Erotic Hypnosis : sissy brainwashing jnl 4

The following email was received from a subject who asked for a Live one on one Erotic Hypnosis session, to experience a sissy orgasm.
When I talked to the subject after the session, it became apparent that sissy slut e had not believed a sissy orgasm, feminine orgasm …was possible.
I took great delight in using the hypnosis triggers I had programmed during the induction and deep trance- to trigger sissy slut e to have repeated orgasms.
Of course…. what happened next was predictable…. so many sissy orgasms that sissy slut e begged me to stop saying the hypnotic trigger phrases.
Such a delicious way to train a subject.
Longing to feel what sissy slut e feels?
you know what to do…..
Purchase a Live One on One Erotic Hypnosis session:
and become My obedient sissy slut.

Lady Surrender,

I just cannot get over it – how could I have had the experience that I did today (which was most amazing!)? Being an engineer, my behavior is to analyze things – and one of my wife’s issues with me is that I seldom give in to the emotional side, always analytical. Giving in to emotion is scary for me, however I think I am finally learning not to fear it. Things are changing now, thanks to my Goddess!
So, since I am still so hyped up and cannot sleep, am doing some research on “men having female orgasms”. Interesting. Found the attached link, very interesting. One of the primary findings is that the female orgasm is 10x stronger than the male orgasm — and some speculate a male could die from a female orgasm!  All about Theta waves – which Goddess surely knows much more about than her lowly sissy slut!
My experience today was very intense – maybe perhaps because a female orgasm is so much stronger? Being an engineer, I am “a positive skeptic” about the male biology of being capable to completely reproducing a female orgasm — although that would be pretty cool with vagina contractions! Actually I think my body mimicked those today, although I am skeptical that they were as good as a woman has. Even so, geez it was astounding!
Interesting observation — at no time during the session did I get an erection (even though I did take a Viagra beforehand). Even afterwards, tried masturbating with my Hitachi and sissy porno – I simply could not get “interested”!
Is this because I was so spent from our session? Or maybe truly the sissy training is starting to take effect? Either way: it is a win – win situation! The neat thing about the programing triggers Goddess bestowed upon me, is the ability to have a female orgasm anywhere, anytime and without porno and lubricants. I pray Goddess does not deem this last sentence vulgar – just facts I wanted to share with my Goddess.
I have to tell my Goddess, right now it would be a tough call if I had to decide on one or the other gender orgasm. Clearly, my female orgasms today were great because: they were multiple, and far more intense than all male orgasms I have had. Right now the only things I would miss about the male orgasm is the stroking on my sissy clitty — however I could do the female orgasm while rubbing my sissy clitty.
Random thoughts, I hope Godess does not mind me sending these to her. Actually I hope that these give my Goddess marketing/promotional materials – this clitty slave passionately wishes to support the business of my Goddess to the best of my abilities.
Tomorrow I will write a report on the session, keeping in mind it is something that Goddess may deem to post.
Now, I am truly going to bed. I hope Goddess’s head cold is much better!
Your most humble sissy slut,
sissy e
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Erotic Hypnosis : sissy brainwashing jnl 3

The subject was tasked with emailing Me with preferred methods of training (email, mp3s, Live Hypnosis sessions etc) as well as the erotic hypnosis subjects that the subject has experience of & responds to:

My email to sissy:

“In the meantime- give some thought to what methods you would like to receive training…. and the areas that particularly appeal. It makes sense to your Goddess- to take advantage of those… sensitivities that already exist in My sissy slut’s mind.”



Now- dear submissive reader- if your immediate thoughts after reading sissy’s email are not:


fuck. this sissy is not being submissive. this sissy is attempting to “domme” Lady Surrender. I wonder what She will do…. how will She respond to this sissy….”


if you’re not thinking THAT…. you are not a submissive either.

Note sissy slut e’s reference to the “The Mistress Manual”.

Note the detail this sissy slut has gone into in describing “acceptable” means of discipline/training…..


Now- submissive reader of My web site……. think about what My possible response(s) might be…. given that the sissy has asked for  their 2nd Live Hypnosis session tomorrow NZ Friday.


Then there are sissy slut’s admitted transgressions…. after begging Goddess Lady Surrender to accept her for training – & BEFORE a discussion of the training I will be imposing- sissy slut has set up her own masturbation schedule…. continues to watch sissy porn….


A submissive sissy – especially one who has read “The Mistress Manual” would wait for My instructions…. would refrain from masturbating….. refrain from watching sissy porn…..


Countless examples of sissy lacking a suitably submissive attitude.

I am tempted to fine this sissy slut a hefty fine.

Or refuse to accept sissy to be trained.


Feel free to comment on twitter…. concerning this sissy slut’s attempt to “domme” Lady Surrender.


sissy slut e’s reply:

Dear most divine Goddess:

Per Your command, sissy slut slave e presents for Your divine consideration the following, and hopes it meets Your expectations. sissy has organized her meek thoughts as follows:

  1. Slave Relationship

sissy believes that every slave and Dominant have a bit different view of what the relationship should be. Therefore, sissy describes how she sees this relationship, in the hope of enabling Goddess a better background to enslave sissy.

  1. sissy Turn-Ons

The things that sissy dreams/fantasizes about, to give Goddess a perspective of things She may care to manipulate sissy with.

  1. Sissy Training Program

sissy’s meek views on a training program

  1. sissy’s Inventory

Toys and dress that Goddess may wish to utilize, sissy can have them ready for any session at Your command.

So, my divine Goddess, here goes!

  1. Slave Relationship
    1. sissy has always wanted a D/s relationship in which sissy feels cared for, but absolutely and strictly ruled by a powerful female. sissy loves teasing/humiliation and being giggled/laughed at for her shortcomings, e.g. having only a small clitty, not making a very good female, not being able to satisfy a Woman as a real man, but having to perform as a sissy to satisfy Women and men (men as Goddess sees fit, and commends sissy to please – either with her sissy mouth or sissy pussy)
    2. sissy is the type of slave that would never rebel to her Goddess, and will always try her best to fulfill Goddess’s commends. However, having a demanding Goddess, sissy will never be able to fulfill Goddess’s standards, and subsequently expects punishment
    3. sissy expects punishment, and it stimulates her – however the excitement is of the humiliation, and being the focus of the attention of my Goddess, as this is an open and direct demonstration of my slavery, and devotion to Her. Heavy pain is not sissy’s thing for the sake of pain itself.
    4. sissy has read much recently about the differences between the Goddess, Queen, Amazon and Governess (from “The Mistress Manual”). The Goddess relationship is the one sissy is most attune to – she absolutely worships and has genuine (24 hours a day) admiration of Her. Sissy cannot admire part time — she needs to put her Goddess on a pedestal all the time. To her, this is a way of living – domination by a powerful Female.
  1. sissy Turn-Ons (please note” “punishment” in italics, everything else is a pleasure!)
    1. sissy loves to perform body worship for her Goddess, from sucking toes, to worshiping Goddess’s holy shrine, and netherworld.
    2. sissy also loves to worship the inanimate possessions of her Goddess, such as soiled panties, worn shoes/boots and any other personal item of Goddess.
    3. sissy loves the Golden Nectar of her Goddess in any way Goddess decides to reward sissy – golden showers, direct consumption my mouth – directly or from a crystal wine glass. Also, a golden enema to cleanse sissy in preparation for sissy pegging is a wonderful thing!
    4. Wearing soiled Goddess panties on sissy’s head (crotch over nose so that sissy can smell the delightful scent of her Goddess) is delightful!
    5. sissy adores anal play (large objects in sissy pussy) and pegging by her Goddess. In order to prepare for these divine acts of reward by her Goddess, sissy enjoys warm enemas to make herself clean for Goddess – Goddess is repelled at sissy’s bodily waste, and sissy must ensure her cleanliness.
    6. sissy loves to masturbate with panties whilst imagining kneeling in front of Goddess – and if sissy needs punishment, or if Goddess just on whim – commands sissy to lick the panties clean.
    7. As a punishment, sissy suggests Goddess commanding sissy to urinate on herself, denying her masturbation, or making her masturbate her clitty with her own pee.
    8. sissy has been trying to masturbate (recently) only when listening to Goddess Lady Surrender audios — however has failed on occasion, still using porno now and then. Sissy believes punishment may be in order, but for sure needs help from her Goddess to ensure masturbation is only done within the parameters that Goddess establishes.
    9. Similar to a puppy who is not potty trained, for severe transgressions Goddess may command sissy to wipe a bit of her own scat on her nose for 15 minutes so she does remember not to commit the transgression again (severe punishment).
    10. sissy being command to suck a dildo or artificial cock for practice.
    11. sissy being commanded to fuck her own pussy with a dildo.
    12. sissy being commanded to insert a butt plug, and wear for xxx amount of time
    13. sissy being commanded to masturbate and cum on a dildo, and then commanded to lick it off and swallow (punishment or whimsy of Goddess, sissy does not particularly like to do this, but on command it is divine!).
    14. sissy being commanded to pee on herself, then masturbate and cum in her pee, and then drink, lick it (punishment).
    15. sissy forced to use nipple suction devices (punishment on highest vacuum setting)
    16. Goddess teasing sissy with a scenario in which Goddess commands sissy to suck a real man’s cock.
    17. Anything else my Goddess desires, sissy is eager and willing to learn to be the best sissy she can …
  1. sissy Training Program

sissy hopes Goddess would grace her with a training program of one live session a week, for at least 2 months. Of course, sissy expects homework assignments, and any other assignments Goddess deems necessary to support the schooling for sissy to develop into the “perfect” sissy, and equally important to make her enslavement to Goddess Lady Surrender complete – if it is ever possible to be completely enslaved!

sissy is not sure how all the above could work with remote hypnosis, but has every confidence that her experienced and wise Goddess will have wicked/sweet entrapment plans for sissy!

  1. sissy’s Inventory (toys and dress that sissy plays with, available to Goddess)
    1. Several plastic penises, two enema bags (with 4 different nozzles), Hitachi type vibrator, nipple suction devices, “hold open” mouth gag, several cock ring devices, two female Mardi Gras type masks, hood with eye and mouth openings
    2. Panties hose, pantyhose, high heel shoes, high heel booties, bras, corset, ladies jewelry, all sorts of make-up & perfume, wigs (2 – blond and black hair, medium long)

In great anticipation, Your devoted

sissy slut slave e



See also sissy slave e’s jpurnal detailing her Live Hypnosis session to experience feminine orgasm:

Erotic Hypnosis : the making of a sissy…


A devious Goddess?…. hmm… is that how you would describe Me after reading these emails…..?
The following emails detail the progressive Enticement… and Seduction of a subject who describes himself as .. “straight…”
Notice…. how I am able to seduce his mind…. through his desire to be controlled by a Mistress. So easy…. to Entice & seduce….



Lady Surrender.

I have been listening to the Addicted to Anal Play series and I love the files I have been listening to so far! If you would send me a replacement file I would love to add Addicted to Anal Play 3 to my collection…. I just want to thank You for your incredible work! I have had a thing for hypnosis for some time just the thought of A Mistress controlling me and being a submissive slut is incredible! I have had a lot of trouble with hypnosis not working for me or just enough to cause real frustration. Your files for the first time seem to be changing that.

  • subject ss



Notice the…. deepening Entrapment …as My sweet subject becomes deliciously addicted…..

As your Goddess-  I am now taking control of that cock hunger…. & turning that  cock hunger into a raging cock driven obsession….
As this sweet subject is discovering- I always do what I say I am planning to do.

1 November


Lady Surrender,

I spent most of last night listening to your sexy voice…. probably will regret the lack of sleep today lol. I think I have an addiction… Tonight I will be listening Addicted to anal play and maybe Cock hungry sissy (Sissy training 36: Cock Hunger). Not sure why I’m having these urges since I would’ve considered myself to be quite manly and straight… but anyway being a sissy slut and being feminized is what makes me melt.

  • subject ss
As the description of Sissy Training 36 : Cock Hunger mp3  says- I will be  instructing you to :

Lubricate that butt plug…. drive it in to that aching sissy pussy … desperately aching to feel hard cock pushing in… pulling out….. fucking…. Prepare your secret sissy pussy to be fucked by cock …fucking….

I do wonder if My sweet subject is following ALL My instructions…..



mmm… such a sweet way to…. capture a mind….. capture a sweetly complicit mind &  rewire the mind to be…. just the way I want.

Does  the thought of  being a sissy slut and being feminized ….. make you melt?

Then- you know what to do…. purchase the files this sweet subject has been listening to…. and fall deep into My hypnotic voice.


Surrender is inevitable.


Erotic Hypnosis : sissy brainwashing jnl 2.

The following is an email I received from sissy slave e who recently had her first erotic hypnosis session to experience feminine orgasm.
So delicious… hearing her beg her Goddess to stop triggering her to orgasm…. as I brought her up from hypnotic trance, strengthened the hypnotic triggers and then…. toyed with her.
Repeating the triggers over and over….. as she orgasmed over and over….
I also enjoyed teasing her about her skepticism that a feminine orgasm was possible.
On this website you will be able to search/read journals written by subjects who have experienced My unique style of hypnosis…. and who have experienced that ultimate feminine experience of a feminine orgasm.
Would-be sissy sluts should compose emails of supplication, addressed to Myself…. begging for a Live Hypnosis session to experience sissy orgasm.
For subjects who don’t have privacy for a Live Hypnosis session, I have created a “Feminine Orgasm” double mp3 set….
Dear Goddess:
I am still getting trembles every few minutes from our session which ended about 30 minutes ago. Today marks a “most memorable” day in my life.
Exquisite seduction – I not only walked into Your web of seduction and caring control/domination — I ran into Your web as fast as I could. My only regret that I did not do this years ago. You, my Goddess, have changed my life!
I admit (maybe you should punish me for this *:"> blushing) whilst I have been listening to your audios with great enthusiasm, I had my doubts on the female orgasm live session in terms of would it really happen, and what the intensity would be. I guess You could say I was a positive skeptic who wanted, in the worst way, for it to be true.
I will write more about this experience, maybe you will deem it fit to share with others. Right now, however — I am going to bed, I am deliciously exhausted from obeying Your commands!!
Your deeply addicted and grateful slave!!
slave e
See also sissy slave e’s request for a Live Hypnosis session:

Erotic Hypnosis: sissy brainwashing jnl 1.

The following email was received from a subject who has asked for a sissy training programme… including Live Hypnosis sessions. I arranged to hold an Assessment Interview with the subject.  Their first Live Hypnosis session will be erotic hypnosis programming to experience a feminine sissy orgasm…. mmm the ultimate feminine experience…. feminine orgasm.

What a delicious thought…. rewiring a complicit mind to experience a sissy orgasm.

I know you ache… long to experience deep reprogramming to be feminised.

you know what to do….

Email your Goddess and beg to become My next sissy subject.





Most Divine Goddess Surrender!

My name was xxxx, and thru my great fortune learned of your existence recently – I have been divinely blessed, truly! I have purchased 9 of your lovely audio products over the last three days, and listen to them day and night – I use a headset at work, speakers in the bedroom at night. I just cannot get enough!!! The voice of Lady Surrender is like warm honey, drenching my body with its sublime, encasing, controlling warmness – with enough sly wickedness to help me understand my place.

I discovered your web site about 3 days ago. Since l started listening to your exquisite and delicious hypnosis audios, all I have been doing in my free time is masturbating, putting make-up on, taking hot baths with lavender or rose scents, wearing panties and hose at work and wearing bra, garter belt, stockings and high heels at the apartment. I have realized a life-long longing, and discovered I should have done this many years ago.  Better late than never!!

Please accept my most humble apologies by taking up your precious time with ramblings about my lowly slave excitement – after all my deepest desire is to serve you, not for you to read the longings and excitement of a sissy slut slave.

I placed a request for a private session with you – I cannot wait (if you accept my most sincere begging)! If you determine that I am worthy, this perhaps you would grace me with weekly sessions, and a full program — but I understand I must first earn this privilege.

I live and work in Xxxxxxxxx – so believe there is a 9 hour time difference between NZ and xxxxxxx. Friday morning’s work best for this clitty slave Erwina – however your divine schedule, of course, has priority.


Your most humble sissy clitty,

Sissy Slut e.


mmm… I know you too long for deep sissification….

Live Hypnosis sessions :

Erotic Hypnosis : sissy orgasm /feminine orgasm

My sissy ashley recently asked for another Live Hypnosis session, so she could experience a feminine orgasm. This subject was taken into a deep state of relaxation where I accessed ashley’s subconscious mind, and using My brainwashing hypnosis, I programmed a deliciously feminine orgasm.
I then brought the subject up from trance…. and triggered her to orgasm by repeating the programmed brainwashing and hypnotic trigger phrases.
mmm…. My sissy ashley felt a craving for cock as she had orgasm after orgasm… such an obedient sissy slut.
you too may experience the ultimate feminine experience… Live Hypnosis One on One
My Feminine Orgasm double file:
Lady Surrender–
It’s amazing how in the waves of feminine pleasure rolling across my body that a craving for cock entered my sissy mind. You led me down, down, down into a safe place for my sissy self to be receptive to Your suggestions. Perhaps You probed and observed for a time, and then You began to trigger my arousal to Your delight.
Tingling arose across my breasts and between my thighs. It spread down my stomach and down my legs. My breath grew shorter and shorter. My temples buzzed with an erotic, sissy desire and my clitty raged. I’m not sure how long before You triggered the first feminine orgasm, but when You did, the tingling turned electric. Dear goodness, You were unrelenting, and I’m grateful You allowed me such pleasure. It reached such a blissful crescendo that my innate sissy cock craving wanted to be fucked by a cock in my sissy pussy.  My lips longed for one to slide down my throats and I could wrap my tongue around the shaft.
I suppose it should only be natural that at the height of a feminine orgasm that a sissy would long for a real cock to fill her. Especially since she doesn’t have a real cock herself.
See ashley’s series of journals:
Review of Feminine Orgasm double mp3 set

Erotic Hypnosis – sissy ashley Jnl 13

The courage to be you.
The following email is from a sissy subject who has recently taken the step to talk to a close friend about their sissy self and their desire to be feminine. sissy ashley has had Live Hypnosis One-On-One sessions as well as Custom recordings.
It’s time to experience your feminine self… in a similar way to ashley’s journey.
So many delicious hypnosis recordings to choose from…. One of My favourite files is the double file set of Feminine Orgasm :
I have also loved the delicious sounds of pleasure that subjects make in Live Hyposis Sessions when I hypnotise them to experience a feminine orgasm.:
Lady Surrender,
Recently, I’ve experienced two breakthroughs: one surprising to myself, and the other a conscious choice. Did years of sissy hypnosis alone carry me here? No, but it may have been the voice to lead me where I am now, especially after I found Your files and underwent a few live sessions. Time is a major factor as well. A constant that pulls us forward, and if we allow it, closer to being our true selves, unconcerned with how the world perceives us.
I’ve always had a feminine side, but never really understood it. Do little boys or even teenage boys, who feel an acute awareness to femininity–softness, beauty, sophistication, and naturalness–know what those desires are? If they’re like me, probably not, and like hearing a language you don’t understand, hearing the feminine self as a socially conditioned male creates swings of confusion, bliss, guilt, and joy.
Dear goodness, I remember the sheer elation I felt the first time I put on a bra at the age of 12, but swung so severely to shame about what I had done that I repressed my feminine self until I was in my mid 20s. Then I explored through cycles of binge and purge all forms of pretty lingerie and cute outfits. Those cycles were expensive in the form of money and also mental and emotional energy.
I discovered sissy hypno in my early 30s and began to read about crossdressers, transvesites, and transgender individuals. Slowly, my feminine psyche formed, identifying and empathizing with those who expressed their feminine selves. With Your files, Ashley took shape in my mind, and any feminine desires I had were channeled to her. She was free to appreciate those cute peep toe heels and flirty a line dresses. She could enjoy the comfort of a freshly opened tube of lip gloss. Breasts could bud, and a feminine orgasm could electrify. But she had to stay hidden.
Until a few weeks ago.
It’s not like I woke up that day deciding I was going to tell a very close friend that I have these feminine desires. But I did.
A young woman in a super fun and spring-like a line dress walked into the bar, where I was enjoying a spontaneous happy hour with a friend. I commented how much I liked the dress, and my friend enthusiastically agreed. Using “growing older” as a topic and referencing how we gain confidence as we grow older, I haltingly told my friend how I like to wear feminine clothes and have an affinity for feminine things.
And she accepted me.
And we proceeded to have a super fun conversation about outfits, dresses, styles, makeup, how I could dress up, my history of dressing and how I compensate to feel fulfilled. It was joyous! Freeing! Future shopping trips are in the works!
I’ve since told a second friend, and I made an appointment to visit a therapist who specializes in gender identity. I’ve already had one appointment, where we discussed my situation and set some goals for future sessions.
So that’s where I’m at. I still aim to tell my friends and therapist about Ashley. It’ll be part of the process to which I’m excited to see what comes.
About damn time.
Check the Journal categories for the earlier Journal Entries written by ashley.

Erotic Hypnosis : training sam to be cam slut



The following email was received from a subject who has been deeply conditioned by My “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3. This conditioning file has been used by a Master as the basis for  mind fucking the subject –  turning the subject into a cam slut.


Craving to experience what sam does? My “Deepening Hypnosis” mp3 takes you deep into trance…. enabling your mind to be programmed to become My play toy. Check out My training programmes on the menu bar…. time to Surrender because Surrender is inevitable.




Hello Mistress, I hope you are well.
I’ve been without an erotic hypnosis experience now for a while. Ive been working abroad and haven’t had a lot of spare time and on one of my typical purge cycles.
I was masturbating yesterday and had the strongest urge to eat my cum. And I remembered how good it felt to be a good cum eating sissy…. so i listened to your cum eating files and I ate my cum like a good cum eating sissy…
For a while last year as I told you in a journal I was listening to your files a lot and out of my desperation to submit I had found a few people online who enjoyed watching me eat my cum and instructing me while I was willing and suggestible.
One master in particular really used your triggers to hypnotize me. I loved listening to deepening hypnosis and then letting him control me.. to the extent of buying toys to fuck my aching arse..
It was incredible.
But now I feel confused. From the start my interest in hypnosis has always been the thought of being controlled… and I know I am still hetero sexual.. and even though now some aspects of sissy hypno really turn me on im not into cross dressing or feminization I still get these really strong cock sucking urges when im horny.. or wanting to be fucked.. or to be a good cum eating sissy..
If I think about how I was hypnotized and controlled by a man to fuck myself with a dildo and eat my cum I instantly feel submissive and want it… but then im not sure i want a man doing that to me.
Im not sure what I want from hypnosis now but I know I want it.
I’ve gone from having a fetish when I first contacted you to eating my cum and then being a sex toy on skype.
Im not really sure what my point here is exactly but it always makes me feel good telling you how I feel after listening to your files…

  • sam, your cam slut.


My cam slut,


Hypnosis is so seductive…as you have discovered. How fucking delicious- that you were transformed by the power of My hypnosis –  from a “normal” hypno slut….. to a cam slut.

your description of fucking yourself with a dildo & eating your cum, is a sexual fantasy ( & a great turn-on !). Fantasy derives its power from being a secret… something that we imagine & that (often) others don’t know about us…. something we might/might not act out in a hidden part of your life. you have discovered that your fantasies are even more HOT when you have acted them out in the past.


Sexual fantasies don’t define your sexuality… you can identify as a straight man- & also have a fantasy about being controlled & dominated by a man.

That does NOT mean you are gay…. your fantasy simply means you have a fetish for cum eating (thanks to My hypnosis) , a fetish for anal play …and you are turned on by the experience of being controlled.


There is nothing to be ashamed of or to make judgements about. I know you have cycles of binge/purge… Time to accept yourself for the cam slut that you are… and go find yourself another Master. Enjoy those delicious feelings of arousal & submission.


See sam’s earlier journals:

Erotic Hypnosis: training of a cum eating sissy.

Erotic Hypnosis : femme orgasm, amnesia

The following journal was written by My monique.
monique is registered as serving Lady Surrender, on the Slave register.

In the Live One-on-One Hypnosis session, I used hypnotic trigger phrases from Gay Hypnosis mp3, as well as other sissy recordings. I also programmed hypnosis trigger phrases for monique to experience a feminine orgasm, so that monique would experience orgasm when I brought her up from trance.

I interrogated monique’s subconscious mind, while I had My sissy monique deep in trance.
I programmed monique’s subconscious mind to have amnesia – to have no memory of the conversation I had when I interrogated her subconscious mind and to “forget” all programming hypnosis.

I then brought My sissy monique up to full conscious awareness… and smiled…as I heard her gasps of pleasure …. as the feminine orgasm immediately took over her body. Such a delicious way to toy with My subject…. I then used the trigger phrases from gay Hypnosis, Addicted to Cock & other sissy recordings….. listening to monique as she her body responded to My hypnosis….

I asked monique what she could remember of the session…. & she had no memory of the programming. So- I thought I had better fix that for her…. with a trigger phrase, I took her subconscious mind back into deep trance and suggested her subconscious mind remember…everything.

Such an obedient mind – I do love playing with memory…. whether it is amnesia, re-instating memory, implanting memory….

Lady Surrender,
what a wonderful private session I had today. First of all you took me deeper than I’ve ever been before. There is no doubt that a personal session leads to the best possible effects and even though I’ve had the privilege of having had a few sessions with you before I find you improve time after time like a wonderful vintage wine.Your words went straight to all my pleasure receptors and at one point I felt totally deconnected from all my body sensations and just floated without a care in the world.
Then you woke me up to ask me what I remembered and I thought oh dear what just happened? My only desire was to pursue the wonderful feminine orgasm I was experiencing and I didn’t really care much about anything else.
Then you brought me back down and gave me all my memory back and I thought Wow! How did you do that?! But I’m glad you did because you allowed me to experience so many deliciously naughty slutty feelings and actions that you knew I was craving for.
I’m tempted to guard you as a secret but as serving you is so wonderful I’m pleased to share and promote you to others.The more success you gather the happier I am.

your monique

Find more of monique’s journals >>>



– – – – – – – – –

Find more Information about Live One-on-One Erotic Hypnosis Sessions >>>


Feminine Orgasm – Level 1

Priming you for the next step!

This recording will condition and prime you to experience a sexy and intense feminine orgasm.

I will remove all of your  doubts that you can experience a delicious melting… feminine orgasm… I will delete all of your prior socialisation and experience of male orgasms.


Feminine Orgasm – Level 2

No Fantasy – Simply Orgasmic Bliss!

I love giving My femme subjects the experience of feminine oragsm during live one-on-one Hypnosis sessions.

Now you can experience the melting bliss of cumming in waves of feminine pleasure whenever you desire and within the privacy of your home!


Erotic Hypnosis : buffydiane jnl 1

The following email application was received from a subject, who wants to live openly as a sissy:



I hope this is an acceptable first journal entry.

I have created my tumblr account: buffydiane

I begin my journal not knowing which direction I will be going. I have filled out my sissy declaration and await her decision. I do know one thing though.
I have become addicted to the voice of Lady Surrender and I want her to lead the way to my destiny. So worst case scenario for me is to go forth on my own and purchase her training mp3’s and hope for the best. It sounds worse than it is. I feel I am asking to much of Lady Surrender and giving very little.

My next task as I see it is a personnel one. I am considering whether to purchase Sissy Training 26 – Cock to Clitty. This seems to be the next step for me since I am desperate to go back into a mental state of chastity.

Sissy Training 26 – Cock to Clitty

Clitty Indoctrination!

Only a real man can satisfy a woman with his hard man cock.
Your sissy clitty is more comfortable tucked away in pink panties.

Your sissy training continues: In this session, I will hypnotize your useless man cock to be a limp sissy clitty.



Your age
• 52

Your occupation
• Computer Programmer

How did you become a sissy?
• This is a hard question because I was either born this way or it was an inevitable outcome. In reality though, I started masturbating at a very young age and used pantyhose to help a very niave young boy achieve a quicker climax and it built from there. I was only about 8 I think.

Have you served a Dominant before? (Please elaborate)
• Yes. My wife was my first real dominant, Though it was brief. We found that we were very compatible but as domme and sub not so much. I always considered her my domme however and could not bring myself to look for another while she was alive. I have had online mistresses since then most notably Mistress Nikki and Mistress Harley both on Clips4sale. Both were blackmail type relationships. I also was flirting with the idea few years back with Mistress Candice who is a Hypnodomme. I really like her recording and all but they didnt mesh quite right with what I wanted.

Do you have any other Masters or Mistresses?
• My last Mistress, was Mistress Harley. I stopped talking with her in the beginning of May and have not had contact with her since.

Are you Straight, gay, bi or bi leaning towards gay?
• I am not sure if I am attracted to women or envious of them probably both, can I say lesbian male? With a cock fetish to boot?

Your experience with chastity
• I turned myself Chaste last August using Hypnosis programs from Trance Princess on clips4sale. They worked remarkably well It took about three months before I started getting anything resembling urges in that way. It was really just Once a month milkings after that until I stopped talking with Mistress Harley. I fell of the wagon after that. I am in deep need of chastity.

How long have you been a sissy?
• I confuse the terms sissy and crossdressing a lot, I have been crossdressing my whole life and have often consider myself a transgendered wannabe. The things I buyand wear tend to be for crossdressing more so than sissifying.

What is your experience of being a sissy?
• Based on my size and my choice in clothing my experience in being an actual sissy is limited but am a very experienced crossdresser.

When did you first want to wear panties?
• Over 20 years ago

Are you wearing panties now?
• Yes

Do you wear panties every day?
• Yes, have been for the last 10 years or so.

Are you prepared to work hard to become the best sissy you can be?
• Yes I hope so.

What kind of sissy clothing do you have?
• The little I have don’t fit very well.

What other items of feminine clothing do you wear?

• I have a full wardrobe. I have about 8 pair of shoes, 3or 4 dresses, pant, skirts, blouses, leggings, you name it. I just don’t get to wear them as much as I like.

How many different girls’ clothes have you worn?
• To many to remember.

What are the most embarrassing things you’ve ever done?

• I dressed up for Halloween as a women and handed out candy one year. One of my favorite memories.

Who knows that you are a sissy? (if anyone)
• At this time no one but the few dommes I mentioned.

Why do you want me to be your Dominant ?
• I think the best path for me is through hypnosis. Having a hypnodomme guiding me sounds like it should be a perfect fit. Your voice and technique are excellent. I have Morning Mantra Blank and Deepening Hypnosis.

Why should you get to be My sissy as opposed to anyone else?
• I don’t think I could give you a good reason to choose me.

How much time can you dedicate to me?
• I am not sure the best way to answer this. As far as being there when you need me. I would try and be available at all times but the time difference between the US and NZ is big. If you mean doing things for you or my assignments, as long as I don’t need to leave my house I would have plenty of time. I work from home. I would have to plan out anything else around family.

What is your favorite part of being a sissy?
• The smile on my face when I am dressed up.

What is your least favorite part of being a sissy?
• The time it takes to do my makeup vs the time I have to do my makeup.

What other information would you like to tell Lady Surrender?
• The truth is Goddess, I am trying to figure out what I truly am. Am I transgendered? am I just a crossdresser? am I a sissy? I need to figure out what I am and I know I will need help getting myself to accept it. I know I don’t want to live my life in secret anymore, so I want to bring out my confidence in who I am and live my life the way I should. Based on my filling this out, I am not so sure this will be the right way to go. Would it be better if I bought personnel program so that I could get the assessment done?

What type of training are you searching for? e.g. email training skype sessions chastity training consensual blackmail diaper training/incontinence training.
• My preference would be Skype sessions, though they may get expensive for me so it may have to be a mixture of email as well. If you deem consensual blackmail as a viable option to help in my training I would gladly sign one. I would not say no to you in that regard. I guess the same could be said for diaper training though I see no reason why. Lol. I need all the help I can get in accepting who I am and becoming who I am, and it would be such an honor to serve you, Goddess.



Loved reading your sissy application. which I am pleased to accept.
I suggest you don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what label to put on your fetishes/gender/sexuality …. just “be” with how you feel.
Acceptance…. accepting yourself for who you are.

The more we try to repress those desires/parts of us we don’t like or accept… the stronger those repressed desires become. That’s the good old “binge/purge” cycle.

The other chastity option is the Orgasm Control: Ruined Orgasm MP3:

Given the volume of emails & messages…. I simply can’t reply to all messages.
I recommend you undertake a Personal Training programme…. the sissy/slave training programme set out on My web site is a general programme only.

The use of Live Hypnosis one-on-one sessions – particularly when the essential trust & communication is established – enable Me to talk with the subconscious mind and uncover the obstacles that get in the way of desired outcomes.

you will have read the journals written by subjects such as dolly and masscamber… who have experienced Live Hypnosis sessions where I have interrogated the subconscious mind…. uncovering fetishes and secrets that the subjects thought they could keep hidden. Remembering that thoughts, feelings, behaviour all arise from the subconscious mind…. so change is fastest when the subconscious mind is accessed and programmed for desired outcomes.

A trustworthy hypnodomme – subject relationship is essential to allow the subject and their subconscious mind to feel safe and be open to the deep embedding of hypnosis. This takes time… and nurturing…. which is why I have limited time and energy to personally oversee the training of subjects.

I also suggest you read the brief professional & work bio that is listed on My web site…. I have experience in working as a therapist with all those who identify as femme…. as well as areas of professional interest & focus on gender & sexuality, intimacy & relationships. This training & experience enables Me to work in highly effective ways with subjects….

And … of course…. I am a Lifestyle Domme.

I would like to post your application form and emails to the web site…. keeping certain details about your personal life confidential. I know how validating it is for subjects visiting My web site, to read of experiences that they relate to.

I look forward to … accompanying you on your journey.

Lady Surrender.




I have attached the Application for the Personal Training Programme. I noticed it had an addition question than the other I filled out and just updated that one.

I thought you explained things very well. If you are worried I am going to fast for this to be effective, I believe I am not. I like to have a few recordings to rotate through. Morning Mantra and Deepening were both great starters, and ruined orgasm was something I needed. I may have rushed into buying the Training Programme but not because I was in a rush to go but rather I wanted to show my commitment to you as well as a need for my assessment.

You asked if something was missing from my other dome relationships. Yes, truthfully just about everything. The way I think about it now and I thoughy about it then too. I wanted blackmail from them so they could expose me for the sissy I am. To humiliate me to everyone I knew so that I would have to confront my greatest fears and moved past them. Fantasies like that change and realities creep in as well and you just look at the situation and say WTF am I doing.

I love hypnosis. It has taken me a very long time to learn how to allow myself to go under and feel the effects. In your to examples from your two chastity file I could feel my penis wanting to sleep almost immediately. If I hadn’t known already I knew then that your hypnosis was something special that I needed to explore, and explore in a positive way. Hypnosis has always been a positive aspect in my life, what better way to make positive changes.


– – – –

Wanting to explore your sissy self?

I am a skilled hypnodomme and therapist. My erotic hypnosis for sissy subjects is based on My experience as a therapist working alongside all those who identify as femme….

Intensive programming of your mind and body…

Behaviour modification….

Thought reprogramming….


My training tasks combine erotic hypnosis with daily/weekly tasks that are focused on transforming you into a sissy.


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