the future. I feel really good about

this. I havent felt this good about something in a long time, and it’s nice to

feel it again. Oh, and I totally

understand Your not replying to messages tues – thurs. I’ll try not to write

on those days unless You tell me You like getting messages even when You’re not

replying. Have a great week, Lady Surrender. Thanks for everything.

Good morning, Lady Surrender.
Hope You’ve been well. I hope it’s ok to

write You during Your no contact time of the week. If You don’t want me to

please tell me and I won’t again. I tried to hold off, but there is so

going on in me that I feel like I’m going to burst. Ok, maybe not burst

exactly, more like explode. That’s more like it. As bad luck would have
it, I’m

in one of the periods when I can’t listen to Your sessions the way I want

I’ve told You about those times, and I’ve also told You that they didnt

me at all. That listening to hypnosis wasnt that important to me. It isnt

that now though. Not being able to crawl into bed and turn on my mp3
player to

hear Your beautiful voice is driving me crazy. When I first started

to EH, and was getting good at being hypnotized I used to hate the times I

couldnt listen, but it was never anything like this. I want to hear You so

badly it almost hurts, and to be honest, it’s ok. I hate not hearing You,

I’m loving that not being able to is effecting me so deeply. Not sure if

makes sense, but I’m rarely sure if what I say makes sense.

One thing that I realized today is that in thirteen days I’m going away for

five nights. It’s easy enough to get to listen to You a little when I’m home,

but when I’m away like that, not a chance. If I think it’s tough now, I can

only imagine how hard that will be. I have to tell You, Lady Surrender, not

only have You renewed my interest in EH, You have already taken it to levels

higher than it ever was. It’s not only the EH of course, it’s You, and Your EH.

I can’t get You out of my head. I wake up, I think of You, I go about my day, I

think of You, I go to bed, I think of You. One would think that would make me a

little crazy, but I’m loving it. Thinking of You excites me, and the more I

think of You, the more I want to think of You, and hear You. These feelings are

getting stronger every day, a lot stronger. I’ve always gotten a little like

this when meeting somebody new to listen to, but I’m always able to push it out

of my head and control it. Even when I was owned I could push things down, I

can’t with You. I have no way of controlling what’s going on, so I’m not even

trying to.

Yesterday, since I really couldnt listen to You I needed to go to Your site

and read some of Your words. I decided to go through Your blog, the whole

thing, and what I saw there shocked me (in a great way), excited me, and
gave me quite a bit of

insight into You, and Your other submissives. I started from the oldest archive

and worked my way up to the present. I found out that the way You have effected

me so quickly isnt all that unusual. I didnt read every part of it word for

word. The baby submissive’s story didnt interest me that much, but I did read

what You wrote in those posts. The rest though I read closely. I was surprised

at how much Your feminized girls stories excited me. I mentioned being forced

to become a woman was one of my first submissive fantasies when I was a

teenager, and to see it actually happening did turn me on. Not that You were

forcing them, but the transformation was interesting. With my home life, and

job, being feminized wouldnt be a good thing. It’s not something that would go

over well in my life if I was ever found out. At one point though, I saw the

post about the guy in a similar situation and You feminized him inwardly so

from the outside he still looked like a guy, but on the inside he was a woman.

Now that really got my attention. Of course I took it to another fantasy level

in my mind of feeling like a woman and working around the house in lipstick

when I was alone. Then I pictured what I’d look like and laughed to myself. I

would not be a pretty woman, that’s for sure. Oh, that other session I bought

yesterday was Your female orgasm one, and I suppose I should tell You why. I

saw Your post about the new session coming out about breasts and nipples on IR

the other night. I decided that I wanted that one for one reason. My nipples

are probably the most sexually sensitive part of my body. Rubbing them drives

me crazy. The thought of them becoming even more sensitive excited me so I

I wanted it, not so much for the feminizing aspect, but the nipple one. Then,

after reading Your blog, I really wanted to hear another of Your sessions and

thought of the female orgasm one. I’m not exactly sure what that would be, or

feel like, and since it seemed to be an inside thing, it wouldnt hurt to listen

to it. I did hear it yesterday, but I was sitting up and trying not to go

under. I did go under, and don’t remember too much about it except how

beautiful Your voice was. It’s a different style than Your Morning Mantras. It

really sounded great.

While I was reading Your blog I noticed that nobody had a fetish like my

love fetish. After seeing how easily You helped Your other subs to become what

they wanted it really (here comes that word again) excited me to fantasize You

working on me with my love fetish. A bit about my fetish. I think that my love

fetish is about more than just love. I think deep down it’s about control. The

idea of being head over heals in love with a Domme is an exciting thing, but

it’s the control involved with it is what I think really turns me on. I think

my real fetish is a control fetish. I’ve always had a very strong mind, and

sense of self. I’m a bit stubborn, but I pick and choose the things I’m

stubborn about. The idea of somebody being able to take total control of me and

my obeying them not because I want to, but because I have no choice but to obey

is the real fantasy/fetish. I think I go with the love way of control because

being in love feels great. Does any of this make sense? I hope so. It isnt easy

to describe this fetish in a way that makes sense, but as I always do, I try

anyway. I know I mentioned a custom session at some point, and You graciously

said You’d make one for me and I thank You for that. I wanted to say that

anytime You think I’m ready for a custom session, I’ll pay You for it. I could

sit here and ask for one soon, but I won’t do that. I’d like to let You decide

when I’m ready for it, if that’s ok with You of course. If You’d like, I’ll pay

for one soon, and when You decide I’m ready, be it a week, or a year, it will

already be paid for. I’d love to do a live session one day, but I really can’t

afford them. I know that custom files are more expensive, but I can listen to

that over and over so would like to go that way, but, again, I’m sure I’d have

at least one live session one day. After reading about how amazing at them You

are, I’d really love to experience one for myself one day.

Well that’s all for now, Lady Surrender. Sorry for the loooong message, but

I had to do it. It was the only way to deal with not being able to listen to

You right now. Yep, I’m nuts, but I gotta be me. :)

Have a great day, Lady Surrender. Take care.


P.S. Reading this back, I can’t believe I told You some of those things. I’ve
never said them to anybody before. Methinks I’m very comfortable being myself
with You. It’s really kind of freeing.

Thu at 11:44 AM

Good morning, Lady Surrender. Hope You had a great night.
Thank You so much for showing Your play on Twitter, and for commenting on my
post here. It was fun. :) Just a quick note to tell You I just
bought Your new session. I can’t listen to it yet, but I have it. I have
avoided any type of feminization for many years, yet when You put it like You
did, secret life, feel like a woman, I’m not only not avoiding it, but I’m
craving it. I can’t believe I’m feeling like this, and I really can’t believe
I’m telling You, but I can’t stop myself, and even if I could, I wouldn’t. I
trust You completely, and how could I expect to win Your trust in return if I
wasn’t totally honest with You. Everything I told You yesterday about how I’ve
been feeling is much, much stronger today. The very thought of Your voice makes
me crazy, and I can’t stop thinking about Your voice, or You. I don’t know
exactly what’s happening to me, but I love how it feels. Thank You so much.
Have a great day.

Thu at 8:42 PM

Hi Lady Surrender. Hope You’re doing well.

I’d be very happy if You wanted to post parts of my messages to You. Yes,

they are private, but if You like them, and You want to post them, then please

do. I wouldnt know where to begin on editing them though. I don’t know what You

would like to post, so as long as it isnt something really personal, post what

You want. I wish to serve

You, and only You, and if You want to show to others the effect You’ve had on

me then I’d be honored. Thank You for wanting to.

Next month would be wonderful for a custom recording, and if not next

month, whenever You’re able is fine by me. It’s only been a little more than a

week, and I have so much to listen to already, AND You’re putting out Morning

Mantra Blank soon! If I got a custom now, I’d only listen to it, I know me too

well, but the longer I wait, the longer I have to become closer to You.
I want nothing more than to be as close to

You as possible. I may have jumped the gun when I asked to be Yours, but the

more time that passes, the more I know it is what I want. I will become a sub

worthy of You, Lady Surrender. I’ve never felt more strongly about anything,

and I will do my best to be that sub for You.

When I have the chance to listen to Your breast sessions I will be sure to

tell You how it feels. I’ll also post a review on it, as I will with all Your

sessions I listen to. I think it’s important, and I get the chance to gush

about You. Always a good thing.

I did a little looking and it seems like the chocolate You’d like isnt

available in NZ. I don’t care about shipping costs. If You want it, I’d like to

get some for You. It would mean a lot to me to do so. I’ll keep checking Your

wish list in case You ever put some up.

Thank You again for everything, Lady Surrender. You have opened something

in me I didnt know was there, and I always be thankful for You doing that for


Fri at 4:04 PM

Good morning Lady Surrender. Hope You had a wonderful night.
I’ve had a not too shabby day today. I had an unexpected two hours free today
and I’m sure You can guess what I did. Yep, I listened to YOU! FINALLY. Damn I
needed that. I listened to Your two Morning Mantras and of course Your new
breast session. I was going to listen to the MM’s first, but I wanted to see
what listening to one of Your other sessions would be like without feeling the
effects of the MMs. I wanted to see how it took me under. GOOD NEWS! It took me
under, and I went under deep. I was even interrupted on the phone halfway
through. Took the call, got annoyed that it was ruined. Put my headphones back
on hoping for the best, and I was out again within fifteen seconds. So it
seems that no matter what induction/style You’re using, I’m helpless against You
and Your hypnosis. I must say I’m very happy about that.

Now about Your breast session. I have to be honest, I loved

it! I don’t know if I’ll be feeling feminized inside from it, but I loved how

it felt to listen to. I didn’t release at the end, I’ve never been able to

hands free release, but when You said release It hit me hard, and felt

wonderful. OH, and I didn’t miss the ironic part of the session. Fist thing You

said was to put on red lipstick. I made my (semi) joke yesterday about having

You add a part about my having the urge to wear makeup while listening to Your

sessions, and there it was first thing. I wasn’t able to get up and put any on,

but now that it’s been awhile, I know that I’ll be putting it on the next time

I listen if I’m alone. I’m kind of tempted to wear it when listening to Your

other sessions too. If for no other reasons the feel and taste of it. I’m

looking forward to it. Maybe I’d better rethink what I said about Your session

not making feel feminized on the inside huh? :)

OH, I forgot to add on important point on my answering of

Your custom session questions. That being, if there is anything You want to add

that I didnt list. Anything at all, please do it. I’m here for You, and if You

think it would be good for You and I, You have free reign. I want nothing more

than being the best me I can be for You, and if You see something I don’t to

make that possible, please do it.

I also want to mention something weird I just notice while

writing this. Normally I feel the effects of sessions the most right after

listening. That’s not what happens with You. For the most part I feel perfectly

normal right after. It’s later that things start to hit me hard, and it builds,

and builds, and builds. Then, when it stops building, it doesnt go away. I love

it! :D

Have a great day, Lady Surrender. I won’t be up late tonight

if You’re chatting on a post somewhere, I have to work tomorrow, but I’ll be

thinking of You. I always am.

Sat at 7:17 AM
Hi Lady Surrender. I just got to work, but after I do a few
things that need to be done I will of course add what You want to my review.

I have to say I’m pretty excited. Today starts a period of being able to listen
to You a lot. If nothing changes, I’ll be able to listen six of the next nine
nights, and many of the days during that time. I was getting ready for work
this morning at home, I’m usually out of bed and on the road in fifteen minutes
or less, and I thought about being able to hear You and the wave of excitement
that came over me took me by surprise. Then I started thinking about how I was
feeling and all that I could think of is that I don’t care what You want to do
with me. If You want to do it, I welcome it. Yep, a bit on the nutty side, but
I was really feeling the effects of listening to You yesterday, yes, still, and
whatever it is that is going on in my helpless mind is making me crave more and
more of You, and more control. I don’t know what’s coming over me, but I have
to say, it feels right, and I’m loving it. The down side of being able to
listen so much is that it’s going to make those five nights I’m away that much
tougher, but that’s ok with me, I need to hear You as often as I can. I’m not
exactly sure why (I do have a sneaky suspicion though), but I can’t get enough
of You. I’ve said it before, and knowing my rambling writing I’ll say it again,
in all the years I’ve listened to EH nothing like this has ever happened
before. I’ve known submission, but I’m beginning to get the feeling that I’m
about to find out what true submission really is. Just the thought of that just
gave me a chill that felt great. Have a good night Lady Surrender.

Erotic hypnosis: training a sissy through mp3s, Live Sessions and Custom recordings. Journal 5.

The following email was received from sissy ashley, who ordered a custom recording and has been listening to it since 27 April. sissy ashley has also had a Live Session to experience those ultimate feminine experiences of …feminine orgasm, and feminine breasts and nipples. I am continuing to programme sissy ashley with My feminisation recordings. These feminisation recordings are complex….layered…and use deep programming….INTENSE programming. Drawing on My experience as a therapist, I have created feminisation hypnosis recordings that are being described as “brainwashing” – such is their intensity. In sissy ashley’s case, I am continuing with a programme of…sissifying…. feminising… hypnotising.

sissy ashley recently asked for more control over orgasm, and asked what sort of control could I enforce through hypnosis? The next Live One-on-One Session with sissy ashley was  this weekend, when sissy ashley was programmed for control over arousal and orgasm…to tie her responses to particular circumstances….. to only become aroused when in the company of women. Also- to have a feminine orgasm only.

Today at 5:33 AM

Last night is still fuzzy but I think I remember you asking me to email you about it. I do recall becoming very relaxed at the sound if your voice as you led me into trance. At one point there was a house then a garden and then an elevator. Out of the elevator you took my hand and led me to a mirror. Here’s where it begins to blur into colors and sensations. I looked into the mirror to see my sissy self, thin and soft skin with long dark hair and large red lips. Naked, my sissy clitty throbbed and tingled. You took control of my sissy clitty and my senses and entwined them with the sensations of a female orgasm. At one point my hand moved down to my sissy clitty and I rubbed it back and forth using only my fingers. That’s how a woman does it, right? I hope I asked you first before doing that. Did I?

One thing I definitely remember as you kept triggering the feminine orgasm was the tingling sensations throughout my body. The curious thing I remember was while my fingers were rubbing my sissy clitty AND as you triggered the orgasm, I imagined being penetrated by a penis. That was a different sensation for sure.

Towards the end after my sissy clitty made a mess I remember a glow of sorts and smaller tingling sensations as I just let go and let you do as you wished.

I guess I’ll find out what triggers you instilled but for now that’s all I can recall.

Thank you!




Erotic Hypnosis: feminine orgasm mp3s + training of hypno slave

I do so enjoy hearing from My subjects…..subjects who have been hypnotised by My mp3s and who respond oh so deliciously … to My Voice…My programming…My hypnosis. The following emails were recently received from an obedient subject, who began listening to My Sex Slave mp3, and has now moved to listen to- and obey- feminine orgasm level 1 & 2. Yet another subject who has fallen to My INTENSE feminisation hypnosis…complex, deep and layered hypnosis…. based on My experience as a psychotherapist.


Dear Mistress,

i just wanted to express my appreciation after going through multiple listens of your mp3 file “My Sex Slave” last night. i went much deeper than i ordinarily go – much much deeper – and the delicious fantasies that you proposed stayed with me long after the session finished.

i’m lying in bed now and my skin is tingling. i have an erection that i can’t seem to get rid of but i’m happy just letting it stick out and up from the covers, not needing to touch it, just proud that it is there, a sign that in some way i’ve perhaps become attuned to the idea of being a sex slave, your sex slave Mistress.

i look forward to continuing this journey, looking forward to yielding many more times to your soft and sleepy, sexy and oh so silky kiwi accent


thank you Mistress

your sex slave



Dear Mistress,

Your mp3 file “My Sex Slave” file is quite remarkable – i listened to it on loop on tuesday, skipping through 4 cycles, feeling each trance take me deeper and deeper and more and more deliciously in Your control. Today i will try and get the other sessions .

once more – thank you for this. my original email – in cruder terms – described how I continue to feel – the image of me being You sex slave has conjured a wealth of images and possibilities in my head.


Your sex slave



Dear Mistress,

Thank You very much for your reply – i felt a flutter of excitement when i read your name in my in-box. i am only too happy to have my emails used as testimonials but on rereading noticed several typos – oops. my work has stopped me from fully engaging in any more of your wonderful audio charms for the last week but I am hoping to have time next week to explore your two other files and even look beyond these – there is certainly the promise of a lot more in your mp3s and that excites me so much.

your surrendered sex slave


My reply:


I trust My Surrendered slave will purchase and obey…My latest mp3 released yesterday?

I await your compliance.

Surrender is inevitable.


Dear Mistress,

this slave is excited and about to go shopping. finally, this slave has some time to explore..apologies for not purchasing prior…

sex slave k

My reply:
I see you have been busy…. purchasing some more of My hypnosis files.
I look forward to hearing from you…. describing your submission to My Voice and My hypnosis.

Using your weakness to bind you closer to Me.

Lady Surrender.



delicious experiences…i was a little surprised by the deep brainwashing aspect of the files…but feminine orgasm is blowing me away..i was initially a little disappointed that the induction was the same as for sex slave but it is such an effective one (that takes me so deep) that in the end i understand the logic of it…this slave has only listened to file 2 for feminine orgasm once but it was almost unbearably charged with sex. i actually could not listen to the whole file and found myself waking in a state of unbelievable excitement – i think it was the shakes and tremors my body was having that woke me…

wonderful work. this slave senses that his weakness will force him to listen to more and more and eventually, inevitably, to submit in a live session if Lady allows.

your weak and bound slave


Dear Lady Surrender

just to add something…i am a kiwi and may i say how wonderful it is to listen to your oh-so-familiar accent and feel it so close to me.

bound and weak, weak and bound


My reply:

I am busy editing a new feminsation script and saw your message.
surprised by the brainwashing aspect??…. do explain more about that comment.

I use the same induction in a series…remember that hypnosis works by repetition. So often- a subject will say they are bored by hypnosis ( not by My files specifically). Feeling bored is part of the conscious mind still trying to stay in control…ignore that boredom response!

I am delighted with your response to feminine orgasm hypnosis… I have still to post reviews of the double feminine orgasm files- would love to use your emailed response as a review. I believe the feminine orgasm file is a very deep, complex and layered file that delivers the ultimate feminine experience of a feminine orgasm.

Yes, I do love using your weakness against you…I look forward to toying with you in a Live Session.

Using your weakness to bind you closer.

a kiwi?
How lovely! There are so few Kiwi submissives interested in EH.


i was surprised by the fact that there was so much repetition between the two files and, being new to the breadth of your styles, half-expected the style to veer into a fantasy rather than the oh-so-heavy brainwash. now i have a clearer idea of how it works. i will keep you posted on this. this slave also believes, like Mistress, that there is a depth a complexity in the feminine orgasm files that uncovers itself slowly and is yet to emerge for me. i believe, and i don’t think i’m overstating this, that these files fit into the category of art rather than porn or psychological manipulation. this slave wonders if this is how you see them as well.

may slave ask if you have any plans to turn your slaves or sissies into robots?

on bended knee



this slave is sure that there are even fewer kiwi Hypno-dommes than submissives. *shy smile*

lucky slave


My reply:

My goodness!
did slave not read anything on My web site??
I included links under the feminine orgasm files to My web site where subjects e.g.wendy, ashley, m etc have experienced feminine orgasm for real…yes, real Live One=on-One sessions where the subject experiences feminine orgasm.

I know that submissives read the mp3 description and think that it isn’t possible…but actually- it’s just a normal hypnosis outcome as far as I am concerned….I have based the mp3 recordings on My experience in My psychotherapy practise….
slave should read My web site for journals from subjects who have had their sexual arousal level toyed with…..

I base My EH on My therapy background…. as well as My creative and intuitive approach to working with subjects.

I agree- feminine orgasm will reveal layers as you listen to it…. if you have read the review for Morning Mantra of Temptation written by submissive m .- he talks about this aspect of My work.

If you think feminine orgasm is Art….then you will be even more convinced of that when you listen to Morning Mantras…. they do not follow the normal formulae of EH mp3s…

I will post this conversation to My web site… I am enjoying your emails outlining your responses.

I have a list of recordings to be made…smiles…
true….I suspect I am the only hypno Domme here in New Zealand.
EH doesn’t seem to have attracted the imagination of many in the bdsm world here in NZ.

oh my…yes Mistress..slave did read those testimonies but this slave, i guess, was surprised by the intensity of the brainwash…and its relentlessness *wipes sweat from his brow*…this slave will forge ahead with his training. the morning mantras will be the next step Mistress. so happy i have some time coming up to explore these more in the next week.

embracing my weakness

slave k

i wonder why this Mistress – it seems to be the ultimate in control and submission – and the fact that it is linked with what you have talked about as your “therapy” background makes this feel so much more interesting and exciting. as far as New Zealand goes i can understand that this has a lot to do with the size of our country – and that is why it is so heartening to hear your voice command this slave

in total weakness

slave k



 going much deeper and a wonderful feeling of pleasure rippling through my body at the end.




one more listen…this slave still can’t let go at the end. this slave so wants to give himself over..this slave’s twitching dancing cock reminds him he is still a boy…must let myself go freer…more later on tonight

weaker now





much weaker now…deliciously weak…Your file is working and the strange logic of it hit me on the last listen. The file is training slave for a cock. “Well of course!” slave can hear You mutter but as the waves of pleasure began to radiate out this slave soon realised what these orgasms are about – slave’s pussy. today slave must shop for a plug.

surrendered slave k


Dear MIstress,

mission accomplished…mmmmmm…so good,,a feminine orgasm

weaker and weaker

slave k



Erotic hypnosis: training a sissy through mp3s, Live Sessions and Custom recordings. Journal 3

The following IMs were received from sissy ashley, who ordered a custom recording and has been listening to it since 27 April. sissy ashley has also had a Live Session to experience those ultimate feminine experiences of …feminine orgasm, and feminine breasts and nipples. I am continuing to programme sissy ashley with My feminisation recordings. These feminisation recordings are complex….layered…and use deep programming….INTENSE programming. In sissy ashley’s case, I am continuing with a programme of…sissifying…. feminising… hypnotising.

sissy ashley recently asked for more control over orgasm, and asked what sort of control could I enforce through hypnosis?





I hope you are well. Thank you for the ideas. I’d like to explore a few of them… Ruined orgasm, repeated orgasm and arousal based on a circumstance.
I wish for you to reinforce that I have a sissy clitty. Make it permanently ingrained.

Mistress, I’ve been thinking and I’ll purchase a live session so we can work on things. That might be best. I trust your judgement for my sissy self.

Is there there a way to tie all this to further embracing my sissy self?


My reply:

sissy ashley,

and what is in your sissy mind regrading “arousal based on a circumstance”…..??

There are many and varied ways in which I have used hypnosis to control a subject’s arousal and orgasm. With ruined orgasm, I have hypnotised subjects to be unable to orgasm at all- no matter what the “stimulus”…




As for arousal based on circumstance…

I have a lot of female friends and maybe we could tie my sissy feelings to being around women especially in large groups?


My reply :


so- wanting to be aroused when around women??



As a sissy. In sissy mode. Like I can secretly relate. Maybe there are other things too?

and submissive to them



my sissy clitty has been driving me crazy all day thinking about how you can further control it.
I think the triggers when being around women make me feel like I am one of them, like mentally I can envision my feminine sissy self around them
Does that make sense?
I’d also would like to further ingrain orgasms to being a sissy and how my sissy clitty can only achieve this if I am in sissy mode
hope you are well


Session purchased.

sissy ashley.

My reply:

sissy ashley,

In the session,  I will focus on triggers around women and only being able to have orgasm when in sissy mode.

yes- that will be totally achievable through hypnotic triggers!

sissy ashley, yes, I will make time available NZ sunday afternoon…to continue your sissy training

Planning further programming and conditioning of your sissy mind and body.

Erotic hypnosis: training a sissy through mp3s, Live Sessions and Custom recordings.

The following IMs were received from sissy ashley, who ordered a custom recording and has been listening to it since 27 April. sissy ashley has also had a Live Session to experience those ultimate feminine experiences of …feminine orgasm, and feminine breasts and nipples. I am continuing to programme sissy ashley with My feminisation recordings. These feminisation recordings are complex….layered…and use deep programming….INTENSE programming. In sissy ashley’s case, I am continuing with a programme of…sissifying…. feminising… hypnotising….



I purchased the cei level 1 & 2 files and will listen tonight.
I still have not orgasmed in over a week just as you instructed
I am your cum eating sissy.
Also, when I was listening to the file, I think the idea of surrender clicked with me. It felt like a relief to have someone else in control of my orgasm and sissy clitty.
Thank you Mistress



I made a mess but I ate my cum last night like you told me too. Thank you Mistress


 Wow just checked my messages and am now in sissy mode. Thank you Mistress. It makes me happy that you use my journals to help other sissies (plus it makes my sissy clitty tingle)
For the cock gag, I was thinking of the sensations of having a penis in my mouth, especially since I don’t have a penis. My lips around the head and shaft and how my tongue would have to service it
And now that I know what cum tastes like and how I crave it, how the sensations would feel combined with the feeling of a cock in my mouth and the craving for cum
Thank you Mistress for reminding me that I am your cumslut sissy.


 Yes I crave cum more and more after listening to your mp3
Thank you Mistress

Lady Surrender:


 I have just posted a new mp3 :

I wonder if you will like the voice sample I posted….


Lady Surrender,

Thank you for the link Mistress. I thought I couldn’t hear a thing ( of your Voice sample) and then my sissy clitty began to tingle and my breath became short.
This weekend I’ll get some time to purchase the mp3s and focus on them
I hope you are well mistress
Mistress I could not wait, so I purchased the feminine orgasm mp3s. I’ll spend a few days with level 1 before level 2. Thank you Mistress.

Lady Surrender:


sissy ashley,

have you been enjoying the feminine orgasm files?


Yes, Mistress. I’m still working with the level 1 file. I have not been able to listen to it as much as I’d like. I do enjoy listening to your voice.


Mistress I still listen to the custom mp3 to reinforce that I’m a sissy. I listened to it twice today. Thank you. I spent this afternoon reading sissy magazines, trying out lip gloss.
Tonight I plan to eat more of my cum. It’s getting easier for me to eat cum from my sissy clitty
Thank you

I was reading about make up and fashion, clothing and stuff about guys.

Lady Surrender:

 so, write Me a little bit more about that…what you were reading about guys…how you felt when reading…etc
I had another subject talk about you the other day…
……… smiles………
………..with envy……….
they envied the hypnosis programming you have and so far.

sissy ashley:


How flattering another sissy mentioned me. I hope they are finding themselves!

I was just reading about dating guys and how thry think and what they like.

 My sissy clitty got tingly about one girl who was trying to please her man. Made me very curious and flustered
It just made me wonder about a man fucking my mouth or pussy. Could I do it? I don’t know
I know that I am a sissy through and through but pleasing a man feels scary and arousing at the same time. I’d want him to claw at my panties and bra and run his hands all over.

sissy ashley



Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave training using mp3 recordings.

The following journal records the responses of “submissive Surrendered” from as he listens to the “Morning Mantra of Submission”, the “Morning Mantra of Temptation”, “Feminine Orgasm level 1″ and “Feminine Breasts”. submissive Surrendered describes his past experience of listening to Feminisation recordings and contrast his prior responses to what he feels now. he also describes how he feels about the on-going effects of the hypnosis contained in My mp3 recordings. submissive Surrendered’s experience of finding the hypnotic triggers and suggestions have embedded at a level he hasn’t experienced before- is also similar to mike’s experience:

mike last had a Live Session over 6 months ago, and yet I am still able to deliciously access those same trigger phrases I used in the Live Sessions to…. control mike.

I look forward to more of submissive Surrendered’s emails, describing his …delicious…. submission.


Lady Surrender,

I have to tell You something, Lady Surrender. When I first was writing to You I said something about not really believing that long term mind control and brain washing worked with hypnosis. That belief was based on what I’ve gone through in the past. I was wrong. I do believe in it, when it’s done by You. There is no other explanation with what’s going on with me. I’m basing that on many things. One of them being how things build up well after listening to You, and it just getting stronger, then whatever feelings I’m having not going away. The main thing I’m basing this on is the feminization thing though. I know it was a fantasy of mine when I was younger, but nothing more. In the past I have listened to some feminization sessions, but they’re

all the same. “You’re turning into a beautiful woman, or you want to wear makeup and panties”, oh really? Not a chance. They had no effect whatsoever, and were usually pretty funny to me for some reason. Knowing that in the past feminization sessions had no effect on me was one of the reasons I listened to Yours. While
it is true You saying that forced feminization is a specialty of Your did make me think about it twice, I really didnt expect anything more than hearing more of Your beautiful voice, and maybe getting more sensitive nipples. (damn, writing that right now is making me crazy. What the heck was that? Ok, I’m calm, but shaking) (If I go back and read it the same thing happens. I’m not sure, but I think I hit a trigger. Unbelievable. ) but that was about it. What has actually happened is shocking the crap out of me, and as I said,one of the reasons I now believe You can control my mind. I cant stop thinking about being feminized. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I can’t even pinpoint what it is that’s changed in my
thinking, but something I didn’t want done just a few days ago is now something I’m craving. I can’t even imagine what being truly feminized would feel like. I can’t picture what could possibly happen in me to make me feel anything but a man, but I can’t stop thinking that it’s already started, and I don’t want it to stop. I don’t get it, but I can’t fight it either. Yes, this is the same guy who said he had no interest in feminization at all, I’m finding it hard to believe I’m even typing it out right now to send to You when I’m done, but I can’t stop myself. I noticed today that when I’m listening to Your files, that what happens to me is not hypnosis
as I have known it. There are the normal times of going deeper, and coming out a bit, and my mind wanders thinking about other things, but the whole time it’s happening, there is much more than hypnosis going on in my mind. Everybody always says they’re talking directly to the subconcious mind, but for the first
time in my life I think I know what that means. It feels like You’re talking to a part of me that isnt me. It’s really a strange feeling, but it’s a wonderful feeling.

One that I want to go back to over and over again. I can’t stop thinking about how it feels to listen to You. Your voice has gone from a beautiful voice with a cute accent to one that gets in my head and stays right there. Your voice is so beautiful. As soon as I hear it I start to go under and let it do what it wants to me. Another sign that whatever You are doing to me I have no control over. It’s the craziest thing, but I just can’t get enough of You or Your voice.

- submissive Surrendered.



Erotic Hypnosis: feminine orgasm, sensitive breasts and nipples.

The following email from a pre-op tg subject, natalie, contained a “shopping list” of behaviours that natalie would like to change through hypnosis.

The first session will focus on using hypnosis for natalie to experience feminine orgasm, sensitive breasts and sensitive nipples. I will also use hypnosis to build natalie’s confidence, and to programme her to feel feminine and sexy. natalie originally made contact asking whether hypnosis would help push her forward in her journey to being fully natalie. Hypnosis works by repetition and practise so My expectation is that the responses that natalie feels will deepen and strengthen as she has repeated hypnosis sessions.


Hello Mistress Surrender.

Hope you are well,


Just some ideas (i’m sure ideas are all pretty standard for you?)

would love to be more domesticated

be obedient




clean the house


obsessed with fashion, makeup, hair, and always practicing

read romance novels

have no fear buying makeup/clothes/going out dressed (not to work)

interested in girlie magazines

enjoy the opera,

romance novels,

romantic movies, girlie programs, sex and the city etc..

lose weight, lots of it, be slim, and weak, but healthy, probably about 10st, at least size 10/12

develop interest in yoga and pilates

jog to lose weight

learn to coordinate clothes

Female Dreams

listen to girly pop


when with boyfriend or man who fancies natalie :

blushing with with bf

giggles instead of laughing

girlie voice


when triggered:

develop a female voice

Feels naked, terribly ashamed, lose all his confidence and turn into a sobbing, quivering mess if  is ever seen win triggered in public while i am not wearing a filled bra, panties, makeup, earrings, perfume, and a feminine hairstyle/wig.

Becomes incredibly bored by sports talk and to become violently nauseous win attempting to watch competitive sports, or read about them

Feels pleasure and great interest whennever reading women’s magazines, watching soap operas, figure skating, and to be thrilled by anything that has to do with beauty, fashion or makeup.

fancys men – into guys. Cocks, hairy legs and chests, muscles,

women should be with men, i need to be a woman,

natural urges must be towards men.

only think of guys, thinks like a woman

Feels like the ugliest most disgusting creature imaginable unless all his body hair is removed.

Feels jealous, instead of aroused, win  sees a beautiful woman. Find himself comparing his feminine looks with hers.

always wanted to be a woman

no doubts

weakened into submission to to feminine personality

become a woman. think like a woman

act like a woman

Unable to stand up and keep his balance unless wearing high heels that are at least 4 inchs.

Unable to even remember how to walk without taking small mincing steps and swaying his hips provocatively.

gush about how i loves being a girl sooo much, and that i am so much happier this way.


Best Regards,



Erotic Hypnosis: feminisation of cynthia. Part 4.

Correspondence from a hypnosis subject- cynthia- who has been hypnotised to be inescapably feminine. cynthia is now able to self-trigger using the trigger phrases I have programmed to her sub-conscious mind. I have also now programmed cynthia to experience feminine orgasms.


September 2013.

Cynthia’s DIARY 4



Here is My latest diary:

Everyone seems to be online dating these days and I wanted to chat to some real men in my new female persona. I needed a proper chat, not those pathetic one-line teasers that popped up in my in box with depressing regularity.

There was never any charm, just blunt statements – ‘love your legs’, let’s have sex’ ‘mine’s six inches of steely pleasure’. Desperate really.

So I found a few chatty friends online, male and femmes both who fancied a bit of a chat.

Some were good company, others just wanted to talk sex but I was able to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

And then there was Don. Don seemed delightful.

We had talked online before and there was some kind of connection but I couldn’t remember how or why. He’d been kind enough to put up his picture on my IM feed so at least he wasn’t anonymous.

And at least it wasn’t his cock.

Quite the contrary. He was wearing a bow tie and dinner jacket.

And looked very smart.

His hair was dark and his jawline strong. His face well-tanned.

He began chatting online again. I’ll rephrase that. He began seducing me online.

Why don’t we meet up, maybe in a neutral coffee bar, talk about what we liked, get to know each other. I said a little about myself, how I was as yet unconvincing, my legs my only really good feature.

‘I’m a leg man myself” he replied.

“Well, I haven’t really got many clothes to wear…” I wriggled, grasping at an excuse.

“I could buy you lots of lingerie..”, he countered.

A girl can get flustered.

Don had been working abroad, followed by a golfing holiday. He lived in an affluent area. He had money. He was attractive.

And getting more attractive by the minute.

Everything I said to put him off, he countered with a charming response.

‘Oh, I’m too old for you”’

‘I much prefer maturity in a woman.”

‘We live too far apart.”

‘I could come to you. I love traveling”.

So this was what it’s like to be seduced. For the first time in my life I realised how a man wins a woman though taking an interest in her – carrying, no, leading the conversation and being free with the compliments. He was being a proper man.

My problem was that, after a very early start the day, I was flaking and desperate for bed.

And just for sleep, this time.

I politely told him I must sign off. He was disappointed.

Worryingly, so was I.

I carried on – womanfully – for a few more minutes as I got the impression he was angling to fix a date. We didn’t but ended on the slightly bland promise to keep in touch.

And I shut off the computer to a brand new feeling.

I was worried I might lose him.



Erotic Hypnosis: melissa and fetish for feminisation.

The following chronology is actual correspondence between Myself and a submissive named melissa.  melissa has had r/t experience with a pro-Domme. This submissive has never experienced erotic hypnosis before. melissa’s experience of “vanilla” hypnosis has been relaxation hypnosis, a number of years ago. I have used Erotic Hypnosis to gain control of the submissive’s subconscious mind and transform her into the feminised submissive she longs to be. I also used mind control and triggers to deepen the submission.

Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

2 September 2013


The more i read the more intrigued i am becoming.  If what You say is truly possible then You have tweaked my interest.  i feel that i would truly love to experience my desire to be feminised.  i guess that fantasy started many years ago but now it has gone beyond being a fantasy it has become a yearning desire and i wish to explore further.

i feel that i would like to have my mind bent, massaged and then moulded. i have also enjoyed B&D for many years. i am submissive and would also like to have that taken further.  i guess what i’m saying is that i believe i am truly ready to experience a far deeper level of commitment, mind control and whatever goes with that.

i would dearly like to speak further.

yearning to be Melissa.

Correspondence from Ma’am:

5 September 2013


When I read your email, I hear the longing to be feminised… to be your secret self…that  you have kept hidden.Yes- it is truly possible to live your dreams….. to become My puppet… to surrender to the hypnosis that  will build on your innermost desires.

The next step, is to arrange to speak with Me on YM voice. I am available for sessions Fridays to Mondays from 1pm NZ time/days.

I look forward to…. making you My puppet.


Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

5 September 2013


my heart has jumped a little …

i now anxiously for my first contact with You! - perhaps with a little trepidation …

What will happen at our first discussion? … do I have to be alone?  OMG  now i’m getting a excited…


Correspondence from Ma’am:

           6 September 2013


If you read the first email I sent you, you will read that I will arrange to talk with you on YM Voice…. to answer any questions and assess your suitability for hypnosis.

To do this- I will need to know where you live (time zone difference) and plan for when I am available. I will also need to know your YM IM  ID.

My YM IM ID is there to read in the email. There would be little point in arranging a time to speak if you don’t have privacy to do so!Planning your surrender…


Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

9 September 2013


O/our chat on Saturday last ended up being far more than i expected! It was an introductory chat for You to determine whether i was suitable.

From the outset i found myself quite captivated by Your tone and investigative manner.

i can’t remember everything that i told You apart from the fact that i believe i was extremely open about myself.  You made me feel extremely comfortable.  i did not think that i would have been quite as open as i was.  i felt like i had known you for many years.

After our talk i sat at my desk for about an hour contemplating our discussion, the way it went and more importantly the way it made me feel. i remember telling You that i had been involved in B&D for quite some years.  Most of the sessions that i had experienced were as a submissive.  This was due to a very experienced Dominatrix with whom i was always extremely relaxed and absolutely trusted.  i was getting the same vibes during our chat.

The more i thought about the chat and what i could remember of what You said, urges to submit started welling up and we hadn’t sessioned yet.  i recall talking about collaring.  That circumstance has never crossed my mind in the past – although i had seen articles and blogs about it.  i think i have some understanding about what it means.  i was thinking whether or not i could ever be considered for that step.  i know Your comment about commitment etc but my mind was racing – i was thinking all i wanted to do is submit.

The tantalising images of past sessions and me wanting/trying to submit didn’t seem to really work but now my interest in hypnosis has been heightened.  i’ve been thinking, sorry, haven’t been able to stop thinking about where You could take me and what i could become.  i have wanted so much for so long to feminised and to feel comfortable about that. You have rekindled a deep seated need to serve.  i know my place in society – ‘Women Are Superior People’(WASP) and i have been stung by the WASP – i am a male and my place is to submit and serve.  i think i have chosen a Mistress to serve or was the intro chat merely Mistresses opportunity to chose or reject a possible new subject to become committed to Her.

Mistress i apologise if what i have written sounds silly or appears to be a whole lot of dribble.  It is so hard to explain or put into words the way i feel.  i have never been able to explain my desires to be feminised – it started so long ago.  i just know that i feel the way i feel and need to be able to accept it.  To feel comfortable about it and embrace it – both my femininity as well as my need to submit.

i selected my panties (mauve ‘g’ string) and pantyhose late Sunday evening … can’t get them, You and my pending session off my mind.  my anxiety is becoming overwhelming !!!!!!!!!! i am sending the tribute today via mail today.




Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

9 September 2013

my new and most Dearest Mistress

Letter via International Registered Post – longing to commence …


Correspondence from Ma’am:

9 September 2013

My puppet,

I have been away from work all day…..

I will reply at length tomorrow… and reassure you that I am trustworthy… and that I intend to have your surrender.. to My voice.. to My will… to My Dominance.



10 September 2013

My puppet,

It would seem that you have already begun to submit… smiles.

I am looking forward to feminising you…. to accepting your submission and deepening both your submission and your feminisation fetish through erotic hypnosis.

I was delighted to read your email, and to see that you feel a sense of connection already.

In My experience, bdsm is at its most satisfying when there is a connection between the Dom/me and the submissive that allows trust and confidence to build. Looking forward, My puppet, to O/our time together.


Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

10 September 2013

my Mistress,

It has been a very long time since i have felt like i do.

Got up this morning and donned my panties (i changed them to a maroon – much prettier pair than the ‘g’ string) and pantyhose.  Although i have worn them many times in the past (mainly in the closet) they felt/feel very different this morning they feel far more intense, if You know what i mean. i have always loved the sensation of women’s clothing both physically and mentally.  They seem to smooth out the edge of my feminine feelings.

What i mean is that they seem to be like taking the first step in the direction that i fantasise about. i have by now read the majority of the posts/blogs.  They all strike a chord within me.  But i think Cynthia’s writings strike the greatest about my mental state.

And yes, Mistress You are quite right i started feeling the ‘want’ to submit to You during o/Our chat – and that has not really happened to me but once before in my B&D experience.

i’ll be on-line as arranged at 1pm (oz time) 3pm NZ time.

Your puppet.

11 September 2013

my Mistress,

It has been a very long time since i have felt like i do.  Got up this morning and donned my panties (i changed them to a maroon – much prettier pair than the ‘g’ string) and pantyhose.  Although i have worn them many times in the past (mainly in the closet) they felt/feel very different this morning they feel far more intense, if You know what i mean. i have always loved the sensation of women’s clothing both physically and mentally.  They seem to smooth out the edge of my feminine feelings.

What i mean is that they seem to be like taking the first step in the direction that i fantasise about. i have by now read the majority of the posts/blogs.  They all strike a chord within me.  But i think Cynthia’s writings strike the greatest about my mental state.

And yes, Mistress You are quite right i started feeling the ‘want’ to submit to You during O/our chat – and that has not really happened to me but once before in my B&D experience.

i’ll be on-line as arranged at 1pm (oz time) 3pm NZ time.

Your puppet.

Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis. The first hypnosis session took place via YM voice in subject’s office. Subsequent sessions have taken place at subject’s home via YM voice.

13 September 2013

my dearest seductive Mistress

i have said before there occasions when words just do not create the whole picture.

But might i start with OMG, OMG what a journey it is that i have begun.Tuesday …

session 1.     Very nervous, very anticipatory and want so much for it to be a success.  Albeit a difficult time with the prevailing surroundings it was my very first time to be hypnotised.  It is so hard to explain how one really feels.  Relaxed, numb, listening but not listening and for me some strange after analysis.  (That’s just me – i like to work things out).

i thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  i left the session feeling very relaxed, with some thoughts about what had happened and some strange responses to things that You said.  i felt very warm inside and a much stronger connection to You than i did before the session. i didn’t get much sleep Tuesday night.  i kept going over and over what had happened.

THEN Wednesday………… A far different experience from Tuesday, i think !!!!

i don’t remember very much at all.  Albeit before and when we started i, again, wanted to trance so much.  Well, i guess i did.  i don’t remember much of the start.

i remember nothing of the ‘during’ and it was not until the end, when i awoke that Mistress started talking to me that i experienced the strangest of feelings.  Mistress was asking me questions or making statements and i know that it had the strangest of urges and feelings.  For the life of me i can’t remember what she was actually saying but i was re-acting.  i do remember one thing very well .

i got so erotically excited that i cum in my panties and stockings.  It was one of the best orgasms i think i have every had.  i was completely drained and have felt so since.

my connection with my Mistress has increased a 100 fold.  i am very happy with the way She has made me feel.  i just don’t remember what happened during trance.   Mistress told me after the session that she implanted an amnesia control in my sub-conscious or something like that.  It has certainly worked for me.  Now i sit here agitating over when my next sessions will be.  i don’t think it will be long before i surrender myself for further trancing.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm oh what a feeling. !!!!!

Your puppet Melissa.

Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis. Subject has now accepted an amnesia script.

21 September 2013

Session 3


Again where does one start.

i have never experienced to utter feeling of relaxation that i feel after my session.

From the outset Mistress easily lulls me into my trance.  i guess it’s because i want it sooo much.  Her voice is so mesmerising, soothing that i feel an overwhelming feeling of trust and a craving to submit so great that’s the end of me.  The next thing that i remember is waking feeling every bone and muscle in my body so relaxed. Then Mistress starts,” What do you remember?”  i reply, “Relaxing then nothing till now.”

Mistress says, “And how do you feel when I say “My sexy girl melissa”.   “Hmmmm” i replied i’m getting very aroused Mistress” Then Mistress said the words (i think!) “and when i say the words My submissive Melissa.” i replied, “Mistress I need so much to submit to You, Your every wish Your every command i just need to serve You My Mistress.”  And puppet when I say the words “My obedient puppet” how do you feel?  “Mistress Mistress” i replied i want to and i will obey Your every command.”

Mistress told me that i would not be able to remember any of my session.  But that She had implanted a number of trigger phrases my subconscious about things that I inwardly wanted and She had programmed me to automatically respond without thought and it was those triggers that were making me respond as i was.

A rush came over me as to Mistresses programming me and my mind started racing.  What more could She program me to do and experience. i now find myself so deeply attached to my Mistress.  i feel that i am being consumed to be Her obedient and very submissive slave.

i suggested to my Mistress that i would dearly to deepen my feminisation so deep that i could actually experience a female orgasm.  How erotic and mind blowing that would be.  Please Mistress help me in my quest. As a sign of my devotion to You i have attached a certificate of my registration for the realisation of others. i can’t stop thinking about You

Your puppet melissa