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Erotic hypnosis: training a sissy through mp3s, Live Sessions and Custom recordings.

The following IMs were received from sissy ashley, who ordered a custom recording and has been listening to it since 27 April. sissy ashley has also had a Live Session to experience those ultimate feminine experiences of …feminine orgasm, and feminine breasts and nipples. I am continuing to programme sissy ashley with My feminisation recordings. These feminisation recordings are complex….layered…and use deep programming….INTENSE programming. In sissy ashley’s case, I am continuing with a programme of…sissifying…. feminising… hypnotising….



I purchased the cei level 1 & 2 files and will listen tonight.
I still have not orgasmed in over a week just as you instructed
I am your cum eating sissy.
Also, when I was listening to the file, I think the idea of surrender clicked with me. It felt like a relief to have someone else in control of my orgasm and sissy clitty.
Thank you Mistress



I made a mess but I ate my cum last night like you told me too. Thank you Mistress


 Wow just checked my messages and am now in sissy mode. Thank you Mistress. It makes me happy that you use my journals to help other sissies (plus it makes my sissy clitty tingle)
For the cock gag, I was thinking of the sensations of having a penis in my mouth, especially since I don’t have a penis. My lips around the head and shaft and how my tongue would have to service it
And now that I know what cum tastes like and how I crave it, how the sensations would feel combined with the feeling of a cock in my mouth and the craving for cum
Thank you Mistress for reminding me that I am your cumslut sissy.


 Yes I crave cum more and more after listening to your mp3
Thank you Mistress

Lady Surrender:


 I have just posted a new mp3 :

I wonder if you will like the voice sample I posted….


Lady Surrender,

Thank you for the link Mistress. I thought I couldn’t hear a thing ( of your Voice sample) and then my sissy clitty began to tingle and my breath became short.
This weekend I’ll get some time to purchase the mp3s and focus on them
I hope you are well mistress
Mistress I could not wait, so I purchased the feminine orgasm mp3s. I’ll spend a few days with level 1 before level 2. Thank you Mistress.

Lady Surrender:


sissy ashley,

have you been enjoying the feminine orgasm files?


Yes, Mistress. I’m still working with the level 1 file. I have not been able to listen to it as much as I’d like. I do enjoy listening to your voice.


Mistress I still listen to the custom mp3 to reinforce that I’m a sissy. I listened to it twice today. Thank you. I spent this afternoon reading sissy magazines, trying out lip gloss.
Tonight I plan to eat more of my cum. It’s getting easier for me to eat cum from my sissy clitty
Thank you

I was reading about make up and fashion, clothing and stuff about guys.

Lady Surrender:

 so, write Me a little bit more about that…what you were reading about guys…how you felt when reading…etc
I had another subject talk about you the other day…
……… smiles………
………..with envy……….
they envied the hypnosis programming you have and so far.

sissy ashley:


How flattering another sissy mentioned me. I hope they are finding themselves!

I was just reading about dating guys and how thry think and what they like.

 My sissy clitty got tingly about one girl who was trying to please her man. Made me very curious and flustered
It just made me wonder about a man fucking my mouth or pussy. Could I do it? I don’t know
I know that I am a sissy through and through but pleasing a man feels scary and arousing at the same time. I’d want him to claw at my panties and bra and run his hands all over.

sissy ashley



Erotic Hypnosis: hypno slave training using mp3 recordings.

The following journal records the responses of “submissive Surrendered” from as he listens to the “Morning Mantra of Submission”, the “Morning Mantra of Temptation”, “Feminine Orgasm level 1″ and “Feminine Breasts”. submissive Surrendered describes his past experience of listening to Feminisation recordings and contrast his prior responses to what he feels now. he also describes how he feels about the on-going effects of the hypnosis contained in My mp3 recordings. submissive Surrendered’s experience of finding the hypnotic triggers and suggestions have embedded at a level he hasn’t experienced before- is also similar to mike’s experience:

mike last had a Live Session over 6 months ago, and yet I am still able to deliciously access those same trigger phrases I used in the Live Sessions to…. control mike.

I look forward to more of submissive Surrendered’s emails, describing his …delicious…. submission.


Lady Surrender,

I have to tell You something, Lady Surrender. When I first was writing to You I said something about not really believing that long term mind control and brain washing worked with hypnosis. That belief was based on what I’ve gone through in the past. I was wrong. I do believe in it, when it’s done by You. There is no other explanation with what’s going on with me. I’m basing that on many things. One of them being how things build up well after listening to You, and it just getting stronger, then whatever feelings I’m having not going away. The main thing I’m basing this on is the feminization thing though. I know it was a fantasy of mine when I was younger, but nothing more. In the past I have listened to some feminization sessions, but they’re

all the same. “You’re turning into a beautiful woman, or you want to wear makeup and panties”, oh really? Not a chance. They had no effect whatsoever, and were usually pretty funny to me for some reason. Knowing that in the past feminization sessions had no effect on me was one of the reasons I listened to Yours. While
it is true You saying that forced feminization is a specialty of Your did make me think about it twice, I really didnt expect anything more than hearing more of Your beautiful voice, and maybe getting more sensitive nipples. (damn, writing that right now is making me crazy. What the heck was that? Ok, I’m calm, but shaking) (If I go back and read it the same thing happens. I’m not sure, but I think I hit a trigger. Unbelievable. ) but that was about it. What has actually happened is shocking the crap out of me, and as I said,one of the reasons I now believe You can control my mind. I cant stop thinking about being feminized. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I can’t even pinpoint what it is that’s changed in my
thinking, but something I didn’t want done just a few days ago is now something I’m craving. I can’t even imagine what being truly feminized would feel like. I can’t picture what could possibly happen in me to make me feel anything but a man, but I can’t stop thinking that it’s already started, and I don’t want it to stop. I don’t get it, but I can’t fight it either. Yes, this is the same guy who said he had no interest in feminization at all, I’m finding it hard to believe I’m even typing it out right now to send to You when I’m done, but I can’t stop myself. I noticed today that when I’m listening to Your files, that what happens to me is not hypnosis
as I have known it. There are the normal times of going deeper, and coming out a bit, and my mind wanders thinking about other things, but the whole time it’s happening, there is much more than hypnosis going on in my mind. Everybody always says they’re talking directly to the subconcious mind, but for the first
time in my life I think I know what that means. It feels like You’re talking to a part of me that isnt me. It’s really a strange feeling, but it’s a wonderful feeling.

One that I want to go back to over and over again. I can’t stop thinking about how it feels to listen to You. Your voice has gone from a beautiful voice with a cute accent to one that gets in my head and stays right there. Your voice is so beautiful. As soon as I hear it I start to go under and let it do what it wants to me. Another sign that whatever You are doing to me I have no control over. It’s the craziest thing, but I just can’t get enough of You or Your voice.

- submissive Surrendered.



Erotic Hypnosis: feminine orgasm, sensitive breasts and nipples.

The following email from a pre-op tg subject, natalie, contained a “shopping list” of behaviours that natalie would like to change through hypnosis.

The first session will focus on using hypnosis for natalie to experience feminine orgasm, sensitive breasts and sensitive nipples. I will also use hypnosis to build natalie’s confidence, and to programme her to feel feminine and sexy. natalie originally made contact asking whether hypnosis would help push her forward in her journey to being fully natalie. Hypnosis works by repetition and practise so My expectation is that the responses that natalie feels will deepen and strengthen as she has repeated hypnosis sessions.


Hello Mistress Surrender.

Hope you are well,


Just some ideas (i’m sure ideas are all pretty standard for you?)

would love to be more domesticated

be obedient




clean the house


obsessed with fashion, makeup, hair, and always practicing

read romance novels

have no fear buying makeup/clothes/going out dressed (not to work)

interested in girlie magazines

enjoy the opera,

romance novels,

romantic movies, girlie programs, sex and the city etc..

lose weight, lots of it, be slim, and weak, but healthy, probably about 10st, at least size 10/12

develop interest in yoga and pilates

jog to lose weight

learn to coordinate clothes

Female Dreams

listen to girly pop


when with boyfriend or man who fancies natalie :

blushing with with bf

giggles instead of laughing

girlie voice


when triggered:

develop a female voice

Feels naked, terribly ashamed, lose all his confidence and turn into a sobbing, quivering mess if  is ever seen win triggered in public while i am not wearing a filled bra, panties, makeup, earrings, perfume, and a feminine hairstyle/wig.

Becomes incredibly bored by sports talk and to become violently nauseous win attempting to watch competitive sports, or read about them

Feels pleasure and great interest whennever reading women’s magazines, watching soap operas, figure skating, and to be thrilled by anything that has to do with beauty, fashion or makeup.

fancys men – into guys. Cocks, hairy legs and chests, muscles,

women should be with men, i need to be a woman,

natural urges must be towards men.

only think of guys, thinks like a woman

Feels like the ugliest most disgusting creature imaginable unless all his body hair is removed.

Feels jealous, instead of aroused, win  sees a beautiful woman. Find himself comparing his feminine looks with hers.

always wanted to be a woman

no doubts

weakened into submission to to feminine personality

become a woman. think like a woman

act like a woman

Unable to stand up and keep his balance unless wearing high heels that are at least 4 inchs.

Unable to even remember how to walk without taking small mincing steps and swaying his hips provocatively.

gush about how i loves being a girl sooo much, and that i am so much happier this way.


Best Regards,



Erotic Hypnosis: feminisation of cynthia. Part 4.

Correspondence from a hypnosis subject- cynthia- who has been hypnotised to be inescapably feminine. cynthia is now able to self-trigger using the trigger phrases I have programmed to her sub-conscious mind. I have also now programmed cynthia to experience feminine orgasms.


September 2013.

Cynthia’s DIARY 4



Here is My latest diary:

Everyone seems to be online dating these days and I wanted to chat to some real men in my new female persona. I needed a proper chat, not those pathetic one-line teasers that popped up in my in box with depressing regularity.

There was never any charm, just blunt statements – ‘love your legs’, let’s have sex’ ‘mine’s six inches of steely pleasure’. Desperate really.

So I found a few chatty friends online, male and femmes both who fancied a bit of a chat.

Some were good company, others just wanted to talk sex but I was able to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

And then there was Don. Don seemed delightful.

We had talked online before and there was some kind of connection but I couldn’t remember how or why. He’d been kind enough to put up his picture on my IM feed so at least he wasn’t anonymous.

And at least it wasn’t his cock.

Quite the contrary. He was wearing a bow tie and dinner jacket.

And looked very smart.

His hair was dark and his jawline strong. His face well-tanned.

He began chatting online again. I’ll rephrase that. He began seducing me online.

Why don’t we meet up, maybe in a neutral coffee bar, talk about what we liked, get to know each other. I said a little about myself, how I was as yet unconvincing, my legs my only really good feature.

‘I’m a leg man myself” he replied.

“Well, I haven’t really got many clothes to wear…” I wriggled, grasping at an excuse.

“I could buy you lots of lingerie..”, he countered.

A girl can get flustered.

Don had been working abroad, followed by a golfing holiday. He lived in an affluent area. He had money. He was attractive.

And getting more attractive by the minute.

Everything I said to put him off, he countered with a charming response.

‘Oh, I’m too old for you”’

‘I much prefer maturity in a woman.”

‘We live too far apart.”

‘I could come to you. I love traveling”.

So this was what it’s like to be seduced. For the first time in my life I realised how a man wins a woman though taking an interest in her – carrying, no, leading the conversation and being free with the compliments. He was being a proper man.

My problem was that, after a very early start the day, I was flaking and desperate for bed.

And just for sleep, this time.

I politely told him I must sign off. He was disappointed.

Worryingly, so was I.

I carried on – womanfully – for a few more minutes as I got the impression he was angling to fix a date. We didn’t but ended on the slightly bland promise to keep in touch.

And I shut off the computer to a brand new feeling.

I was worried I might lose him.



Erotic Hypnosis: melissa and fetish for feminisation.

The following chronology is actual correspondence between Myself and a submissive named melissa.  melissa has had r/t experience with a pro-Domme. This submissive has never experienced erotic hypnosis before. melissa’s experience of “vanilla” hypnosis has been relaxation hypnosis, a number of years ago. I have used Erotic Hypnosis to gain control of the submissive’s subconscious mind and transform her into the feminised submissive she longs to be. I also used mind control and triggers to deepen the submission.

Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

2 September 2013


The more i read the more intrigued i am becoming.  If what You say is truly possible then You have tweaked my interest.  i feel that i would truly love to experience my desire to be feminised.  i guess that fantasy started many years ago but now it has gone beyond being a fantasy it has become a yearning desire and i wish to explore further.

i feel that i would like to have my mind bent, massaged and then moulded. i have also enjoyed B&D for many years. i am submissive and would also like to have that taken further.  i guess what i’m saying is that i believe i am truly ready to experience a far deeper level of commitment, mind control and whatever goes with that.

i would dearly like to speak further.

yearning to be Melissa.

Correspondence from Ma’am:

5 September 2013


When I read your email, I hear the longing to be feminised… to be your secret self…that  you have kept hidden.Yes- it is truly possible to live your dreams….. to become My puppet… to surrender to the hypnosis that  will build on your innermost desires.

The next step, is to arrange to speak with Me on YM voice. I am available for sessions Fridays to Mondays from 1pm NZ time/days.

I look forward to…. making you My puppet.


Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

5 September 2013


my heart has jumped a little …

i now anxiously for my first contact with You! - perhaps with a little trepidation …

What will happen at our first discussion? … do I have to be alone?  OMG  now i’m getting a excited…


Correspondence from Ma’am:

           6 September 2013


If you read the first email I sent you, you will read that I will arrange to talk with you on YM Voice…. to answer any questions and assess your suitability for hypnosis.

To do this- I will need to know where you live (time zone difference) and plan for when I am available. I will also need to know your YM IM  ID.

My YM IM ID is there to read in the email. There would be little point in arranging a time to speak if you don’t have privacy to do so!Planning your surrender…


Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

9 September 2013


O/our chat on Saturday last ended up being far more than i expected! It was an introductory chat for You to determine whether i was suitable.

From the outset i found myself quite captivated by Your tone and investigative manner.

i can’t remember everything that i told You apart from the fact that i believe i was extremely open about myself.  You made me feel extremely comfortable.  i did not think that i would have been quite as open as i was.  i felt like i had known you for many years.

After our talk i sat at my desk for about an hour contemplating our discussion, the way it went and more importantly the way it made me feel. i remember telling You that i had been involved in B&D for quite some years.  Most of the sessions that i had experienced were as a submissive.  This was due to a very experienced Dominatrix with whom i was always extremely relaxed and absolutely trusted.  i was getting the same vibes during our chat.

The more i thought about the chat and what i could remember of what You said, urges to submit started welling up and we hadn’t sessioned yet.  i recall talking about collaring.  That circumstance has never crossed my mind in the past – although i had seen articles and blogs about it.  i think i have some understanding about what it means.  i was thinking whether or not i could ever be considered for that step.  i know Your comment about commitment etc but my mind was racing – i was thinking all i wanted to do is submit.

The tantalising images of past sessions and me wanting/trying to submit didn’t seem to really work but now my interest in hypnosis has been heightened.  i’ve been thinking, sorry, haven’t been able to stop thinking about where You could take me and what i could become.  i have wanted so much for so long to feminised and to feel comfortable about that. You have rekindled a deep seated need to serve.  i know my place in society – ‘Women Are Superior People’(WASP) and i have been stung by the WASP – i am a male and my place is to submit and serve.  i think i have chosen a Mistress to serve or was the intro chat merely Mistresses opportunity to chose or reject a possible new subject to become committed to Her.

Mistress i apologise if what i have written sounds silly or appears to be a whole lot of dribble.  It is so hard to explain or put into words the way i feel.  i have never been able to explain my desires to be feminised – it started so long ago.  i just know that i feel the way i feel and need to be able to accept it.  To feel comfortable about it and embrace it – both my femininity as well as my need to submit.

i selected my panties (mauve ‘g’ string) and pantyhose late Sunday evening … can’t get them, You and my pending session off my mind.  my anxiety is becoming overwhelming !!!!!!!!!! i am sending the tribute today via mail today.




Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

9 September 2013

my new and most Dearest Mistress

Letter via International Registered Post – longing to commence …


Correspondence from Ma’am:

9 September 2013

My puppet,

I have been away from work all day…..

I will reply at length tomorrow… and reassure you that I am trustworthy… and that I intend to have your surrender.. to My voice.. to My will… to My Dominance.



10 September 2013

My puppet,

It would seem that you have already begun to submit… smiles.

I am looking forward to feminising you…. to accepting your submission and deepening both your submission and your feminisation fetish through erotic hypnosis.

I was delighted to read your email, and to see that you feel a sense of connection already.

In My experience, bdsm is at its most satisfying when there is a connection between the Dom/me and the submissive that allows trust and confidence to build. Looking forward, My puppet, to O/our time together.


Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis.

10 September 2013

my Mistress,

It has been a very long time since i have felt like i do.

Got up this morning and donned my panties (i changed them to a maroon – much prettier pair than the ‘g’ string) and pantyhose.  Although i have worn them many times in the past (mainly in the closet) they felt/feel very different this morning they feel far more intense, if You know what i mean. i have always loved the sensation of women’s clothing both physically and mentally.  They seem to smooth out the edge of my feminine feelings.

What i mean is that they seem to be like taking the first step in the direction that i fantasise about. i have by now read the majority of the posts/blogs.  They all strike a chord within me.  But i think Cynthia’s writings strike the greatest about my mental state.

And yes, Mistress You are quite right i started feeling the ‘want’ to submit to You during o/Our chat – and that has not really happened to me but once before in my B&D experience.

i’ll be on-line as arranged at 1pm (oz time) 3pm NZ time.

Your puppet.

11 September 2013

my Mistress,

It has been a very long time since i have felt like i do.  Got up this morning and donned my panties (i changed them to a maroon – much prettier pair than the ‘g’ string) and pantyhose.  Although i have worn them many times in the past (mainly in the closet) they felt/feel very different this morning they feel far more intense, if You know what i mean. i have always loved the sensation of women’s clothing both physically and mentally.  They seem to smooth out the edge of my feminine feelings.

What i mean is that they seem to be like taking the first step in the direction that i fantasise about. i have by now read the majority of the posts/blogs.  They all strike a chord within me.  But i think Cynthia’s writings strike the greatest about my mental state.

And yes, Mistress You are quite right i started feeling the ‘want’ to submit to You during O/our chat – and that has not really happened to me but once before in my B&D experience.

i’ll be on-line as arranged at 1pm (oz time) 3pm NZ time.

Your puppet.

Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis. The first hypnosis session took place via YM voice in subject’s office. Subsequent sessions have taken place at subject’s home via YM voice.

13 September 2013

my dearest seductive Mistress

i have said before there occasions when words just do not create the whole picture.

But might i start with OMG, OMG what a journey it is that i have begun.Tuesday …

session 1.     Very nervous, very anticipatory and want so much for it to be a success.  Albeit a difficult time with the prevailing surroundings it was my very first time to be hypnotised.  It is so hard to explain how one really feels.  Relaxed, numb, listening but not listening and for me some strange after analysis.  (That’s just me – i like to work things out).

i thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  i left the session feeling very relaxed, with some thoughts about what had happened and some strange responses to things that You said.  i felt very warm inside and a much stronger connection to You than i did before the session. i didn’t get much sleep Tuesday night.  i kept going over and over what had happened.

THEN Wednesday………… A far different experience from Tuesday, i think !!!!

i don’t remember very much at all.  Albeit before and when we started i, again, wanted to trance so much.  Well, i guess i did.  i don’t remember much of the start.

i remember nothing of the ‘during’ and it was not until the end, when i awoke that Mistress started talking to me that i experienced the strangest of feelings.  Mistress was asking me questions or making statements and i know that it had the strangest of urges and feelings.  For the life of me i can’t remember what she was actually saying but i was re-acting.  i do remember one thing very well .

i got so erotically excited that i cum in my panties and stockings.  It was one of the best orgasms i think i have every had.  i was completely drained and have felt so since.

my connection with my Mistress has increased a 100 fold.  i am very happy with the way She has made me feel.  i just don’t remember what happened during trance.   Mistress told me after the session that she implanted an amnesia control in my sub-conscious or something like that.  It has certainly worked for me.  Now i sit here agitating over when my next sessions will be.  i don’t think it will be long before i surrender myself for further trancing.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm oh what a feeling. !!!!!

Your puppet Melissa.

Correspondence from melissa, undergoing feminisation hypnosis. Subject has now accepted an amnesia script.

21 September 2013

Session 3


Again where does one start.

i have never experienced to utter feeling of relaxation that i feel after my session.

From the outset Mistress easily lulls me into my trance.  i guess it’s because i want it sooo much.  Her voice is so mesmerising, soothing that i feel an overwhelming feeling of trust and a craving to submit so great that’s the end of me.  The next thing that i remember is waking feeling every bone and muscle in my body so relaxed. Then Mistress starts,” What do you remember?”  i reply, “Relaxing then nothing till now.”

Mistress says, “And how do you feel when I say “My sexy girl melissa”.   “Hmmmm” i replied i’m getting very aroused Mistress” Then Mistress said the words (i think!) “and when i say the words My submissive Melissa.” i replied, “Mistress I need so much to submit to You, Your every wish Your every command i just need to serve You My Mistress.”  And puppet when I say the words “My obedient puppet” how do you feel?  “Mistress Mistress” i replied i want to and i will obey Your every command.”

Mistress told me that i would not be able to remember any of my session.  But that She had implanted a number of trigger phrases my subconscious about things that I inwardly wanted and She had programmed me to automatically respond without thought and it was those triggers that were making me respond as i was.

A rush came over me as to Mistresses programming me and my mind started racing.  What more could She program me to do and experience. i now find myself so deeply attached to my Mistress.  i feel that i am being consumed to be Her obedient and very submissive slave.

i suggested to my Mistress that i would dearly to deepen my feminisation so deep that i could actually experience a female orgasm.  How erotic and mind blowing that would be.  Please Mistress help me in my quest. As a sign of my devotion to You i have attached a certificate of my registration for the realisation of others. i can’t stop thinking about You

Your puppet melissa

Hypnosis- moulding a novice sub: orgasm control, feminisation.

Novice sub has recently begun training and moulding to be an obedient puppet submissive. he has the potential to form fetish attachments for feminisation and for hypnosis. I will be using hypnosis to form the fetish attachments. I have also begun to take control of his  orgasms.

Correspondence from novice sub:

26 August 2013

i have had several session with Mistress so far, and i have enjoyed every trance session W/we have done so far.  She is hypnotizing me to be gradually feminized into Her obedient puppet submissive.
In O/our session, She has implanted triggers to make me feel more submissive and feminine.  In the process She has given instructions to purchase my first articles of feminine clothing.  Most recently, She has instructed me to purchase a chastity device, which is something i never thought i would actually do.

In O/our last session, She did a tease and denial on me for the 1st time.  Getting me VERY aroused, and then denying permission to orgasm.  i managed to hold on for a couple of days, before i finally did need to orgasm, but without Mistress’ permission.

i have asked Mistress to include in future sessions, instructions for me to want to work out and get in shape physically, as well as a need to wear feminine clothing underneath my workout clothes.

i look forward to my next session with Mistress.

novice sub.

Erotic Hypnosis: femme orgasm, feminisation of cynthia pt 3.

10 August 2013

Correspondence from cynthia:

Ma’am has programmed me to feel ‘intense feminine feelings’ when faced with certain trigger words and images and these have all been highly successful. i do get great waves of female feelings and even delightful orgasms which make me more and more like the girl i really am.

i understand what cannot be done is changing what i see before me and i will always have the wrong body, despite all my inner feelings.

However, in one of my next sessions i want to ask to be programmed to take action in my real life about all these intense feelings – to see some results in my everyday life and bring the real Cynthia into the real world. There have been flashes of this like admiring pretty clothes and make up. But cyn wants Ma’am to compel me to adopt more regular feminine habits when i get these feelings. To feel only comfortable when my body is fully shaved ; to need nail polish on my fingers and toes ; to get my eyebrows properly shaped ; to feminise my clothing ; to wear perfume all the time ; to see woman for their shapes and fashion sense and men for their masculine charms. And much more.  i’ll leave all these subliminal surprises to the subtle skills Madam possesses.

i love surprises!

cyn x

11 August 2013

The session tonight focused on compelling cynthia to now match the inner and outer worlds so that externally, cynthia reflects the feminine inner woman that she knows she is. Changes will not simply be cosmetic…. they will be driven by the internal changes occurring at the subconscious level.

Trigger phrases and hypnotic suggestions were programmed to compel cynthia to continue her journey to  feminisation.

Erotic Hypnosis and the feminisation of Cynthia Part 2.

29 June 2013

My focus in this next session, will be  to hypnotise cynthia to have a feminine orgasm. Also- to programme cynthia’s subconscious mind to experience sensitive nipples and breasts. For cynthia, these changes will go to the core of her longed-for femininity.  I will leave the more “cosmetic” wants on her list, for further sessions.

Correspondence from cynthia:

Hello Ma’am

For the next session i thought i’d make a list of all the things that make me feel more female. You can pick and choose some of these to programme me further. There are a lot!Having only female orgasms ; Having sensitive breasts and nipples, wide hips and narrow waist ; using moisturiser always ;   smelling nice ; keeping my nails in shape ; wearing make-up ; having hair well kept ; loving romantic and sentimental novels and films ; eating and drinking sensibly to keep a good weight and slim figure. Wearing frilly or lacy clothes, especially lingerie; matching pastel shades like peach, tangerine, and pink. Lovely jewelery, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets; keeping my skin completely smooth and hairless apart from eyebrows,  eyelash and hair on head;  plucking and shaping my eyebrows; loving all types of make-up, lipstick, eyeshadow,mascara; adoring perfume; shopping for bargain clothes ; watching other girls for their fashion sense, make up etc; loving high heels and all manner of pretty footwear ; sexy nightwear; having my ears pierced, pretty earrings; floral patterns on matching knickers and bras ; flowers ; clutch bags and handbags ; sexy smooth hold-ups, suspenders and stockings ; manicures and pedicures ; always wearing nail polish.That’s more than enough I think. Hopefully helpful too.Looking forward to Sunday at 8.00

Cyn x


6 July 2013

Corresponence from cynthia:


Another deepening session and more subtle triggers helping me on my way to being the woman i truly orgasms now end in a delightful squeal or gasp rather than a male grunt. my breasts and nipples have become more sensitive.  All of me has become more sensitive. Externally, i care more about my appearance. i’m shopping for better outfits. I watch how women dress and even get ridiculously excited – almost sexually – about high heel shoes. Now i get it! i’m clearly giving out some new signals as a male friend of mine, during a chat, reached out and gently touched my hand. Mmm – well. More about men later. Also, i used to be annoyed by the presence of male characters in porn pictures or videos and now i really do need men to be there so i can imagine being the girl. Oh, and i did an online quiz about my level of femininity. The real girl who hosted it came in at 75%. i scored 92%. Thought i’d cheated a bit by second-guessing what they were after so i did it again more honestly.


Have i met a man yet? Well, i’m more actively seeking one or maybe another TV or TS to ease me through. my response to ads on Chix TV has increased tenfold. And, boy, are there some odd characters out there! In answering my question as to what kind of things they are looking for, one answered “sex!” Well, it’s honest – not to say blunt. Another just made a list of every kind of sexual fetish he would like to pursue –  all in one night. What’s happened to romance? A girl likes a bit of gentle persuasion. On my sexual side, i now somehow want to be submissive but also satisfy a partner by teasing them. It’s like being controlled yet being in control. Is this just fantasy, as they say in the song.We’ll see.  Oh, a local gurl has just posted that she’s free tonight! Maybe that’s the one…

cyn. x

Hypnosis: feminisation and training of slut wendy. Part 2.

27 April 2013

Submissive has said she wants to be collared and owned by Myself. Trigger phrases will be reinforced and girl’s responses to the trigger phrases will be heightened.

Correspondence from Ma’am:

girl, I will respect all confidences that you choose to share.

I am looking forward to taking you deeper into erotic hypnosis… and to deepening My control over you.

I am enjoying the thought of you lying on the floor, in front of Me….


Correspondence from girl wendy:

27 April 2013.

girl has just had a wonderful session with Mistress Surrender. It is all a little bit of a blur to girl, but she feels wonderful, relaxed and very submissive and obedient to Mistress. girl came from the session tingling all over, like she had had received the greatest pleasure possible, without the benefit of orgasm. How Mistress does this is beyond this girl, but she is grateful and would lie on the floor in front of Mistress like a rug, to show devotion and obedient submission to Mistress. Post the session, girl found herself telling Mistress things she has never told anyone about herself. Mistress was totally understanding  and girl is thankful for kindness and understanding. girl is smiling thinking of one of the trigger phrases Mistress has implanted. the trigger phrases bring such wonderful pleasure. Mistress is very good at what she does.

girl wendy.

29 April  2013:

Correspondence from girl wendy:

It was a busy day, traveling at light speed to achieve not  a great deal. IT  problems and lack of staff are starting to make this girl a little frustrated with progress, oh tomorrow is another day. girl is looking forward to Friday with Mistress. she is so looking forward to continuing the journey. girl hopes she continues to please Mistress. girl wants the pleasure Mistress gives again.  It would be wonderful to have large more feminine nipples. girl must complete her task for Mistress and get the links to the lingerie and shoes.

yours obediently and in submission, wendy

6 May 2013

Correspondence from Ma’am:

girl wendy,

I am looking forward… to eliciting your total surrender and enslavement.


6 May 2013

Correspondence from wendy:

Oh thank You Goddess, girl becomes so aroused when thinking of You and just having read Your message girl has become even more aroused for You, Ma’am. Giving You  total  enslavement sounds such a wonderful thing for girl.  Thank You again Ma’am.

Yours in total obedience and submission,


10 May 2013

Correspondence from Ma’am:

Hypnotic suggestions to give exquisite nipple pleasure/pain will be used in this session. Also, a suggestion for pleasure through the whole body. This suggestion will be in addition to the trigger phrases to produce orgasm, and increase sexual arousal.

Correspondence from girl wendy:

girl had another great session with Ma’am last night and she is revealing more about herself and coming more under the control Mistress. girl truly desires to be Ma’am’s rug and toy. Mistress gave girl beautiful pleasure and girl has learnt not to do certain things without Ma’am’s approval. girl needs to be totally submissive to Mistress, to be totally feminine to Her. girl would love to be Mistress’s rug and for Ma’am to use a strap on dildo on her. girl does not mind if this is private or public. To girl, this would be the ultimate surrender and submission, as would being Mistress’s rug at a party. When with Mistress, girl sees herself with breasts and feminine nipples. Yesterday, girl’s nipples became so sensitive with Ma’am, it was a great feeling. girl is now so aroused writing this journal for Mistress, she would love to feel pleasure, pain… to lick Mistress’s boots ….anything to show girl’s obedience and submission to Mistress. Girl found a wonderful site for male lingerie and Mistress was very interested in this.

girl is very much looking forward to her next session with Mistress

girl wendy.

11 May 2013

Correspondence from girl wendy:

Yes Ma’am, slut has read Your web site on the punishment to other submissive when they do not obey or ask permission of Ma’am. girl needs to be Your totally  obedient girl and slave. girl is aroused for Mistress again and leaked cum when reading Your message Ma’am.

Yours in total obedience and submission, wendy

15 May 2013.

Correspondence from girl wendy:

Ma’am, girl wendy slept very well thank after O/our last session and appreciated so very much being allowed to cum. The sensation was so intense and girl bows to You in total submission. girl has been thinking of Ma’am. girl wore her clothes as instructed, it was such an honour for girl to do this for Mistress.

girl has had a very busy week with late nights at the office so she is disappointed in herself that she has not been able to write her journal. It is get home, eat and then sleep. girl apologises for this. Things in the asylum will improve shortly. girl is still available for tomorrow night and ensured her commitments are clear for this.  girl wishes, needs to be Ma’am’s best slave and toy as possible.

girl has attached a photo of the clothes she wore on Monday as instructed by Ma’am.

obediently Yours and in total submission,

girl wendy

26 May 2013

Correspondence from Ma’am:

Slut is discovering that she responds to humiliation. slut originally made contact with Ma’am, writing to tell Ma’am that slut has a pantie fetish. I intend to slowly and methodically increase the response to humiliation through erotic hypnosis, and strengthen slut’s response to humiliation.

Correspondence from wendy:

Hi Ma’am, hoping all is well with You and that You are having a great weekend.  Below is girl’s journal for Your review.

Last Friday, girl had a wonderful session with Ma’am, though Ma’am did wear girl out. It was the utmost pleasure girl received, girl’s body was shaking and covered in pleasure from head to foot. girl did not know she could receive such pleasure without cuming.

Yesterday, Ma’am had girl wear panties and stockings while visiting friends. girl was constantly thinking of Ma’am and very aroused. girl’s friends are conservative and would not understand the stockings and pantie wearing. girl enjoyed the feeling and being totally submissive to Ma’am and under Her control. girl loves serving Ma’am and being under Her total control. girl just wants to bow to Ma’am right now and lay on the floor in submission right now. girl aroused for Ma’am right now,  this morning, girl awoke aroused for Ma’am.  girl would love to be moulded into the submissive Ma’am desires. girl is thinking more and more about humiliation and becomes aroused by this. she needs to lick Ma’am’s boots right now.

Obediently and Yours in total submission, wendy

31 May 2013.

Ma’am is increasing the feminisation of wendy Correspondence from Ma’am:

My slut wendy is to buy red nail polish and red lipstick. My slut wendy is also to wear stockings and panties for tonight’s session. Ma’am will be asking My slut wendy if wendy has any sex toys….

2 June 2013

Ma’am will strengthen Her control over slut wendy by placing wendy in chastity. This will allow Ma’am to remind girl of Ma’am’s control when not in hypnosis session. Ma’am will use erotic hypnosis to suggest wendy has feminine orgasms from now on.

Correspondence from girl:

Hello Ma’am,

girl hopes Your weekend is going well. girl is still caged for You and brought the red lipstick and nail polish as You instructed. girl is so aroused for You Ma’am and really enjoyed writing her journal, which she hopes is not too disjointed. girl has also taken the photo as instructed. girl needs to serve You and orgasm so badly at the moment.

On Friday, girl had a wonderful time with Ma’am. girl was taken into the depths of pleasure, submission, control and feminisation. girl’s body was raked with pleasure as Ma’am allowed her to reach orgasm. girl needs to lay on floor in front of Ma’am in submission and obedience.

Ma’am has placed girl in chastity for the weekend. Being in chastity is a constant reminder of girl’s submission and obedience to Ma’am. girl starts to become aroused thinking of Ma’am. The chastity device does not allow girl to become fully erect; it is a wonderful tease and denial being applied by Ma’am. girl feels wonderful being kept this way. it is a beautiful way to serve.

During the last session with Ma’am, girl felt as though she had breasts and this was wonderful. girl has been seriously thinking of developing breasts for Ma’am.

girl just loves the training being given to her by Ma’am. girl needs to serve Her so much as the girl Ma’am wants her to be.

girl is now shaking thinking of Ma’am. girl would serve Ma’am, be a male or  shemale to please Her. girl would love to develop small breasts and large feminine nipples to please Ma’am. Some of the pleasure Ma’am give girl on Friday during the hypnosis session  was so deep and full bodied, that girl is wondering if she had full body orgasms like a woman.

girl needs to be caged for Ma’am and in front of people to be humiliated and to serve them. Ma’am’s pleasure and enjoyment is girl’s ultimate desire.

obediently and Yours in submission, wendy

8 June 2013

Correspondence from Ma’am:

slut, It seems your diary entry has omitted to include writing that you have started taking herbal supplements to develop breasts.

Hypnosis: Erotic Hypnosis and the feminisation of Cynthia.

7 June 2013.
Hypnosis subject is a 52 year old male, living in the UK.Subject wants Erotic Hypnosis to be forced to be a woman, and to feel compelled to dress, behave, think and feel as if he is a woman. I will use overt means during the hypnosis sessions- trigger phrases – as well as subliminal hypnotic suggestions- which will come into play and be triggered when he does certain things, e.g. look in the mirror.Hypnosis to increase creativity, promote health and a determination to succeed will be part of the general hypnosis background during the session.

7/8/9 June 2013
Correspondence from Cynthia:

HOW I BECAME FEMALE (Cynthia’s Tale)

So here goes. I’d been locked in the closet for so long I couldn’t find the key. And I was the one who threw it away. Ever since childhood, I’d hidden my feminine self with secret cross dressing and later help from some friendly ‘ladies’. I went undetected through two marriages (failed), some kids, and several affairs. Alone in the big city now, wiser and even more driven, I can kick open that closet door and let that shining female light finally   glow into my dark.I’d tried a variety of hypnosis tapes (files), paid for and free with some instant gratification but little lasting effect. I even “talked’ online with a hypnotist on IM and that pushed me forward some and yet…So, here was Mistress Surrender (found on Chix TV) and all the way over there in New Zealand and me in UK. Yet after a quick exchange of emails we were off for a weekend of very deep hypnosis. I managed three long and intense sessions in three exciting weekend days.


I was nervous for some reason, thumping heart, but the process was deliciously confusing and soon I went very deep where Mistress Surrender planted a couple of strong trigger phrases. On waking I was immediately excited, turned on and feeling very erotic. It was as if all my previous hypnotic desires were synthesised and the more I heard or saw the triggers the more exciting it was. Next day I could hardly leave the house for being so turned on – I could hardly leave the bed! I started to dream – no, fantasise – about even having sex with men and started small moves in that direction.The subtler effects of other implanted triggers after the sessions, (or the freeing up of inhibitions) were soon obvious as I walked past a chemist shop only to be compelled to rush in and ask the price of a perfume I’d seen in the window. Later on, even more surprising, I was measuring myself for a bra and for once got the size right so I could now buy one that fitted.


Correspondence from Ma’am:

At the end of the first session, I talked about the “erotic charge” that a hypnosis subject feels when being feminised. I suggested that I programme that “erotic/sexual charge” in the 2nd and subsequent sessions, and attach a trigger phrase to those feelings. In that way, the erotic and sexual feelings may be heightened whenever the hypnosis subjects hears or reads the trigger phrase.
Cynthia has asked for more erotic hypnosis sessions to strengthen the trigger phrases, as well as reinforce the hypnotic suggestions. Cynthia has become increasingly responsive to the trigger phrases I programmed in the first sessions.

Correspondence from Cynthia:


Two more equally deep and less nervy sessions followed and locked in a few more subtle triggers, some I knew and was watching for – others caught me out such as the time I went to the gym only to find, as I stood in the shower, my toenails were still painted red.Another time I caught myself admiring a particular nail varnish a female colleague was wearing and had the great urge to seek it out for myself.  I did. I’m wearing it now.


I’ve been toying with meeting a man, en femme, as they say. And I’m still feeling hesitant but the hypnosis is making me bolder. I’m more positive now, as Cynthia, in response and a first meeting is looming. And so the fantasies get deeper and stronger and almost daily. The only negative is once I am fulfilled, once an orgasm is achieved, there’s still that residue of inherited guilt, society imprinted, that brings back the old male sense. So – what to do? Another session!One other side effect I have is the freeing up of my creative self. I’m a writer. And often self-destructive, full of blocks.  But the hypnosis has opened some other doors – the keys to creativity. Or is that just the feminine me flying out onto the open air at last?


Correspondence from Ma’am:

Hypnosis subject has asked for another hypnosis session. I will change some of the subliminal hypnosis, and reinforce the programming of the feminisation suggestions. I will also increase the range of activities and objects that will be used to trigger the subliminal suggestions. I will also programme Cynthia to experience female orgasms.


Correspondence from Cynthia:

            WEEKEND 23 June 2013

I’d sent Mistress a message with a few areas of my behaviour that I wanted changed, and a couple of concerns. She constructed the session to address my concerns and again I went down very deep and with ease where all the previous triggers were re-enforced and a couple of subtle new ones planted. I was just as excited and erotic on awakening and a new command to feel my orgasms as female (which I like). It’s not that everything is dramatic and changing all at once. No, its subtler and even more satisfying for that. I can’t always remember what all the everyday triggers are and I love the fact they catch me out so I’m suddenly thinking of a new pair of heels or some mascara.I’m still excited about an encounter with a man – a whole new horizon to conquer.

Will I do it? Or will the old male me win out again and society triumph? I really don’t know but it’s an exciting journey.

I’ll keep you posted.