Erotic Hypnosis MP3s & Live Sessions leading to your inevitable surrender

Capturing unwary minds with Darkly Addictive hypnosis….





Lady Surrender.

I have been called by many names.





After today, you will begin to realize why. Relax and allow My whispers to sink themselves deeply into your mind. All thoughts you may have will disappear before My powerful seductive tongue. your mind will slowly begin to melt into My will. As My words consume your resistance, your thoughts will be left behind until there is nothing. Until you are nothing. Blank. Empty. Powerless. Mindless.

Will you be next?


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My pleasure is your pleasure...


mutual pleasure between you and I, My submissive one.

I value the time W/we spend together…. time in which I slowly and methodically programme your mind and body to obey My Voice, My will and My dominance. Every time I seduce you into hypnotic trance, O/our time together is unique….

No other hypnosis subject responds the way you do…. No other submissive requires the exact same approach as I use with you…. to ensure your complete and whole-hearted Surrender… to the Mistress of your mind, body and heart…. Mistress Surrender.

I love seducing your mind, taking control of your orgasm…. turning you into My fuck toy. So many ways that I love:

Enticing you

Entrancing your mind

Entrapping you deep into Surrender

Enslavement never felt so good.

Surrender is Inevitable, resistance is futile.
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