Lady Surrender: New Zealand Hypno Domme and Lifestyle Domme….. Erotic Hypnosis MP3s and Live Sessions leading to your inevitable surrender.

Capturing Unwary minds with Darkly Addictive hypnosis….


  Lady Surrender (97 of 149)-Edit

 Kneel and obey your Goddess.

I have been called by many names.



After today, you will begin to realize why. Relax and allow My whispers to sink themselves deeply into your mind. All thoughts you may have will disappear before My powerful seductive tongue. your mind will slowly begin to melt into My will. As My words consume your resistance, your thoughts will be left behind until there is nothing. Until you are nothing. Blank. Empty. Powerless. Mindless.

 Will you be next?


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Listen, fall… become Entranced by My silken, seductive voice.


Coming Soon:

Gay Hypnosis 4


Straight to Gay Corrected


New Releases :

Surrender : HFO Level One My Love Slave

Released : 7 September 2016  $40.00

Busty redhead woman wearing pinup corset, bra and sheer gloves, studio shot with vintage tone



sissy training  35 : Devious Mistress : The Glory Hole

Released : 20 August 2016   $40.00

Devious mistress Sissy Training 35

I took My sissy slut shopping to buy her a case & buy Myself new strap-on. Dear,dear,dear,,,what to do I can’t find My credit card.

I make an “arrangement” for My sissy slut to pay off My purchases… by “working” in the glory hole… such sissy slutiness While I watch her in the hidden camera & give her My instructions. mmm I do love training a sissy slut.


Gay Hypnosis 3 : Secret Bottom Bitch      $40.00

Released : 5 August 2016.

Straight to Gay 3


Gay Hypnosis 2.        $40.00

Released : 18 July 2016.


Straight to Gay 2



Released :  7 July 2016.

Sissy Training 34 : Entrapment 3.






Released :  15 June 2016    $15.00

 Cocktease 1 - slighter redder



Gay Hypnosis : Straight to gay 1.  $40.00

Released 27 May 2016.


Straight to Gay 1


Surrender : feminisation   $40.00

Released : 25 April 2016.

New Nightie cropped




Devious therapist : shemale cock 2 

Released : 30 March 2016    $36.00

devious therapist 2

sequel to : Addicted to your Devious Therapist- Session 1.

 Unbeknown to you, I am a devious therapist. you come to My office. I set about capturing your unwary mind…. taking control of your shemale cock “problem”…. and engaging the help of My houseguest, Shelley…. What will I do in Session 2 ??



 Sissy Training 1 : Secret sissy     $35.00

Released : 16 March 2016

secret sissy 1


New mp3 recording “Surrender : Mindless”    $40.00

Released: 26 February 2016.
an add-on Loop recording for the newly released FREE “Surrender” foundation file.





New sissy file Released :  30 January 2016    $40.00

Craving : Mindless Sissy fuck toy 2.


sex toys : chastity device, ball gag, butt plug…tormenting you….in my latest sissy training as I fuck with your slutty sissy mind & body.

This is a sequel to sissy training 33 : Mindless sissy fuck toy 1.

Level 1 now on sale – just to Tempt you a little…. you know I want to fuck with your mind.


Released 17 January 2016.

Surrender – Loop Recording.   FREE file.




The Siren… the Temptress…. your mysterious Goddess calls you to come to her … and Surrender. Surrender , kneel and obey your Goddess as She Entices your mind & body with Her silken, seductive whispers…

This hypnosis recording programmes that blissful trigger word into your submissive Surrendered mind. I will be recording a number of hypnosis programming files using this same hypnotic trigger word. Once you are trained by this Entrancing foundation file, the next step will be to choose from the additional hypnosis programming files that use the foundation trigger.


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